C-Webb Sings The Victors

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During the Clippers-Mavericks game last night, the play-by-play announcer asked what team will Kansas face on Friday, and Chris Webber responded by humming "The Victors," which I think is a wonderful reply.

There is a clip with sound of the exchange at  http://www.annarbor.com/mi/wolverines/2013/03/video_ex-michigan_star_chris_w/

Webber isn't vocal about his support of the team, like Jalen and others, so I found it interesting and somewhat surprising. Please delete and forgive a newb if this isn't thread worthy, though.



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I like Jalen's idea.  Honor the team for for what they were to the fans.  I don't care for the original banners to be put up since those games "technically never happened".  But as a fan, I'd love to see some sort of honoring of those teams.  It may be touch to just put "Fab Five" up there since, yes, there were other players on the team, but I'll leave that up to the more creative types to come up with.


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I don't think anything needs to be done in the arena/playing area, but I would love to see a display, with the banners, with the positives and negatives from the Fab 5 Era. It could talk about the cultural influence, the racisim, the basketball, the scandal... and it wouldn't be out of place in the historical area of the new Crisler Center.


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But I don't think UM as a whole cares to be recognized for racist letters from donors, baggy shorts, bald heads, integrating rap music into the CBB culture.

It will always be perceived by scandal and Ed Martin.

To think otherwise is ridiculous.  One coach will not chew pouches when DB is around practice because of the image UM wants to always uphold.

It would be a huge mistakek and frankly............stupid




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(I think you're replying to my comment, so I'm going to reply to yours)

I think you can't honor the fab 5 without acknowledging the cultural shift that accompanied them. Basically, I think having a running loop of Jalen's ESPN movie would prove the point.

Whether or not it's the image we want, it happened. It existed, we should acknowledge it in some way, without sweeping anything we don't like under the rug. We can't just honor them (think Tressel at OSU this year). We can't ignore them - they're a major part (good and bad) of Michigan's basketball history.

You're right that copies of the letters probably aren't a good idea, but having text on the wall describing how the "brash student athletes dealt with lots of acceptance issues... " etc. I think is necessary to tell the story.


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I was in hs at the time and was a huge fan.  I bought all the Nike gear and wore black socks until I was threatened to be benched.

It will be remembered but don't think that UM will be the one to remind you of it.

As far as honoring them...........Why?  Lets be very direct here.

Has any first loser (second place) been honored by any upper tier program.

Has any team that didn't win a B1G championship get honored by any school.

The perception of this scandal and team outside of AA is more UNLV than anything else.  Tark has not been celebrated since his firing.

UM does not want nor will embrace the culture that they helped initiatel  UM will stand with pride on how they have dealt with minority enrollments and other issues like that.  They will never look at the institution from the eyes of a fan.



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"Has any first loser (second place) been honored by any upper tier program."


Yes.  NCAA tournament runners-up get some sort of recognition.  On the other hand, those games technically don't count (the Fab 5 games that is), but coming in 2nd in the tournament is still quite an achievement.


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that everyone views them as a bunch of cheaters?  You may be a little too immersed in your fandom. Around Michigan fans, that may be the case, but the casual basketball fan (which are a majority of the fans) view them as a cultural phenomenon.  They loved the innovation and the change they brought to the game...bucking the system and a case could be made for them being the most culturally significant TEAM in the history of their sport, if not any sport.  Has any other team, altered the culture...the uniforms...the "swagger" of their game more?  Perhaps...perhaps not.  That's what most people see...they don't even know who Ed Martin is, all they know is someone cheated and the banners came down.  But in the realm of what they accomplished, that's Jordan's gambling problem vs his greatness.


As far as acknowledging the racism, I agree that it doesn't have any place here.  This isn't the first black ball players EVER, fighting a civil rights battle.  I don't believe you acknowledge that part of the game.  Celebrate the positives, and keep it simple. 


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in regards to idea of whether theyre worthy of that type of recognition having never won a title. Personally I think they are worthy. The fact that it was a team of five starting freshman who were at times completely dominate, and did it in an incredibly entertaining, albeit cocky was so polarizing.  All this in an era where players tended to graduate, 5 starting freshman was just unheard of.  While a title is missing, 2 strait championship game (the 2nd w/o cwebb) appearances is still pretty amazing. If our starting unit had been a mixture of classes like it is now, Id be more apt to side with you. I just think freshman factor is unique and interesting that it warrants some type of recognition.


...Now we just need D-Webb to sing The Victors.


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Glad to see he is still rooting for his old school. He made a lot of mistakes but he was too good of a player and the Fab Five had to much of a legacy to completely ignore that part of Michigan basketball history.

I don't know if I really want a banner, but I would like him and rest of them to be able to come and watch games and openly cheer on their team.


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I don't remember what Brandon said, but I'm sure it wasn't:

Formal apology and a matching donation with interest of what was speculated he received and give it to MOtt.

And that's "only a starting point"!  Deep down inside, where Brandon dreams about neon jerseys with invisible letters, Brandon knows that the return of Webb would be great for interest in Michigan basketball.  Most folks don't remember or care about the money he was alleged to have received.  What, we're going to demand that he denote some amount as a punishment?  Best to let charity come from within...and for folks to get over it all.  

Personally, I'm just happy to have been a freshman with the Fab5 and loved the hell out of an era a lot more exciting than even today's great team.


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Webber was reportedly close to finishing an autobiography a few months ago (believe he is doing it without a ghostwriter). It stands to reason that he will be talking quite a bit about his experience with Michigan in it. I have to imagine that when that book comes out, his publisher will have him being very open about things in the media. Given that the ban is also about to end, I think we are in for a mouthful shortly.

For what it's worth, in a segment on Fox Sports in 2007, Webber said his two years at Michigan were by far the best of his life.


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Didn't know if this was new-thread-worthy, but on top of the news story last week about John Harbaugh quoting Bo (http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/ot-john-harbaugh-quoting-bo-espn-article), I thought it was interesting to see one of Dumervil's main reasons for joining the Ravens...I'll let you guys find the winning quote:



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I want two things from Chris Webber: an apology and a mea culpa.  I think he should be required to offer both before he is "honored" for anything he did at Michigan.

I detest the fact that Webber's actions were directly responsible for a chain of events that paralyzed Michigan basketball for ten years and allowed Tom Izzo to have the state to himself in recruiting.  If Chris Webber hadn't made it cool to take Ed Martin's money, Izzo would have been Jud Heathcoate v2.

Despite all of that, I would be willing to forgive Webber.  All I want in return is for him to take responsibility for his actions.  I don't think that is too much to ask.  

Bottom line: I don't believe it is possible to claim moral higher ground as a fan and simultaneously honor the player most responsible for Michigan becoming a dirty program for five years without requiring him to show some contrition for what he did.


March 27th, 2013 at 1:19 PM ^

Michigan made millions off the Fab 5.  Not flying a banner hardly gives the program the high ground.

I'd love to see Webber do whatever it takes to reconcile, but it takes two to tango.  Michigan chooses not to fly any banners honoring the Fab 5 accomplishments.  That's a UM thing and has nothing to do with NCAA restrictions.  The first move can be made by either side, so I'm not singling Webber with all of the blame for where things stand.


March 27th, 2013 at 3:46 PM ^

Flying those banners would be like giving the finger to the NCAA.

It doesn't matter if they made or lost money.  There are not conditional rules based on profit. 

Do I think athletes should get something.....absolutely.  

Don't forget that Webber, Rose and Howard ended up making millions and UM provided that platform for them.


March 27th, 2013 at 5:14 PM ^

C'mon man...get over it.  You're complaining about something that happened 20 years ago.  You don't know what really happened and you're questioning someone's fandom.  Super weak.  Maybe you weren't old enough to enjoy the Fab 5, but Chris was great to watch (and is a good guy in real life as well).  Let go of the anger and you'll feel better.


March 27th, 2013 at 7:22 PM ^

I just don't think Webber needs to honored.

The fact is that UM image and the Fab 5 era with the end result are not on the same page and I don't think they ever will be especially without a sincere humble apology.

I loved the Fab5 and was a huge fan.  

You look at everything that Brandon and Coleman want UM to stand for and you will not find anything that lines up with the Fab5 era and the outcome of it.

I was questioning a persons logic not fandom




March 27th, 2013 at 7:04 PM ^

Wow Mongoose, you're the University spokesperson and fan police?  The many hats you wear.  

I am sometimes able to look at a situation regarding my alma mater and take a stance without first consulting my fandom.  I understand what Webber did, I know he didn't do it with the intent to harm the school and I can't say with certainty that I wouldn't do the same thing if I was in his shoes.  

So despite your allegation, one does not need to choose between being an M fan and a Webber fan.  


March 27th, 2013 at 7:26 PM ^

I wasn't questioning fandom but the logic behind a thought process.

I never told anyone to choose and agree that I don't think he meant to harm the school but he did AND he never apologized for it.  In fact he tried to play the victom card.  

I was a huge Webber fan even when he left but you have to understand that UM does not want to have the type of recognition and press that the Fab5 would bring.  


March 27th, 2013 at 4:25 PM ^

How many times does it need to be said? Chris Webber didn't hire Brian Ellerbe and Tommy Amaker, Michigan did. Hell, Martin almost had Pitino and couldn't close the deal. I guarantee you if he had that the NCAA would have been easier on a program being led by a coaching blueblood.


March 27th, 2013 at 4:30 PM ^

I hate Izzo but the guy has 40 tournament wins. To sell him short and say that Michigan's scandal was responsible for most of that is ridiculous.

Actually, pretty much your whole post is ridiculous.

EDIT: To Tater.


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Well, I was hoping this topic wouldn't cause controversy, but this discussion seems to be getting rather ugly. My bad, MGoBlog.

Also, I downvoted the thread by mistake while scrolling, I guess. #NewbProblems