Call Jim Delany - Promote Safety

Submitted by Red_Lee on October 15th, 2011 at 7:04 PM

(847) 696-1010 - Jim Delany's Number (

Today, many of us witnessed a few players of a single football team aggresively attack players of the opposing team with obvious intent to injure. There is no way to factually state that these attacks affected the outcome of the game. However, that is not the goal of my proposal. The student-athletes had their safety put at risk today due to lack of appropritae officiatings by both referees and coaches.

1. William Gholston purposely and violently twisted Denard Robinson's neck at the end of a play. There is video evidence of this.

2. William Gholston purposely and violently punched Taylor Lewan in the throat away from the focus of the play. There is video evidence of this.

3. Marcus Rush continued a string of late-hit penalties focused on quarterback Denard Robinson, eventually resulting in his injury. There is video evidence of this and prior late-hits.

Let Jim Delany know how you feel. Spread the word to all B1G schools (MSU included) to voice our disgust in the lack of any sort of authority preventing or appropriately penalizing the aforementioned violence.

This isn't about winning or losing. This is about the safety of the student-athletes who expose themselves to injury for our entertainment benefit. Do them all a favor and make sure that this sort of behavior is not tolerated in any future Big Ten football games. It is dangerous to the student-athletes themselves to allow this behavior to continue.

Call Jim Delany (847) 696-1010. Reinforce the idea that the student-athletes are truly top priority in the college football world.

I'm calling him right after I click "Save"

*UPDATE* I modified the thread title for clarity. By "not Victory" I meant our OWN theoretical victory based on the typical post-game anti-officiating banter proposing we would've have won if x=/=y, Not MSU's actual victory.