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Submitted by Alumnus93 on March 4th, 2018 at 9:16 PM
Ok, some random thoughts to throw out on this thread.... I have a few.... Yaklich might be Beileins heir. And is someone gonna steal him next season? Robinson seems to have mentally toughened up...earlier in year I wanted him gone as much as the weak minded Donnal... But lately it is Robinson who is making clutch plays...really... that's great. Even if Matthews isn't scoring he seems to being a needed swagger. Teske could not have exploded at a better moment. NCAA here we come... seriously. Zavier is still underrated and underappreciated. MAAR sure seems to be playing knowing this is it for him...and might be playing into the NBA at this rate. Wagners personality can handle winning it all... It's that big...and that should never be underestimated.



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This team is great. They win with grit. They win with swagger. They win with toughness. I haven’t seen this from a UM team in a long time. Great time to be a UM fan right now! We’re a basketball school after all.

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I loved that post game interview where Mo stated that he can’t stop smiling. Every time I think about this team and this tournament, I will smile. And the amazing part is, last year‘s championship run was even more memorable given the plane crash and Walton’s emergence! But man, this season is not over and I cannot wait until the next Michigan game!


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I've ever seen in a Michigan team. This was not a good team at the beginning of the year.

Somehow they've bonded, and our wizard coach has fit the pieces together perfectly.

Really, really fun team to watch, and so happy for them!

Go Blue!!!


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I hope someone gifs Wagner's, squinty eye look after one of the ridiculous petty fouls called on him. That and Simpson's buff man were the two funniest things I saw all day.


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of stubborn persistence to doing things "the right way" while being willing to change in order to get the best out of the kids and program.

From bringing in assistants like Donlon and Yaklich and letting them coach to allowing the kids play their games within the system, I think this is further evidence of the continued success that is on the horizon for Michigan Basketball.


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I am still pretty ecstatic about back-to-back Big Ten Tournaments. 

Of course, at this point, I am a little tipsy, so there isn't a lot of not smiling.

Even at that, I am really liking our chances for a nice run in a couple weeks now.