Can RR still help himself before the meeting with DB?

Submitted by pullin4blue on January 1st, 2011 at 10:39 PM

I am wondering if RR can help himself before his meeting with Brandon by making some executive decisions as the Head Coach. Until announced differently, he is still in charge of football operations. If I was RR I would fire GERG today, immediately after the game or when the team arrives home tonight. Show Brandon that you are still in charge. Also, have a list of names to present as replacements. I would make some difficult decisions with assistant defensive coaches as well and any special teams coach/kicking coach. Take the bull by the horns and lead by example. Haters are gonna hate, but it sure makes it harder for them when they can see you're doing everything you can to try to get better.



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At the end of the day, RR is the head coach and the results are his responsibility.  This team (sorry to say) is in shambles.  The defense got 1 stop.  The special teams are as bad as I have ever heard of.  And the amazing offense - 2nd straight poor showing after the initial drive (here 2 drives).

Sorry, the results are what they are.


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Right about responsbility is all RR.  I think it was 2 stops.  The D forced a FG after the blocked punt and MSU's first possession of the 2nd half .  I think those were the only stops and 3 and outs as well.  I didn't concentrate in the 4Q.


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over and over again, yet we've seen very little improvement in defensive responsibilities, reads, tackling angles and tackling skills.  Few interceptions and forced turnover. The strategy and tactics on defense have been a shambles since he's arrived.

The team is young, but getting blown out by a mediocre SEC team by 38 points on national television - man, that is an effing disgrace for most Division I college football teams, let alone the Michigan Wolverines.


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+1 and also LOL to whomever negged you. It's sad that there's no place for an academic argument on this blog. After all, we shouldn't expect Michigan fans to be familiar with academics or anything.

The Baughz

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Using the term mediocre to describe Miss St is what is wrong with college football. People's perception does not meet reality. Miss St is a very solid team who had had a chance to beat Auburn. But since they are Miss St that must mean they are mediocre and should never lose to Michigan. Big name programs does not mean you are automatically better than a team whose name doesnt mean as much. It was clear coming into this game that Miss St  was better than UM, but most experts picked Michigan, bc of the name. Just like TCU playing in the Rose Bowl. People were saying Wisconsin was going to roll over them. TCU is one of the most balanced teams in college football and was not shocked by them winning. Personally, I think they could handle both Auburn and Oregon.

Its obvious that Michigan has not improved as much as people think. The offense is cleary not the 6th best in the nation as already stated. The defense has gotten worse each game and special teams was consistently bad. I love RR but it is getting harder and harder to defend him. Im not sure how he can help himself. Regardless of who the head coach is, we know we will have a new DC. Im not sure RR firing Gerg himself would do any good. Anyways, heres to hoping RR gets 1 more year, if not, then lets embrace whoever the new coach may be.


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Say what you will about his coaching ability, but RR is a good man.  He would never go all cavalier and fire his assistants as his possible last act as head coach.  It is clear that Gerg will be gone, but it is too little too late for a move like this to have any effect.  


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That's an interesting thought. Will RR be proactive, or will he wait and see what happens? Does he need DB's approval to get rid of a DC? Do DC's have contracts? And what about guys he brought with him from WVU? If he gets rid of any of them, and then is fired himself, he can pretty much kiss any future relationship goodbye, so does he stay loyal? 

Blue Ninja

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The only way he can save his job is to have a countermeasure plan ready to present to DB if he were to say what would you do if we keep you another year. Something along the lines of new DC, new D scheme, changing play calling, etc. If he goes in without any kind of plan he is gone for sure and rightly should not be a coach in that light.


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I bet if he could get Braxton miller, javedeon clowney, Cyrus kouandjio, Ray drew and Christian westerman to commit and sign only if rr is the coach, then it might help him out. Sadly I dont think that is possible.


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The on field data points are in.  Data for every B10 game we played this year, data for having 15 practices to prep for one game and the fact it resulted in a blowout loss.  

There just isn't any kind of meaningful action you can take at this point that would be significant next to that data.  


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I hate to say it, but what RR says no longer means anything. What matters is the performance on the field, which is horrible.

DB has already made his decision one way or the other. It's just a matter of waiting until the announcement at this point.


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Show Brandon that you are still in charge.

So what?  Is Brandon going to do a 180 just because RR will try the same scapegoating crap he did two years ago with Shafer?  

I'm sorry, but RR is finished here.  He can help himself by having his agent contact Maryland or anyone else looking for a coach.