BYU is a dirty team

Submitted by MichiganMAN47 on September 23rd, 2015 at 10:57 PM
Some of you are probably fully aware of BYU's recent history, but others may not be. After watching several BYU games over the last year I have noticed that they are one of the dirtier teams in college football. There have been three instances that I think should be highlighted: 1. The brawl against Memphis in their bowl game. 2. Several personal fouls and late hits in the Nebraska game. 3. The below the belt shot in the Boise State game. I'd be embarrassed to be a fan of their team at this point. They are either totally undisciplined, encouraged to play like this, or both. Glad we didn't hire Mendenhall. Regardless, as fans we should be vigilant of this crap and make sure the refs don't let them get away with some cheap shots in the Big House.…



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on this board when it comes to MSU. I know you need the "MSU is dirty narrative" to feel good about your program. Too bad about reality. Yeah, through the first 3 games MSU is ranked #9 in terms of fewest penalties. Michigan is #33. BYU is #20. You'd think that really dirty teams wouldn't be ranked so high. Or maybe you wouldn't.

Oh, and before you cite the difference in personal fouls versus other penalties, MSU ranks #5 in yardage. Again, one might expect MSU to be much lower if it's getting a lot of cheap shot personal fouls.

No doubt you think there's a conspiracy and the refs are looking the other way. 

Everyone Murders

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You don't need to travel that far. Some center ref got killed by a sucker punch in Dearborn within the past year for showing a red card to a hothead adult rec (!!) league player. In fairness, it's unlikely that the player meant to kill the center ref, but he sure meant to sucker punch the ref.

The beautiful game (and it is) gets ugly all over.


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Let me give you another shot at the Boise game. Perhaps he was just enthusiastically saying good jab, I mean job. Or checking at that altitude if their balls were deflated. Or...I give up, those dirty boys.

los barcos

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i had forgotten about that memphis byu brawl. that was some sucker punch.

i guess this is what happens when you have to follow that byu honor code. its like that line from the simpons:

"no tv and no beer make homer go something something"


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After the game, Schembechler criticized the Cougars' offensive line for holding and, taking on another favorite target, criticized the Southwest Conference officials for allowing it.

"I think BYU should be outlawed," Schembechler said. "BYU is the worst holding team in the United States, and you have my solemn promise I'll never again criticize Big Ten officiating."

Quote from Bo after the 1984 Holiday Bowl.


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right now is getting in the other team's heads with their reputations. I'm sure Harbaugh is going to get them focused. This comment is another example of trying to get Michigan off its game.