Caden Kolesar accepts offer to be a PWO.

Submitted by Mr Miggle on December 11th, 2018 at 4:43 PM

The OP of the topic below got it wrong. Kolesar wasn't offered a scholarship. He told MLive that he will be a preferred walk-on and hopes to eventually earn a scholarship. Best of luck to Caden and welcome to Michigan.



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That isn't the graphic in the article that is linked above. When I clicked on the tweet it takes you to a graphic that is identical to the one in the article. Neither of those show the words "Grayshirt commit."

The MLive article states: "In a message to MLive, Kolesar, a 5-foot-10, 195-pound athlete from Lakewood, Ohio, said he plans on enrolling at Michigan next fall as a preferred walk on. Then, the goal is to land a scholarship."

I don't know whether MLive or Bill Greene is right, but you have incorrectly presented the graphic from MLive.

Jack Be Nimble

December 12th, 2018 at 1:34 AM ^

You need to click twice dude. Clicking once takes you to the tweet. Clicking it again expands the graphic so you can see all of it, not just the cropped version that appears above the tweet. (Have you never clicked on a twitter graphic before?)

If you had thought about it for a second, you should have realized your conclusion didn't make any sense. Where did you think I got the picture? Did I draw it up myself?


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This just isn't true. He's grayshirting. From Bill Greene's article on 247: 

"This is a unique situation that Coach Harbaugh offered me, and it would be that the first semester of next year would be kind of like a preferred walkon," he added. "I will be with the team, and I will go to team camp in the fall. Then I will be on scholarship in January when we report back to school."

"I've had a preferred walkon offer from Michigan for a while, and I was considering that, but the scholarship offer changed things for me," he continued. "I was thinking about Penn or Bowling Green, but once the scholarship came about this became a no-brainer. This is a dream come true for me and my family."


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My favorite three plays (while at a game in the Big House), in no particular order:

1. 1979 Wangler to Carter

2. 1997 Woodson PR TD

3. 1991 Desmond PR TD - with the pose

All three were scored in my EZ area.

But my last game as senior - 77 yd bomb from JH to Kolesar - WOW, that was a dagger and the place was as loud as anything I've ever heard. OSU fans somehow sitting behind my friend and I in the student section for seniors at the UM40 yd line. Still remember going on the field afterwards (when the field was only a 3 foot wall from accessing it). 

Let's hope next year we can fricking win The Game and fans are invited onto the field to celebrate.