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Im friends with BWC on facebook (not one of the creepers i actually know him we played pal football together) anyways alot of players are making a big deal out of BWC work out today he benched 370 which is a personal best for him theyre saying hes working hard in the weight room, hopefully this means more on the field success for BWC.



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I weigh 188lbs and benched 250 five times a few days ago.  My squat has gone down since I did something to my knee a month ago playing hockey.  Summer is around the corner and I will be getting in running shape so will shed probably ~15 lbs.  Strength is very important for a football player but I think any pro athlete has it all including stength.  I remember hearing that Andre Agassi could bech 315lbs at his prime.  I weight more then he did, mostly concentrate on lifting and yet Andre a tennis player can bench more then me. 


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While only playing D3 football, and I am 100% certain that BWC would kick my a** if I lined up across from him. 230lbs - did 225 x 26.

Bench has so little to do with football.I would be interested to see how much he cleans or squats or deadlifts and have everone on here compare to that. Bench is a lot more of a confidence lift than anything else. As long as you can bench enough to 1. add weight to your frame and 2. lock out the guy across from you, you are all set.

Plus, with his long arms who is going to be able to bench him off? As long as he gets his hands on first, it should be a win for him.

*Edit, this was about 4 years ago...So I am now 200% sure he would kick my a**


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........needs to be in context. For example, one rep of 370 is impressive, but not overly so. 5 reps of 370, or 370 at the end of a pyramid rep workout is VERY impressive.


My ex-HS wrestling coach used a pyramid workout that started with 10 reps of a weight, 8 reps of a heavier weight and so on down to one rep. At one point during our summer workout sessions he ended up with 505 on the bar for one rep. Just looking at that number is pretty damn impressive. But knowing that he did that after 10 reps of 350, 8 reps of 375, 6 reps of 400, 4 reps of 425, 3 reps of 450, and two reps of 475 is amazing.

So, If BWC put up 370 in any scenario other than a single rep during the workout, the number is quite impressive.

For the record, my old coach did a single workout rep once just because we begged him to and he put up just under 600.


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I was going to say the same thing.  My guess is that BWC did something like 370 for 10 reps, which would be really impressive, particularly if it was after a workout.  Otherwise, not uber-impressive - I'm about 160 and can bench into the 200's and I go to the gym 3 times a week for about 30 minutes/day.


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but im a pudgy 230 lb 33 year old and i can put up i dont know iif this is a big deal. The guy has already shown what he can do, when he stays low he is unblockable...I'm just happy to hear he is working hard.


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Wow that's pretty weak actually for his weight....I figured he'd be around 470 honestly...I definitley wouldn't be bragging about 370 if I only weighted 50 pounds less than that...


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Hope he keeps making strides. We're gonna need him to be solid if we're going to win the B1G next year. Interior DL is one of the question marks of this team going into next year. Hope BWC sees the potential for starting and takes advantage of it and produces.


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370? Thats all he is benching? That is suprisingly weak for a D1 DT. I was benching 350 my senior year of high school and got up to 385 be the end of my freshman year of college. Then my shoulders stopped working. 


I am glad hes working his tail off, but I hope he gets much stronger before next season. 

Perkis-Size Me

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A far cry from Trent "The Beast" Richardson and his 475 mark. Not that I'm saying its easy, or that I'm trying to degrade BWC in any way. I couldn't put up 370 to save my own life. I just thought he'd be able to put up more, but good to hear he's busting his ass. He needs to be a force on the line next year.

Sac Fly

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I think he can be a solid player with a second year in the system. All these years as a Cubs fan made me to much of an optimist, because I also seem to be the only one who thinks Wilkins can be serviceable also.


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long time visitor, first time poster obviously. 

Had to create an account just to give some posters here some perspective about BWC's bench press number.  As one informed poster here already stated, BWC has long arms, which makes a huge difference in benching. People throwing around their bench press numbers and body weight is comical, especially since I can guarantee none are 6'5 or taller AND have ever played college football.

Anyway here is a short list of DL that had pretty good college careers and their bench press numbers respectively.


320 pound college Albert Haynesworth 425lbs max

340 pound college Vince Wilfork 375lbs max

300 pound collge Marcus Spears 405lbs max

Combine Kevin Williams 23 reps at 225

Combine Jimmy Kennedy 23 reps of 225

Combine Gerald Mccoy 23 reps of 225


And please stop with the Trent Richardson benches 500lbs talk.   

Adrian Peterson was a better college prospect and will end up having a better nfl career.  But he's 6'2 (longer arms) and his max bench was only 345 lbs coming out of college. That's over 150lbs less than TR omgdz.  Does that mean AP is weak since half the posters here could out bench press or can hang with him at the gym? 

Rant over.


Mr. Brownstone

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my dad can bench more than your dad thread. Ever see those strong man contests of the guys all blown up on roids? There is a reason they do not play football. Ever see the 5'9" 185 lb chicken legged punk in the weight room repping out 225lb? Yes, there is a reason he doesn't play fooball either. BWC will do just fine on the football field.