Buying Tickets in AA on gameday

Submitted by kozmo6011 on September 9th, 2013 at 10:27 AM

Just wondering if people have had luck getting good deals buying tickets outside the stadium on Gameday for early non-con games, such as Akron?    



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Go somewhere that has a wireless network, and download tix right to your phone.  I did it this past saturday and it worked amazingly.  Got GREAT seats too.

(just to be sure I ran to the FedEx on Liberty and printed them for $1)


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I cannot stress enough the importance of using a wireless network if you go this route.  I have Verizon and my ability to access websites on my phone was utterly non-existent on Saturday in Ann Arbor (not surprisingly).  No way was I going to make an electronic purchase of that size without confidence in my connection.


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made me finally unashamed to tell others I got sick of Sprint and Verizon, made the switch to no contract. Everyone with me had one of the two and couldn't get shit for a signal. I've had both in life and both were terrible. I went metro (lol) for 40 a month and had full bar 4g even in the stadium on the S3. In SE MI, it's shockingly cheap for its great service.


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Guys usually walk up and down stadium in front of pioneer trying to sell tickets.(and many other places) I'm out there parking cars in my lawn but for games like Akron they're ALWAYS below face value. You'll have no problem.


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I always went to the plazas in front of the gates. For weak opponents there is a Forrest of people holding up tickets--and they aren't brokers.

I would never buy before I got to those areas, because the brokers looking to upsell are trying to catch you before you get to the huge supply of private sellers. When there are 30-40 people selling on one corner there are going to be sellers looking to unload and willing to take steep discounts.


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SteveKing: Youre assuming that someone who is buying a ticket will only pay what's being offered. To me it doesnt matter where you are looking if you already know what you want to pay. Locations where there are more sellers also means more buyers. Negotiating is part of the process, but at any rate its going to be easy to find tickets below face value. EASY.


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I wasn't assuming that, but rather noting that the profile of the sellers changes as you get closer. Brokers are trying to make a buck, and while they can negotiate they also have different priorities and a higher floor. Doesn't make them bad--I've bought that way before.

But for Akron the best deals are available from people whose priorities are: 1. Getting something, anything for a ticket whose cost is already sunk. 2. Getting into the Stadium and actually seeing the game, the whole point of their trip.

Those people are standing outside the gates. There are more buyers, yes, but its a seller's market.

I agree with you about buyers with a price in mind. I think even then, it is worthwhile to shop around unless you find something perfect. The only time I almost regretted shopping for something better was '99 against ND, when I discovered that there were almost no tix for sale at all and nearly got shut out. Eventually found a broker at Pioneer and paid more than I had planned.


September 9th, 2013 at 11:05 AM ^

Unless there has been a remarkable change in laws and culture in the last 8 years, tickets should be everywhere outside the gate for Akron and other "minor" games. I went to every game for years by buying tickets for dirt cheap outside the gate, only having to pay extra for games like ND and OSU.

At a game like Akron there will be tons of people with extras, and they will frankly be happy to get any portion of their cost back and get into the game with some time to spare. If you're picky about where you sit, you can browse to find who is selling seats you want, but if you are wisely not picky you'll find something good with no effort.

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I agree with everyone above who's suggesting you buy on game day.  Saturday is also Yom Kippur, which will result in even more tickets being in circulation.  You should be able to get tickets for $25 or less each...whether it be on StubHub or in front of the stadium.


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I will be attending my first game ever for the Indiana game on October 19th. I'm from Milwaukee and booked a hotel room but do not have tickets yet. How hard will tickets be to get at the stadium?


September 9th, 2013 at 11:26 AM ^

Probably not too bad, the only games I've ever been to where no one was selling were the two UTL games, even the OSU games have tickets available. I still usually go with stubhub just to be sure of where I'll be sitting ahead of time, it's good to have that peace of mind.


September 9th, 2013 at 11:36 AM ^

The scoreboard during the game was pushing these tickets with free shirts, food, etc.  Group tickets are also available at the ticket office.  I think there is serious concern that the attendance for this game is going to be the worst in years.  I sold my 4 for $55 each and thought I did really well.  

Would like to see several thousand not sold.  Great way to send the message to stop scheduling this crap.  This is a good indication of how easy tickets are going to be available for all games next year at home.  The schedule is horrible and the demand for any of these games, except Penn State is going to be low.



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I need to get 3 tickets for the minnesota game. They're $100 each on stubhub. I know it's homecoming, but I was a little surprised. I'm thinking about waiting until gameday and buying from someone on the street. Makes kind of nervous - any thoughts?

Colin M

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Thanks. If I remember correctly from your earlier posts, you're the guy that rides his bike to the games? I'm assuming you're very familiar with the ticket buying process.


The fact that I need 3 together has me a litte extra paranoid - my experience is that it's harder to get odd numbers together, but I'm leaning toward  waiting. $100 for Minnesota is just too much in my opinion, especially since one of my guests is not much of a fan.



September 9th, 2013 at 12:00 PM ^

You're right to be concerned about the larger number, but you're also wise to wait.

Consider that it wouldn't be at all surprising to find four tix for $200. That's still some serious coin, but $100 less than what you're looking at now. With bonus extra seat space. I'd wait.


September 9th, 2013 at 12:09 PM ^

So easy to get tickets, just get on craigslist once you get up there and it's very easy. I got tickets to the ND game by doing the same thing. Hell I think the last 3 games I've gone to thats what I've done.


September 9th, 2013 at 12:20 PM ^

I went with bro in law and his alum buddy with no ticket. They obviously had them but they told me while tailgating to wait until the gate to look and you'll get in for 100. I didn't trust as we walked closer and nose bleed seats were going for no less than 250ish. Then, right by the gate was a guy with actual tickets getting rid of a print off stubhub be bought for 300 (based on seat I believe it) who literally only wanted 100 flat. Said he just wanted something back for it. I told him that if he follows me to the scanner and its legit he has 100. He followed me in, it scanned and I got one baller ass seat for 100 when I laughed at my bro in law and his alum buddy for suggesting so even when people were turning their backs if you went lower than 200. First time scalping and nowi know that if you just wait until about 20 min before kickoff, a ticket is guaranteed. I was about 30 yards from the practically game ending Countess pick, UTL2, 100 flat.


September 9th, 2013 at 3:23 PM ^

good people all around. guy to my left was older but not a "sit down!" guy. In a bit of coincidence, the three people in front of me all lived in my home town and it was a married couple and a random kid who didn't know them (found out randomly at the end of the 1st when the husband mentioned our hs team) so that was cool. Didn't bother me at all, everyone was knowledgeable about the team, into the game to the point that myself and the ten or so around me were all talking and high interacting at good moments, etc. Was a legitimate amazing time I'd have later paid more for if I knew after the fact. $100 was a steal for the time I had.


September 10th, 2013 at 3:03 AM ^

Some knew as much as myself but those that didn't would ask who a younger player was, etc. No snarking or the like. All cool, mostly informed people. Also, not saying I was the reason but some of those immediately around me went from just cool people to standing and going nuts non stop due to myself and 2 others. When the two to my direct left saw I was down to get loud and not be a stick in the mud fan we all, while strangers, just clicked and it felt like I was with friends (they said the same after the game as they and their girls invited me to a party after). We had a whole patch of people going nuts with us. One older guy who you could tell was likely a "get off my lawn and sit down'er" literally had a moment where you could see on his face him just say "f it" and join in around the late 1st quarter. Guy was probably 60ish but let out his 20 year old self for a few hours lol. It was like we had a small patch of student section on the opposite side made up of strangers of different ages, races and sex who wanted and did have fun. Such a blast. Helped that the guy to my left snuck in a large bottle of homemade something that had a bunch of us tore up lol. Was like the ushers didn't even care as they had to see him pouring into many of our water bottles. Again, $100 was SO worth it. Maybe I lucked out with quality of seat and people but during the game we were all like one fan. At the end many of us literally did proper introductions, bro hugs, handshakes, goodbyes and invites to parties were extended, etc. By far the best game experience I've ever had to any game in any sport in my life. Some games just call for wild but not buffoon behavior. UTL2 was one and it was had.