Camren Williams to Ohio - any news on Reeves?

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Local radio reporting the commit and verified by Scout.  IIRC, Armani Reeves was supposed to be along on the visit to cbus today.  Any news on Reeves?

Edit:  Does anyone else feel a little icky that two players have been kicked off the team and one has decided to transfer just before signing day?  I guess if Meyer can't oversign in the BIG then he has to get creative to free up schollys.



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It is so damn frustrating that Ohio could possibly have the #1 recruiting class in the country after their scandal.  They will probably end up being better off having gone through the Tat-gate scandal  than they would be without it because it brought them Urban Meyer.  The rich get richer....sigh


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Except Dunn was committed to Ohio by the age of 5. That would be like if Meyer got Shane Morris to all of a sudden start strongly considering Ohio, then at the last minute he decides to stay blue. Would you consider that a recruiting victory for Hoke? I wouldn't.


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Yeah, that really doesn't count as a recruiting battle in the normal sense.  Dunn committed to OSU in April of last year, and we didn't even offer him until after he was a commit.  Trying to steal a recruit and failing is not the same as losing a recruiting battle. 

But it's also hard to look at it that way for any recruits in this class because of the timing of the coaching change at OSU.  The 2013 class will be an interesting one to see. 


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I don't think that Urban has tried to target any Michigan recruits other than Bri'onte Dunn and Kyle Kalis. So wouldn't the same logic work for Kyle Kalis since Urban didn't get into the mix until Kalis had already committed to Michigan and developed distaste for the Buckeye fan base. I feel that claiming Urban can't flip any Michigan recruit is like saying you've won a battle that was never fought?


What are you considering a recruiting battle? A committed recruit that suddenly changes side, or an uncommitted recruit that holds offers from both schools?


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The exact same thing could be said for us. Coming off the worst three year stretch ever, also NCAA violations, and we could have a top 5 class?
<br>I'll stand by previous statements and say we are headed back to Big 2, Little 10 in a few years. Although the little 10 I think will be stronger. So maybe Medium 10.


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I'm not really worried about Brady Hoke's ability to recruit. We've already seen that he can. I think the teams that should be on watch are the teams that are just below Michigan and Ohio State, in terms of national profile. State is going to suffer because there are going to be less prospects available for them. Penn State will suffer in the same way. 

It's going to be Michigan, Ohio State, and the rest. 


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Let's put it in perspective.  He is flipping them away from Penn State.  And Decker came to Ohio with his main recruiter who also left ND for Ohio.  Don't worry, I feel a nervous breakdown and retirement coming soon for Urban.  If he couldn't handle the heat at Florida I'm not sure how he'll do at Ohio.


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I'm sure some of the 30+/- players who were arrested while he was at Florida deserved to be kicked off that team too.  I don't claim to be a Gator historian but I have a feeling it went down a little differently there.  I wonder if they would have been kicked off if they were starters.


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I wanted to argue with you but all the examples I could think of were stupid things that Ohio fans said to me so point taken. I was getting ready to leave work and got on a bad roll. I would like to see some "perfect storm" articles written about Meyer like Hoke had when he started. This is probably the latest that Ohio has had so many open spots and it just happens to come on the heels of one of the biggest scandals in NCAA history at a rival school. Meyer couldn't have dreamed up a better scenario.


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Here's what i think he means here: We know from his larger body of work that Meyer is only a few steps up from Dantonio in terms of player discipline. So when he kicks two kids off the team, it's unusual; that much is pretty much a given.

So we have two options here. Either A) He's turning over a new leaf and starting to be more disciplinarian OR B) He has some other motivation for wanting these kids to be off the team. I think the other poster's point is that it seems unlikely that Urb is actually doing things different than he did at Florida, Utah, and BGSU. Rather, this smacks of ulterior motives (freeing up roster spots).

See? It's not a "you can't have it both ways" problem. Rather, that's URBAN'S problem, because he very well might want to have it both ways.


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Dominic Clarke started 3-4 games for OSU last season, and he probably would've started more if he stopped getting into trouble. Travis Howard had a poor performance this season, and Clarke was expected to challenge him for the starting job in 2012-2013. At worst Clarke was OSU's 3rd CB, a major contributor next season and a projected starter for 2013-2014. I guess what I'm saying is Dominic Clarke was not a scrub.


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One has assault/aggravating menacing charges pending.  The other (who started three games in 2011) got a misdemeanor DUI while already having allegedly fired an air gun from the roof of a buildling not too long ago.  At least he gets points for being creative on that last one.







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I agree it's tough to see Ohio get into so much hot water and then(in relative terms) skate away with nothing. 

It's pretty disheartening, but maybe the feedback from this bS is what's causing the NCAA to look at the much stiffer penalties it's considering so there's the possibility of a brightside.

Hopefully this means nothing in terms of Reeves, but I imagine he'd have a hard time choosing the arch-rival school of the one his best friend will be playing for.


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not the best analogy b/c of two completely different situations, but it sort of goes to show that when you get in trouble with just the NCAA (ohio, usc, etc.) it doesn't hurt that bad, but when the real cops get involved (psu, michigan w/ ed martin) it stings for a long time.


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Congrats to Ohio. We will see how it plays out on the field the next 5 to 10 years! Nothing to worry about. Hoke and Co. have done a great job recruiting and it will continue.


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On a more positive note, Todd McShay just said that Hemmingway has moved himself into the 3-4 rd range based on the east-west shrine game practices. Good for him!

As as aside, OSU poaching PSUs best recruits not only benefits them but also cripples their likely competitors in their division. It will be interesting to see if Wisconsin can keep up their success or if OSU simply will dominate their division in the upcoming years.