BYU gametime ???

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Has kickoff time been confirmed for BYU yet?  I can't seem to find it anywhere.  Is there still some chance it might be a night game if the networks ask for it to be, even though the AD said no home night games in 2015?  Thanks. . . . .and GO BLUE!



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That means there is no time.  I think there's some space-time continium at play.

Also, we've never lost to Idle University and we've never given up a point to Open College in case you were wondering if we had a chance in those games.


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Per conference rule, the game time will not be announced before September 14.   So no need to even check again for 3 weeks.  It might be announced as late as September 20.

It appears to have the inside track for the ABC selection (a lot of terrible Big Ten games that week), but obviously Michigan will have to have 2 wins before the game gets picked.  Even given that it is an ABC selection, though, it's still too soon to guess when the game will be.  Probably 3:30, but there are not many potential prime time games for ABC that night. 

Both UCLA at Arizona and USC at Arizona State take place that day; I figure one of them gets picked up as the prime time ABC game.  So that leaves noon or 3:30 on ABC for BYU-Michigan.  Don't count out noon on ABC (that's when the Oregon State game takes place), but 3:30 is more likely.



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So they will probably put one of those two games in primetime.  Plus I think Hackett said we're not playing any night games.  I don't know if he'd risk pissing off alumni by changing the time to a night game this close to the season.


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Yes, but not completely; ABC is also allowed to show Pac-12 games in prime time.  They are already showing Stanford at USC at 8:00 on September 19.  ABC showed USC-UCLA and Oregon-Oregon State in prime time last year, and there were also several other weeks where FOX did not show a prime time Pac 12 game.

But yes, it's unlikely that Michigan will schedule a night game on 13 days' notice.  Ann Arbor doesn't really have the night game infrastructure that other places have; it takes a little more planning here.


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That is a nice site, but I've always been partial to the lsu ncaa tv site.

In addition to showing all games and networks, it includes scheduled games that have not yet been assigned a network or time.  The only drawback as that all times are Central, but I find a little 'quick math' keeps me sharp.




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will be announced Monday afternoon on September 14.  The way the first two weeks go will determine how and when the tv networks choose the games.  You'll know no later than that.

This is the game I'm going to for my annual Michigan game this season, so believe me I am waiting for the start time of this one, too.  I'll admit that it smelled like a 3:30 kick to me since the beginning, but we'll see.

Above and Beyond

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Ugh. Autumn weddings. I will never understand why people get married on football Saturdays.

Also, do you have any full games on YouTube? I have been trying to locate a bunch, which I was successful at, but would like more. If not, no big deal. I am particularly looking for 2007 M/Illinois and 2007 M/MSU. I have only found the edited/cut versions.

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Ronnie Kaye

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Because some people's lives don't revolve around college football. If your life does, cool. But I've always found it profoundly ugly when people whine about this like everyone is supposed to have the same interests and passions or that somehow the football fandom of some of their guests should take precedence over everything else.

It's the way a child would look at it, not an adult.


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I think it's going to be played at 1:00 AM to commemorate Dave Brandon's legacy at Michigan. You won't be able to see the game, but there will be a press release after.