Cam Gordons future Edit- role next season

Submitted by mghorm on December 19th, 2011 at 9:09 PM

Coming into this season it was almost a forgone conclusion that Cam Gordon was going to be the starting Sam backer but after a rash of injuries and Jake Ryan establishing himself as a playmaker what does his role become next season? If he is really as good as the offseason reports say he sounds like a player who should be on the field. I wonder if he would switch over to Will and challenge Desond Morgan for his spot or just become a Utility backer and start rotating in. 



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The title led me to believe he was transferring or something.  "<insert name>'s future" is kind of like "we need to to talk" in that something terrible usually follows.


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Basedd on situations that Cam would be a phenomenal cornerback for nickel on third and 2-6 or 7.. plus,  injuries happen. Ryan needs rest too, especially would be great if we cold save him on first down for blizting on 3rd.


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Well yeah but he said Nickel corner. That's basically the SAM position Ryan's in right now out of a pass formation. Or more to the point, it's the Spur position he was ostensibly recruited for and ended 2009 playing.

I agree I wouldn't have him on the boundary, but I could definitely see Cam earning a role by next year in the nickel rotation. Remember this year they would have Woolfolk or T.Gordon come up into that spot -- I think TG's as much of a lock as coach speak will allow next year with Woolfolk gone and Carvin Johnson gone, so either one of the freshmen earns that role or, at times, a more linebacker-y player who's good in space will get it. On 3rd and long or versus spread teams I really like having a tweener lining up over the slot. A guy with experience matters a lot too, and we're kind of thin in that regard still.


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Michigan doesn't run a crap defensive scheme anymore. Please, the only mention of a Spur on this site should be if that is where Tim Hardaway / Mitch McGary is drafted in the next few years.

Further, the perfect nickel corners on the roster are Avery and Hollowell. You want Hollowell covering slot receivers, not Cameron Gordon.


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The nickel corner at the end of the year was Courtney Avery.  With Gordon and Kovacs back at safety and Floyd/Countess at the corners, it seems like Avery would still be the best fit at nickel corner next year.  Unless he beats out Floyd/Countess for a CB job in the base defense.


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No corner,WR, or safety for Cam. The staff just had him put on weight to play LB and were quite high on him prior to being injured. At the very least he will make a good LB in dime and nickel packages. Like a lot of our RR defensive recruits, he is athletic and a tweener, it will take time for him to develope into his eventual position in a 4-3 defense.


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With Jake Ryan having pretty much locked down the Sam spot, no matter what Mattison says about competition, I feel like he would be a good fit at the Will. He has the speed to protect the edge. i see him in the same mold as a Jonas Mouton. Very athletic linebacker who could be devastating on the blitz but hopefully better in coverage because of his background at saftey 


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Coaches will get the best 11 on the field. I agree he should be one of those 11. Will, Spur, Sam rotation, special teams. He's skilled and athletic, we'll see him play.