bylawblog foreshadowing?

Submitted by ish on April 8th, 2011 at 11:11 AM

the bylaw blog's twitter is hinting that big news is coming out right now.  but i don't see anything.  stay tuned...



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cracking down on these recruiting services and Rivals and Scout will get caught up in it.  Some of the writers can be....let's just say "not impartial." 


edit:  I guess the issue is:


The Bylaw Blog

The reason is that Rivals provides video of nonscholastic competition that is not available to the general public.


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 The reason is that Rivals provides video of nonscholastic competition that is not available to the general public.
 So yeah, the recruiting/scouting services discussion has officially come to a head.

 Just got word institutions may not subscribe to Rivals. 

MI Expat NY

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Sounds like it's not a "bomb" as in somebody is getting hammered, but rather the recruiting game is about to change in terms of how schools scout.  Looks like an attempt to close off loopholes to allow shady payments to "scouting services."


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Will be a free service. The information isn't that "premium" anyway since you can find it in 2 minutes later here, other blogs or newspaper sites.

It seems they could make just as much money with advertising from more unique visitors.


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Why pay $100 a year when you have Mgoblog, TomVH and this message board?

For example: they write an entire article that Zeke Pike is visiting Michigan.   That shows up here in about 2 minutes.  If TomVH hasn't scooped them already. 

I like the service they provide, I just don't believe it's worth charging for.  Open it up to everyone and they could make even more money. 

Why pay for the Detroit News, when you can read the articles for free on

Captain Obvious

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Hoke is going to create an MGoBlog screenname and start asking for paywalled information?

I will be suspicious of any future "Any Updates on Zeke Pike?" threads.


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It's a well known fact (confirmed by Miami (YTM) recruting coordinator Clint Hurtt a few years ago) that Larry Coker and his staff basically did nothing but find players to recruit off recruiting sites.  Almost no personal evaluation was done. 


CORAL GABLES - Recruiting had become simple for the University of Miami football staff.

While counterparts were out scouring the country for the next All-American, the Hurricanes coaches were likely parked in front of a computer with a pad and pen. They surfed Internet recruiting sites in search of talent, almost forgetting their own evaluation in the process.
"That's accurate," UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt said. "We spent way too much time recruiting off [Internet] lists and finding these top guys instead of truly evaluating. You can't just go off hearsay or just because Florida, Florida State or Alabama is recruiting him. That doesn't mean a thing." 


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No school is buying a Rivals subscription because the person running the service requires them to buy it to talk to their prospects.
less than 20 seconds ago via web

Captain Obvious

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How can Hoke and Mattison POSSIBLY afford 9.95/mo on their paltry salaries?  I can see the first amendment to their employment agreements involving drawn out negotiations on this issue.

Captain Obvious

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the NCAA has the power (or enforcement mechanism, if they somehow possess the power) to regulate which subscription services coaches wish to buy on their personal computers with their own money.  Coaches will simply subscribe on their own and not through the university.

I don't see how this changes anything.