Can this Penn State mess get any more bizarre?

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Joe Amendola is the lawyer who represents Jerry Sandusky, and apparently has a "colorful" background regarding his personal life:

Amendola in 1996 represented an age 16 teenager by the name of Mary Iavasile in her emancipation petition (to be legally freed from her parents' control) in Centre County on Sept. 3, 1996, filed weeks before her 17th birthday.  Amendola was almost 50.  He got her pregnant about that same time.  The teen gave birth 9 months later.  Amendola is the father.  They married in 2003, had another child, and are now divorced.


Hillbilly Jihad

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You also can't be older than a certain age in most states to take advantage of 16 year old consenter.  i.e., a 16 yr old can't give consent to someone older than 25 or so in most states.  I am told.  This is not the voice of experience talking. I have no reason to know this stuff personally.  Really.

03 Blue 07

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Depends. The current Model Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit sexual activity between attorney and client unless said sexual contact began prior to the attorney-client relationship. However, the current Model Rules weren't in place in 1996, and I also don't know if Pennsylvania has adopted them (although I imagine they have; most states have).  


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I've become one of Pavlov's dogs; it's gotten to the point that I see anything about this mess and my stomach start's churning. Projectile vomiting is right around the corner...


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district attorney. Methinks that there are many, many layers to this story, one of the reasons that I'm waiting for what facts there are to surface before making up my mind.

Oops, in the interest of openness and transparency, I should add that *they* say there is no connection between the two cases. Every community is missing a DA, right?

 See Also, "Coincidence, believe in, not"

Steve in PA

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Meth manufacturing is big in the center part of the state.  Very rural, so they can cook in a barn and not have as much chance of getting caught.  

Rt 80 gives access to NYC about 2-1/2 hours to east and Rt15 which is close byis a major N-S corridor that leads to DC and I-95.

The hard drive is where they think important information was kept.

Personally, I think he was being blackmailed and was there to trade the PC for something (he has kids) and after the HD was destroyed he was "disappeared", but that's just my theory.  I do have some nice pictures of that park since that's where my wedding party shots were done.


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These creeps all run in the same circles.


Also, Sandusky's house is adjacent to an elementary school and he supposedly could watch recess from his back deck. 

Greg McMurtry

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he didn't have sex with her.  They were just in the shower together, snapping towels and engaging in other various horseplay and by some mysterious phenomenon, she got pregnant.


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"Can this Penn State mess get any more bizarre?"

The answer is yes. Everytime it doesn't seem like it can, it does. At this rate, I'm sure there are plenty more bizarre details to come.


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Not worthy of its own thread, but did anyone listen to the interview that he gave last night? 

I have to say that it really made my stomach turn to hear this guy even speak.  The guy ADMITS to having showered with many young boys.  He then admits to having "horsed around" in the shower with these kids, which included "touching their legs."  He openly admits this during an interview. 

As a lawyer, I respect our legal system and the presumption against guilt until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but the fact that this guy is walking the street (and has been for the past 12-15 years thanks to the PSU administration and coaching staff) sickens me.  That interview was just repulsive.

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Yeah, what an odd and surreal interview.  How about when he does the classic 'repeat the question  you were just asked' thing when Costas flat out asks, "are you sexually attracted to young boys?" and then he hesitates for an awkward amount of time, professing how much he likes to be around them and winds his way to ultimately saying "no, i'm not".  It felt like he was on the verge of just laying it out there, telling us that he is and then having a serious breakdown.  I think his, "...I wish I were dead" comment to the Mom of the '98 accuser is quite telling.  I feel like he wanted to just admit to everything and there is a side to him that hates the other side that not only did these things, but a side that seemingly was helpless against it's urges. 

True Blue Grit

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Sandusky is guilty, watching that interview put things to rest - YES, he is.  He sounded creepy and had no energy in his voice in his own defense.  And his admission that he took showers with young boys, "horsed around with them", and touched them on the leg is simply abnormal for anyone his age.  It wouldn't take anyone with 1/4 of a brain to believe now he is very, very capable of committing far worse acts - even if you never heard about any of the other incidents with eye-witnesses. 

All the lawyers I've heard who saw the interview believe it was a HUGE mistake for him to do the interview. If I was his lawyer (and thank goodness I'm not) I'd have told him to find another lawyer if he persisted in going ont he air with NBC. If he thought he had nothing to lose, he was wrong. 

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The DA was the victim of an alien abduction.  Sandusky is actually an undercover agent for the International Justice League for the Wellbeing of Children and his cover was as a college football coach/child predator who lived near the Elementary School that was under his protection.  It is amazing how the media has ignored these facts just to make a story.

As a side note, parents of children who are victimized by adults in any fashion, should get to choose and execute the punishment.  I think a few hours in a sound proof wood shop if the present accusations are true would be fair.

Urban Warfare

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If I recall my professional responsibility class correctly, lawyers can't sleep with their clients unless the affair began before the lawyer was hired.   Sexual misconduct and financial misconduct were like the only two things guaranteed to result in discipline.