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Im friends with BWC on facebook (not one of the creepers i actually know him we played pal football together) anyways alot of players are making a big deal out of BWC work out today he benched 370 which is a personal best for him theyre saying hes working hard in the weight room, hopefully this means more on the field success for BWC.


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I'm sure I won't be the first to get this in, but fantastic title, I figured this was about the bench press number he put up today.


That said, glad to hear he's working hard. He's going to be needed in a big way next season.


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You should go with your index finger instead.  I once read an article about a football player who amputated his pinky so he could finish the season, and the writer talked to a finger specialist of some kind who actually said the pinky would be the last finger she'd recommend cutting off.  Apparently your strongest gripping muscles are the ones that control the pinky and without it you lose most of your ability to hold on tight to things.  She said the index is the most "loseable" finger because the middle finger can do anything the index finger can do.


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I hope so. This guy has all the potential in the world and he knows this is his year to shine and dominate the line of scrimage. Im expecting a big year out BWC.


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For all the people shitting on this thread, I can't believe that I'm the first to mention the lack of punctuation. C'mon kid, the most basic level of grammar is nice.


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Title and post not in proper 5 paragraph hamburger format. No clear thesis statement. Grammar is shoddy and your avatar is less than creative.

2/10, would not read again.

The Rutgers thread, however, is clear and much more interesting due to the clarity. I come to MGoBlog to read properly formated statements and opinions, not about "interesting, personal" stories that "may actually be worth discussing".



All that aside, I have really liked what I've seen from Big Will Campbell (BWC for those who don't know) this past season. Yeah, he can get better, and it looks like he's trying. Let's hope for the best for him and the team.


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Impressive for 99% of the world, but in the world of 300lb Senior DT's it is a non-event.   As evidenced by K. Demens indicating he already does it.




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Not going to lie - thought this was going to be a link to a new site dedicated to Busty White Chicks.  Very disappointed to learn it is about bench pressing.

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370 is pretty terrible for someone his size and has been in the program as long as he has... Down vote this all you want, but its the truth.   If he can get that over 400 by the time the season starts I will be mildly impressed.

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Serious question: are we still using the "bench press max" measurement used during the Barwis era? If so, it's a wholly different lift than the typical bench press, as it involves holding the bar for 2 seconds, one inch above the chest, before beginning the push upward. Benching 370 in that manner would be pretty damn strong.

However, if the measure is simply "touch your chest, get it up, lock out," and he does 370, I have to agree that it isn't something to brag too much about But that being said, I think the bench press is way overrated as a measure for effective football strength. That list, to me, would put lifts such as squat, dead lift,  power clean (to name a few) ahead of bench press, as those other lifts are compound in nature, involve the lower back and legs, etc. Bench press is a great upper body lift, but I think I'd be most interested in what the big fella can squat, as he seems to have a high center of gravity and his legs seem a little weak, comparatively. A big problem for guys as heavy as Will is developing enough leg strength to not only play an entire game in a "crouch" sort of position, but developing excess strength in those areas so that the player can explode out of his stance and knock the crap out of the guy across from him, and do so from a position of leverage (i.e., lower to the ground).


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A buddy of mine on the team during the Barwis era, a WR, said Barwis didn't have him bench.  He would only have them incline, which I thought was interesting, and a more effective motion for the WR's to tailor their strength to for shedding blocks.  

If BWC is inclining 370, I'll tip my hat to him.  I could be wrong, but I remember him coming into U of M being able to hit 315 for reps, which would show not too much improvement from freshman year to now.

That video of Martin training with Barwis shows him hitting 365 for reps and a 4 second negative.

In conclusion, I hope Campbell gets big enough to shed every block, every down, and pick up at least 3 sacks/game.


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do 255 10 times every chest workout when I weighed 188 in college. 275 7 times. So probably could've done my weight 18 times. But frankly I didn't put much stock in doing anything 18 times.

I can relate to your woes. Now I do dumbbells only for shoulder protection, 70's with no injury, and am on the long road back to beasthood.


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I can.

Your college coach.  Was that a college football coach?  Because I don't think a lot of players on a football team can do that, and I don't think it necessarily translates for football players. 

Marques Colston, WR for the saints, weighed in at 224 pounds and hit 225 twice at the nfl combine on the bench.  He seems to be doing alright though...