Is the Butterfly’s career about to take flight?

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Question for all MGoNBA Lovers. For those of us that watched and thoroughly enjoyed Mike Dantoni and Steve Nash’s tandem score seemingly millions of points in Phoenix. How do you think this coaching change will affect Darius Morris? We all watched Darius Morris dribble the air out of the ball and find open teammates for 2 years in A2 and this seems like the perfect Offense for him to flourish while learning from the best player to ever run it in Steve Nash.

Is the Butterfly’s career about to take flight?



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He's getting minutes as a direct result of injury. I think he goes back to the end of the bench when Nash returns. There aren't a lot of opportunities for playing time when you're a 3rd string point guard (particularly one who can't shoot).

Lucky Socks

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He's playing more minutes than Chris Duhon recently, and had more court time than Steve Blake in the last two (easy wins, sure...).  Nobody is saying that he's going to supplant Steve Nash but could he blossom as a backup point guard?  He does fit the offense well, and while he isn't yet a great shooter I think you're underestimating his ability as an all-around player.  I have a feeling D'Antoni will end up using Morris as much, or more than Steve Blake due to upside, youth, and better fit.




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Steve Nash is also 38 years old. Might not play past this season, even, and Blake is a 32 year old journeyman PG. Morris is a viable option at PG down the road, so they're probably evaluating him for the future with this playing time, and not just throwing him out there because he's the only option they have left.


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A large part of D'Antoni's offense is predicated on guards being able to shoot the 3 really well. While he's made some improvements, he still turns the ball over too much. Time will tell if he can solidify  a spot in the rotation, but comparing him in any way at all what-so-ever to Rondo is a fruitless exercise. Rondo can do nearly everything at an elite level, other than scoring the ball. Darius doesn't have one elite skill, let alone multiple ones.

Even if D-Mo were to make vast improvements in ball handling and decision making, his other skills (or lack thereof) will still need to be greatly improved upon if he is to warrant significant playing time.


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And Tony Parker didn't have a jump shot most of his time with the Spurs.  I don't think it's impossible for him to be able to flourish in this new system with Kobe, Gasol and Howard to dish the ball to.  I think this system is easier to run than the triangle and all the Lakers hated the Princeton offense.  So there's a chance for him, even if it's a 50-50 proposition at best.


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Tony Parker and Rajon Rondo are absolutely horrible comparisons.

Tony came into the league having played professionally for two years in Europe and was immediately handed the starting point guard job on a team that won 58 games and went to the eastern conference finals the year before. He was named All-Rookie 1st team. By his 2nd year in the league he was averaging 15-3-5 on a team with Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Steven Jackson, Bruce Bowen, Manu Ginobili, and Steve Smith. They won the Finals that year with him running the show at point.

Rajon Rondo has always been a freak athlete, something D-Mo is definitely not. He is elite in  just about every area that doesn't have to do with scoring the ball. As soon as he came into the league he was one of the best defensive point guards and one of the best pick pockets (top 10 in steals his 2nd season, 1st in steal %). Oh, and they won the Finals his 2nd year in the pros, with him running the point.

I get that people like to make comparisons to more famous players, but by this time in their careers, TP and Rondo were not splitting time as a back up point guard with Steve Blake.


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Negged for use of stupid Tim Doyle nickname (not really, but I was sorely tempted to do so). Honestly, if this doesn't jump start his career, he just might not make it the NBA. That won't be anything to be ashamed of and the fact that he pocketed close to a million plus got in this situation means his decision was the right one, which is all we could hope for our student athletes.


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I cant believe they hired Mike freaking D'antoni. I just can't believe it. Phil Jackson must have been demanding the moon and stars. (Actually, he didn't want to travel on road games)


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It's all about Jim Buss.  Beto Duran said on local radio (in LA) this morning that Jerry Buss forced the Brown firing down the throat of Jim, who had a vested interest in keeping him on board (which, duh).  Jim Buss took an over-my-dead-body approach to the thought of bringing Phil back--Chris Broussard conformed as much on SportsCenter this AM--and was apparently all-in on D'antoni throughout the weekend.


Beyond that, MY speculation is that Phil was the guy among Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak, but Jim forced the issue elsewhere.  Going back a year, it was Jim who completely cleaned house with respect to the Phil Jackson coaching circle, including his decision to eschew Brian Shaw as Phil's successor.


Lastly, the reason Morris is getting a lot of run lately has only a little to do with Nash's absence.  Nash being out means Morris is in a backup role, as opposed to getting DNPs as a third string.  Steve Blake is awful, but his wonky abdomen (ultrasound scheduled for today) is the reason for D Mo's ascension.


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No comment. I have no idea who you're talking to. I remember a Darius Morris, but "the butterfly" was not his nickname then, nor is it now. Please don't feed the Tom Doyle.


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Maybe a few years down the road. My friends from LA constantly remind me of how bad he is (partially because I hate LA and so they respond by attacking him). From what I have seen of him playing with LA and their comments, he still seems very raw and needs to develop his game to the level where he isn't necessarily a liabilty out on the floor. As mentioned above, this might just be becoming more comfortable with the level of talent opposing him and understanding his role as being a place-holder for the other talent on the team and not being the man-in-charge like he was at UofM. He needs more time. Maybe down the road, but it wouldn't suprise me if they bumped him to the 3rd point guard as the season goes on with a preference of having a more experienced Steve Blake or Duhon play. Although they aren't particularly impressive, LA might just be looking for a more steady performance rather than anything meaningful at this point.