The Burke steal!

Submitted by artds on March 3rd, 2013 at 9:39 PM
This was a classic play that has to rank up there with others in the Michigan-MSU series such as the Douglas 3-pointer, the Manningham TD and the Dileo reception/Gibbons FG. What other little-brother-beating plays belong in this group?

Edit: For clarification, I'm referring to the steal on Appling which led to the game-winning basket, although the steal on Harris was arguably just as important.



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Basketball wins are great... but there is only one football showdown each year and that comeback was one for the ages. Let's not forget that we got an onside kick, etc. It was quite a feat to see... I was there in person and it was unreal.



The FannMan

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Braylon fest live was incredible. That game and UTL are 1 and 1a all time for me. The best part is that I took my little brother to the game. Yes, you guessed it. He went to State. When we got the on-sides kick he said "oh no" over and over. He knew what was going to happen


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It's not really a play per se, but when Darius Morris told Kalin Lucas to get the fuck off his court, that feels like the point in time when the rivalry went from being obviously one-sided to even or even skewed to advantage Michigan.  Before that we almost seemed scared of them, after it not so much.


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Was at game in upper teir behind msu bench... Might have lost many yrs off my life today. Trey Burke was awesome, nobody could stop his penetration all day..what a fucking game.. Go blue

snarling wolverine

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It's kind of forgotten now, but Daniel Horton made a huge 3 to all but clinch the game against MSU at Crisler in 2003.  That was the first time we beat Izzo after he'd built up his program.


March 4th, 2013 at 12:13 AM ^

with a 30 footer at the buzzer for a 65-63 win @ Jennison in the 1977-78 season

Keith Smith sinks a free throw w/ no time remaining to win 49-48 @ Crisler in the 1978-79 season.



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Although we wound up not winning the game, Brandon Graham's annihilating goal line hit in the 2009 game was an unforgettable play.


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Our final drive in regulation in that game (when we went almost the entire length of the field in a couple minutes) was epic.  That was perhaps Tate Forcier's finest moment (only to be followed by his disastrous OT).


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the Manningham TD? I cannot get the TD against Penn St out of my head. I think it may be blocking out any memory of what Manningham did against Sparty that was so epic. But I cannot remember. Anyone know what the OP is talking about?


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With 7 minutes left. Chad Henne finds Greg Mathews in the back of the end zone to make it 24-21. Defense forces a 3 and out as they stuff Culcrick (or whoever that fat running back was) and get the ball back. 3rd and 12 Henne finds Manningham deep and makes a jumping/falling backwards catch to win. That press conference is where the Little Brother nickname originated thanks to Mike Hart.