Can the malware affect the audio device on my laptop?

Submitted by TXWolverine44 on January 27th, 2011 at 12:52 PM

So a couple of days ago (i believe that's when the malware stuff really blew up) i was listening to itunes and then all of a sudden my sound just stopped. I checked itunes and the file was still playing but no sound was coming out. I muted and unmuted itunes and my laptop and tried to fiddle with the master volume control on my laptop (the little speaker icon on the bottom right, if you have a pc with vista). At this point the volume control froze (which has never happened before) and windows was telling me it need to close the unresponsive program.

I then decided to restart my computer but when it started up again the speaker had a little red x next to it and all it tells me when i click/scroll over it is "No Audio Output Device is Installed". A few friends have told me to do a system restore and i tried that but to no avail.

Could the malware have affected my audio? Any help on fixing this problem is appreciated!



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I'm pretty sure the malware was all on Brian's side of no, unless in your search to find the most disgusting pron on the interwebs you too got malware on your comp.

What you're describing sounds either like a bad audio driver or a bad audio device that has failed and your computer can no longer find.


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Not quite, the malware propogated itself thru MGoBlog to a visitor's computer.  I know because my Dad's computer was infected (he declined to install the anti-virus software I purchased for him when he got a new computer).

That said, your audio drivers should not have been affected but some times weird things happen (esp. if you were infected).  Google "System Tool" to see what's involved in removing that malware from your comuter and see if it might have affected your audio drivers.  You may want to take this opportunity to upgrade your anti-virus software as well.

BTW, my Dad had installed MS Security Center (freebie and recommended by "those in the know").  Ha!  It didn't even raise an eyebrow.  Get some real anti-virus software and don't be fooled into thinking something free is going to protect your computer.  Common Sense rules apply here.


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Are you using a Dell by any chance? I had that problem on a regular basis with my Dell laptop, and I don't really know what caused it or how I fixed it. I think I just re-downloaded the drivers from and reinstalled them.

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You'll know if you're infected.  You get  a consistent pop up window that tells you your computer is infected and tells you to buy their AntiVirus software.

This thread has solutions:

Basically downloard MalWareBytes, restart your computer in Safe Mode (Google how to do it for your particular machine), run a Malwarebytes scan, should take care of it for you.



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My mom's computer got infected by a similar manner (the dreaded Security Tool Virus).  You get a pop-up about your computer being at risk, and you should "buy" antivirus software from them.  She couldn't open most applications (including FF or IE).  Here is what I did to get rid of it:

Booted to safe mode with networking

Downloaded malwarebytes ( and spyware doctor (

Rebooted in safemode without networking and installed and scanned with both.

rebooted normally, and everything worked fine.

Malwarbytes is free, and so is spyware doctor (only it will only tell you infected files, reg. entries, etc. but not remove them unless you purchase the subscription).


hope this helps everyone, and good luck.


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And suggest you buy the upgrade, which is a lifetime license for your computers

The free version is great, but it does not prevent Malware downloads.  The paid version detects Malware and blocks and / or quantines it before it infects your system. It's like an electric fence.   Highly recommend.


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I don't even have any fancy anti-virus stuff, what with me being not only an old guy but also a poor country boy tryin' to make a living in the big city. I only have this Debian thingy and Chromium. 


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Most likely it's a driver issue. Right click on My Computer and go to Device Manager, than go under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers than look for anything that has a Red X or and Yellow Exclamation Point. If so, righ click, disable, than right click again and enable it. If that doesn't fix it, Right Click Uninstall, than re-install the drivers.


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I had a very similar experience this week with my iBookG4. Sound was completely frozen.  Was able to get sound to my stereo via an airport but not from my laptop speakers.  I had never experienced this before.  After attempted a number of different things I decided to reboot and the problem was resolved.