Can we devote at least 15 scholarships this fall to the secondary?

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No, I got that it was sarcasm.  But the OP's statement "Can we devote at least 15 scholarships this fall to the secondary" is better served as a sarcastic comment under the "Vlad Gone??" post than clogging up the board with another post providing nothing new or worthwhile, at all.


It's been a rough day and I was being a smart-ass.  My apologies.


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You'd have to account for the 5 that will transfer, then the 4 that will inevitably get struck down by "he who shall not be named". That only leaves 6 schollies. That's not bad is it?

Crime Reporter

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After we sign these 15 young men, at least five will be hit by the NCAA Clearinghouse and never see the campus. Another five will be injured. Two or three will sit out a year and then transfer.  One will be arrested and kicked off the team.

So that leaves one guy who is guaranteed to play. I hope he is good.


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Well, I guess the good news is that recuits should be scurring for a chance to play at Michigan on the defensive side of the ball. Our offense looks so good so far. And if our defense can hold its own we can have a great season. Go Blue!

Tha Quiet Storm

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you mean 2011, since this fall's team is pretty much set in stone.  Also, the number depends on whether or not you consider the spur and bandit to be part of the secondary.  Right now, we have:

6 CB: Woolfolk (I'm assuming he's still on scholarship), Floyd, Rogers, Christian, Avery, Talbott.

1 FS: Cam Gordon

8 Spurs/Bandits: Kovacs, Johnson, Thomas Gordon, M. Robinson, Furman, Hawthorne, Williams, Vinopal

Total: 15, and this is after the transfers of Turner and Vlad.  So, we did devote over 15 scholarships this fall to the secondary, the players are just dropping like flies to injuries and transfers.


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We must hide them from Angry Michigan Secondary hating guard.  We should recruit a bunch of 5-10 180 lbs lineman though, who have solid hip technique.


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i played at the highest level of michigan's intramural athletics and was frequently the last line of defense.  on one particular play - in a game in the old indoor practice facility - our QB through an interception in the opposite side of the endzone to where i was and i ran down the defensive player at about midfield.  no one else even thought it was possible to catch him.  they'd all given up. 

i'm now a litigator, so i can talk smack at a pretty high level.  also, recently, i've been running a lot on grass.

i think my credentials speak for themselves.

i need help getting to ND this weekend.  who can give me a ride from NY?


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I too had a crazy INT while playing intramural football - unfortunately, before Youtube, but imagine Woodson vs. MSU * 1000 + a 5'11", 155lb guy trucking three players on the way to the endzone.  I do have transportation in NY, but can only reach Detroit.  At that point, you may be able to hitch-hike or barter with a wagon train the rest of the way.


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It's always bugged me that the girl is holding a AR-15 (civillian clone of the M-16), while the Kitty is holding an AK-47.  Maybe I'm a bit too much of a gun nerd.  


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We should send out as many secondary offers as possible and then select the best 5-6 for this class. We need many bodies there.  Hopefully the upcoming walk-on tryouts find a diamond in the ruff.