Calling all Recruitniks and RR Supporters

Submitted by MichMike86 on February 1st, 2010 at 4:42 PM

I know Valenti is seen with much disdain from the people here but he is discussing Michigan's recruiting class and I would love to hear one of the more knowledgeable users debate him on the class. He is pretty much saying how pathetic it is that we are offering kids who don't have interest from any of the big schools. Vinopal was mentioned specifically.



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both sides of his mouth all of time that way he is always right... but you're right he always deflects attention away from state when its in the negative... last wednesday i was out driving and for surely thought that all i was going to hear about was the michigan/michigan state basketball game... but no he threw two other topics out there also: hati and the tebow commercial... and then said a couple of quick things about the basketball game... but it was obvious he didn't want any attention on michigan state basketball the day after they only won by one point over a team that had bashed for the last 2 days... i'll let you guess what people were calling into talk about...


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You're absolutely right. On the way to the M hoops game last Tuesday, they replayed a Valenti-style soliloquy that he opened the show with. He called it "Closing The Gap Day", and said the only day Michigan fans give a damn about basketball is when we play State. After it was all over, he argued, and we got our asses handed to us, it would be ho hum until football season when State beats us in football again.

I didn't catch Wednesday's show, but it's really funny and entirely unsurprising that he totally deflected from their one point victory. Interestingly, the only time I ever talked to Valenti in person was last St. Patrick's day at this bar. I asked him why he hates us so much and he said, "I don't hate you guys. Your coach is the real deal, just be patient."

Not sure if he meant that or not, but there you are.


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on facebook a couple of times and after he got passed the fact that i wasn't an uninformed fan we had a normal conversation... i've been listening to him and terry for about 5 years now and he has always claimed that he is not biased and hammers state just as much... he hammers them but no where near to the point that he does it to michigan... this is the same guy that in 2005 when state started out 4-0 before playing michigan, the entire week on his show he was singing the praises of one JOHN L. SMITH... he even went as far to say that if state beat michigan that smith should get a life time contract... about a month ago he said that he was never happy with the smith hire... so which is it???


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1. Yeah, he rips on Michigan, but what bothers me most is his inability to hold a solid argument.

2. 97.1 consistently rips on UofM, so this isn't a surprise.

3. Last week Valenti ranted about how Michigan isn't "closing the gap" with MSU bball. Perhaps if someone decided to call in, they could ask if he felt MSU was closing the gap with UofM by having a recruiting class ranked lower than UofMs.


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FWIW, he was put in his place by the last caller to end the show. It is redundant to listen to the pro Michigan stuff after a while. It's interesting to listen to the other side every once in a while.


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what drives kids like Vinopal, Dileo, Johnson. bring that shit on. and when anyone is as one sided on any topic as this friggin won-bob i have a hard time assigning any credibility. ex msu journalist with an axe to grind. look at his affinity for football on any of his bios/blogs. he even go so far as to say that his one regret in life is that god didnt give him the ability to play football at a high level. so do the math hes 29. this means all through college his beloved spartans took beat down after beat down.i guess that could be said for most graduating classes at msu ,never mind

appologies for the terrible puncuation, im on my blackbery


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being hypercritical about something. No show would draw any ratings if the host spent his time praising something, and they're always going to pick on whoever is losing at the moment. If RR turns it around and we beat MSU in the process, Valenti will switch the target of his harangues to Dantonio.