Buying tickets on game day or watching the game on TV in Ann Arbor after tailgate

Submitted by NashvilleBLUE on October 1st, 2018 at 2:15 AM

I am driving up this weekend with my whole family (wife and 4 kids) and I'm wondering what the best method to get reasonably priced tickets is. I came up for the SMU game with one daughter and had multiple people on here say "just wait until game day and get them outside of the stadium". Due to fear of being scammed, I just bought them on one of those resale apps.

How legit is this "outside the stadium" method? If I get 2 sets of 3 tickets, am I likely to just get straight up scammed? Can I get a good price if I wait last minute or am I better to just get them on a resale site?

If I can't find tickets at a decent price, we'll probably just tailgate and then try to find somewhere to watch the game in Ann Arbor. If we go that route instead, do you have any recommendations on a "family friendly" spot to watch the game?

We are coming up last minute on a non-football related trip, so I'm trying to piece together the Saturday plans on the fly.



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I haven't done it in about 7 or so years, but I've always had success when buying tickets outside the stadium. Granted, I was never buying for a group - just make sure the tickets are together.

For a game like Maryland you should be able to get tickets fairly cheap (I'm thinking in the range of $30 a piece). 

Edit:  Oh, the other thing to look out for is to make sure they're not student tickets - otherwise you'll have to go to the ticket office in the Union and "validate" them - which not only is a pain, but costs you extra money.


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I beleive the most prevalent scam these days is the double selling of the same ticket.  For instance, if I have physical tickets I can sell them on stubhub as electronic tickets simply by inputting the ticket number.  When someone buys them, they then have an electronic ticket for those seats.  However, I am still in possession of the physical tickets, which, if I were unscrupulous,  I could still use myself to enter the stadium or sell in person outside the stadium, say to a family of six.

As far as the OP's situation, I'd say that more often than not you won't have to worry about it, but depending on your financial situation, it may be worth paying a little extra for the peace of mind of buying through a legitimate broker.  Just my $0.02


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I also thought that the original ticket would be useless... but now I'm not so sure.  My tickets for NU were StubHub and the sellers came to their seats during the game.  Not sure how they got in, but they acted as if WE were improperly sitting in their seats.  Then we said "we bought them yesterday" and they said "oh you bought our tickets... thanks" and walked off.  So they sold their tickets and still got in to the game.  

CRISPed in the DIAG

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I'm not sure how both of you got into the game. Scanning the ticket the first time should invalidate duplicates. What am I missing?

The other good thing about Stubhub is that they guarantee the ticket. I've never had to work through a similar problem (knocks on wood) but I've heard stories of people that have. 

I've successfully purchased from scalpers for years and managed to get face value for The Game in 2011 right at kickoff. But for peace of mind, I prefer paying the fees and having tickets in hand. It makes for a more enjoyable tailgate. Especially now that I have to travel across the country to get there.


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That's hilarious! what kind of people sell their tix on StubHub and then also try to attend the game with the same tickets?! I sell most of mine on StubHub and I believe what another poster said is true in that StubHub changes the barcodes to their own and deactivates the original bar codes. So not sure how the original ticket holder would get in, sounds like a security breach at M stadium. 


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I've had good luck with buying outside the stadium. My friends took their kids to the game for SMU actually, and scored tickets for $20 each right before kick-off as the scalpers were getting a bit desperate to unload them. 

If you decide not to go to the game. I really like Brown Jug for family friendly yet still festive. We were there this weekend with my kids and it was great. 


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It’s homecoming, tickets will be more expensive than they should be, especially looking for 3 together.  The best price you’ll probably find would be $50 IMHO.  3rd party sites are around $100 right now (after fees), it’ll be a struggle to get in for half that price for 3 together. 

Besides a couple exceptions I haven’t heard anything bad about the scalpers outside, there are normally 5-6 of the same guys there every game so they have a vested interest in not scamming people.

As far as places to go, brown jug is great, I go there for almost every road game, but it’s small so it fills up about 30 mins before kickoff normally. Hopcat is fun, much roomier, normally ample seating until kickoff, good beer selection, get the crack fries.

Go Blue!


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Are counterfeit tickets really a problem? I could see that for big games when tickets are a few hundred bucks. But most of the games this year you've been able to buy on the secondary market for well below face, and in many cases in the $20 range. 


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Walk through the Victor's Club lot before the game.  There are usually lots of people with extra tickets that are pretty decent.   Three is literally an odd number though.  People usually have 1 or 2 extra tickets.  


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Session's Room might be good


Haven't watched a game there, but seems like a good atmosphere. The place has a lot of seating, TV's, large beer, selection, and good food.


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I have 5 season tickets and regulary watch Stubhub, Tickpick (no extra fees) to pick up extras for my 4 kids to take to games. 

Unless it's a big game or season opener I've always found cheapest method is to haggle with scalpers outside the stadium an hour or so before the game. 

Maryland and Indiana I'd expect you could find them for $5-$15 a ticket. 

Wisconsin and Penn St i wouldn't wait as buyers will outnumber scalpers quite a bit. 



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Never had an issue with "fake tickets" when buying them outside the stadium, but then again I haven't done it but once or twice.  In fact, I think getting screwed by the scalpers is pretty rare, as MaineGoBlue pointed out. 

Usually like to pick my seat so I'll just spend the extra $ and get them on Stubhub.  Also, I second Brown Jug and HopCat for food/beers.


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We go to one game every year, three of us.  We always buy from someone outside the stadium, usually an hour or so before the game starts because we like to get in early and watch the warmups etc.  We usually pay around face value and have never had a problem getting three together-ish.


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If you buy your tickets on Stubhub and they are electronic, be sure to open the “my tickets” link in the Stubhub app long before you get to the gate. The phone reception is terrible near the stadium.

Has anyone ever tried taking a screenshot of their electronic tickets & saving them in your photos so that they are a little handier to get at?


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How often do scalpers have 4 seats together? I'm also bringing the family this weekend and considering waiting to buy at the stadium.

If we can't find 4 together, how easy is it to move around the stadium to find somewhere empty to sit together?


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If you are looking for more tickets together, StubHub about an hour or two before kickoff would be your best bet. Usually on our walk to the stadium the scalpers seem to be selling pairs from what I remember, but they are usually spread all over the place. I have talked to others that go tailgate and monitor StubHub about an hour prior and score better deals on seats together. 


As far as moving around, for a night game and a marquee game like Wisconsin, don't plan on there being many empty seats to move around.


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I always buy my ticket outside before game time, but since I just buy a single it's usually very easy and often free. I don't use the "I Need Tickets" guys, just buy from fans who appear to be going to the game. Less chance of getting scammed.

For a single ticket or a pair, I'd suggest buying at the game. For three or more, it's probably easier to buy beforehand.