Buying a Michigan jersey

Submitted by TheOnlyVictors on August 15th, 2010 at 11:48 PM

So I was going to buy a Michigan jersey, as the most that I have is a hat from my first game I remember (went to some as a kid). Only thing is I don't know which one I should get. I know they don't have names if you buy them regular online. I mean a Braylon Edwards jersey would be cool, but he doesn't play here anymore. #7 is the other obvious choice. I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions for names and numbers. Would be really cool.

Edit in: I was also considering NFL jerseys, less than Michigan, but if I could find a Woodson or Edwards jersey cheap that would be cool.



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If you want a jersey that will last through the years and not seem old when a new class graduate I would either go with 1, 2, 10 or 21. Those are classics that cannot get old no matter what year it is.


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I ordered and received on Friday a #2 Woodson home jersey.  It's actually an authentic Nike jersey.  Including shipping, it was only $40.

If you want to check out the site it's here:

I would advise giving them a backup email address as they have been spamming me.  Additionally, I don't like giving out my credit card information, especially to a somewhat shady looking operation like that one- thus, I used a temporary credit card (it was very easy to do through Bank of America).  I don't know if those precautions were strictly necessary but I'd still advise them.

I don't know if they just got all of the old Nike jerseys that hadn't been sold or if these are the jersey equivalent of "second" china (i.e. china that has a minor flaw in it and those isn't sold at full price).  I haven't found any flaws.  And it came with all of the tags you'd expect from Nike and the NCAA.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend them for a good cheap Woodson jersey.

They also have Long (77), Brady (10), 20 (no name), and Braylon (1) jerseys.  For Henne they only have a Miami jersey.

Eventually, I'm going to be an authentic 98 jersey without a nameplate.  Tom Harmon is possibly my favorite Michigan player ever.  But, I'll have to buy that the expensive way.


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Based on the price, I thought that might be the case.  But, I should point out that the jersey had pretty real looking tags from Nike and the NCAA.  I assumed, that they were old Nike jerseys that weren't sold when Michigan switched to Adiadas..

I don't own an authentic jersey that is definitely real so I can't compare jerseys to see what's different.

Overall, it seems like a pretty real fake.


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Since I didn't notice anyone else say this I thought I would mention it.  If you buy a jersey through any official source such as MDen or Moe's you will not be able to get a nameplate of any former player that matches the number said player wore.  So you could not get a #1 jersey with Edwards on the nameplate.  My suggestion is getting either a #1 or a #2 jersey with no nameplate and it should last a while. 

If you go through MDen I would also recommend either the Tackle Twill Replica or the Authentic and avoid the screened print replica (especially if you are getting a white jersey).

Hope this helps.


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Nameplates can be accurately applied through third-party customizers.  Nearly all of my jerseys have the proper nameplates applied to them in order to maintain the jersey's accuracy.  I hate wearing the jersey without the correct nameplate applied to it.  It doesn't seem "complete" to me.  I can post pics if you'd like to see.. 

It also bothers me to hear people say that their #2 Adidas jersey is a 'Woodson' or their #1 Adidas jersey is a 'Edwards'.  Just because the same common number is on the jerseys doesn't make it a player of the past who never wore that style/manufacturer. 


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I am sure this question has been asked to death on here, but how much of a difference is there between the sizes of replicas and authentics? I have some Reebok XL replicas that fit fine, but I am not sure if I need a larger or smaller size for an authentic jersey that I am looking into buying (Nike if that makes a difference). I have seen both sides where some say they are larger because they are made for pads, and others say they are tighter so players can't grab the jersey to hold.


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Im relatively new to this jersey buying stuff, so I'll explain my dilema:

1)  I went to sports authority, tried on a miami hurricanes NIKE jersey in large it fit fine, then I ordered a Michigan Addidas replica jersey online in Large and found it was SUPER SUPER BIG.  As in it looked ridiculous.  So I decided to try to find a medium online, and have found that this is a near impossible task, all the smalls and mediums are sold out.  Does anyone know where you can get a replica #1, 2, or 21 in a medium?

I'm 5'10 180, and a large is super not going to work, at least with addidas, and I've found great trouble finding a medium jersey online.