can anyone sit in the student section?

Submitted by newfoundhbomb on May 11th, 2011 at 2:26 PM

can anyone sit in the student section or do you need to have a student ID?


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You can sit in the student section, but in order to get through the gate you either need a student ID or you have to have your ticket validated, which requires a student to pay to have a sticker put on it for general use. You also must enter the stadium in the section printed on your ticket, but as long as you can usher dodge (pretty easy), you're free to move around from there. Just make sure if you go too far out of your section that you won't be needing to get up for any reason until the game is over.


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You don't need a student to validate the ticket. I used my daughter's ticket for Iowa and Wisconsin last year, and was there by myself. Just get the ticket, pay at the ticket booth by Gate (9 ??? -- it's at the north end) and you're in.

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Big House ushers are surprisingly very, very, VERY thorough about checking that you are going into the section your ticket is for. If you are with a friend and they have a student section ticket, have them go in and borrow a ticket from someone else in that section, then come back out and give you the extra, then you can both go in. They won't care if you look like a student or not.


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you need to show a ticket for the correct aisle to enter your section. The validation issue gets you into the stadium grounds, and then you have to have the same section number to sit together.

I've only had this problem at the Big House, my dad has used student hockey tix at Yost with no problems


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First, you have to stand, but that is worth it.

Second, you do not need an ID but if you don't have one, the ticket must be validated, and i believe the validation must be done by a student. Validation prices generally range from $25-40 depending on how big the game is.

Finally, the ushers in the student section are as big of dicks as advertized. It doesn't matter if they recognize you, if your ticket doesn't correspond to the section, they are not letting you in. This is made even more stupid by the fact that above maybe the first 5-10 rows (which are way overrated due to your lack of a sight line to the other endzone so much so that I don't want to be below about row 25), nobody sits in there exact seat all the time and kids are always going around to see their friends. It just means that there is much ticket exchange. I have always foud the fact that we have an individual seat instead of just an area to be really stupid.

Still, as a college aged kid there is no where I would rather sit and I would suggest to anyone who hasn't to try it.


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When I was in undergrad, the ushers were almost non-existent and it was basically understood that seating was first come, first serve.  I remember getting there early so I could sit in Row 21 for every game.  I argue it is the best row for viewing pleasure - low enough to feel close to the action but high enough to maintain a good line of sight.  Plus, #21 is the most prestigious jersey number at the University of Michigan after Desmond Howard adorned it with style.  AC, Alexander, Edwards can have their #1 - I'll take #21 all day.



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Given how expensive tickets are getting, even for students ($250 per season? Unreal) I can't really fault them for being sticklers.  When student tickets were cheap, that was one thing, but if I were a debt-ridden college student paying that much now, I think I'd be upset if someone took my seat and my me settle for a crappier one.  


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I dropped $250 for a ticket to the Illinois game last year.  Add the cost of a flight to that and the two-day trip cost me well over $500.  For one game.   Oh, did I mention that those same students that pay $250 for season tickets often sell their ticket to one of the big games (ND, MSU, OSU) for at least $250 and recoup their entire initial payment?  I don't feel sorry for them at all.



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Eh not really, every student paid $250 so there is no reason one student deserves a seat over another, as a student I can say its annoying, makes it more difficult to sit with a groupd of friends because if you do it as a seating group you'll get worse seats most likely, could also help fill up the student section by the start of the game.  I for one would support open seating within the student section, also stop raising prices, the move up in football tickets in price made it so I couldn't buy basketball season tickets and I know i'm not the only student having to choose between sports despite wanting to go to them all.


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I disagree with anyone saying the Big House ushers are very strict on making sure your ticket matches what section you're sitting in. I had tickets in row 80 this year and some friends of mine had tickets in row 14 in a different section (completely accross the stadium from my section) and I sat with them (if they didn't use all their tickets) or just sat there if they weren't using their tickets. I never once got asked to see my ticket. If you look like you know where you're going or act like you've been there before I have NEVER been asked. I even had a blue hair get an usher to get me to "sit down" and he just asked me nicely and went on his way.


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It should be first-come first-served.  If freshmen care enough to get to the game early and snag good seats, so be it.

My sister was turned off by the Big House all three times she came up for games (not to mention that all three were losses, two of which being the App. St. and Oregon games).  The first time, we weren't allowed to sit in our "reserved" seats because we got there late and the girls in my legitimate spot were  bitches and wouldn't move.  The second time, my friends in my seating group were assholes and invited too many buddies into our area, so we had to sit separately.  The third time, my sister actually got ticketed by an usher and had to sit in a different section than me :-( 



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a surprising number of girls in the student section are complete bitches about not giving you your seat if they got there first (or if they took it while you were peeing at half time). my dad got me a student ticket for a game when i was about 14 and some sorority girl in my spot told me tough luck in no uncertain terms when i told her she was in my seat. i ended up squeezed in between giant people feeling like i wasn't welcome instead of enjoying the game.

now i don't take any bs from people in my seat, and i've never had anyone put up much resistance after i offer to go get an usher if they want to be jerks about it.


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Are you a student? I don't get it? why do you feel entitled to a seat in the student section, I really believe in first come first serve seating, you didn't earn that seat or pay more for it, I guess I just don't understand if they got their first, open seating works fine in most other stadiums in the country and basketball and hockey for us, maybe i'm missing something.


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If you believe in first come first served seating, then write David Brandon a letter (it would be fine with me).  Right now everyone in the stadium has an assigned seat, and while students generally don't care about the specifics so they can sit with their friends...they also shouldn't be that surprised if someone who bought a ticket at full price wants their seat.  And it's probably no big deal to make space for them anyway.

It's the tradeoff in wanting to be able to scalp your tickets for profit (used to be, you needed a student ID to enter with a student ticket end of story).


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with 2 michigan degrees so far. i've been associated with the university as a student longer than any undergrad. hell, i've been associated with the university as an alum longer than any undergrad. if i'm there before kickoff, my seat is mine.

also, that was an amazing amount of comma splicing.


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I was using student tickets for a few years after graduation and never got the stickers. Our strategy was to target the really old guys that are checking tickets at the main gate.  Never had a problem.  That of course is still my strategy to smuggle in my cocktails.