Burke: Michigan Lacked Heart

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"We just have, I don't know, man," a despondent Burke said. "Learn from it, I guess.

"They just played with much more intensity, much more heart. They beat us. Simple as that."

"It came down to heart, really," Burke said. "It came down to toughness, and we didn't play with that the last four or five minutes.

"There were a couple times they got to the rim, we could have taken a charge, but we didn't. They got to the rim, they hit 3's and we didn't respond."



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I feel as if the frosh aren't mentally able to uphold the intensity and an overall competitive attitude throughout a whole game; especially on the road. They didn't play a schedule like this last year, and the effects (wear and tear) are extremely stark now.

Additionally, I'd rather see more rotation with our bigs to, at the very least, rest the shooters. They may provide the "barracks" so to speak for our offensive weapons, producing more runs leading to a controllable tempo leading to more sustainable leads.


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It's less the freshmens' fault than ours.  They are freshmen fighting through the Big Ten on the road.  If we are honest with ourselves, they are tracking pretty much as you would expect.  The Fab Five and last year's Kentucky team are not the norm.

We set our sights on nothing less than a Big Ten Championship, the BTT Championship, a 1-seed, and the Final Four at minimum.  By that standard, yes they are underachieveng.  By normal realistic standards, they are about on course.  We need to deal with it.



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I agree with this. There is so much talent and the ability to run away with the game if two or three guys heat up. But these contributors are freshman, and while I'm not blaming them for underachieving, I have to say they are pretty inconsistent. I just can't decide if the lack of effort is more on JB or the players. For me, it's safe to assume the latter and go with "freshman nerves", to summarize. 


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Yes, but what were your expectations heading into the season, and were they realistic? That loss last night was very disappointing, but the team is still 23-5, which is nothing to sneeze at, and it's about where I expected them to be given how difficult it is to win on the road in the Big Ten.

I think the team will finish strong in conference play, and you never know what might happen in the NCAA tourney.


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This is great perspective, for sure.  However, we were pretty positive that none of them were leaving for the NBA.  This year, I think a lot of us believe that both Burke and Hardaway will be gone next year (or at least Burke).  That's like taking Webber and Jalen away, maybe moreso.  But what you said is definitely a good thing to remember.


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smarts, and toughness , and D, and road acumen etc etc.  Very young team.  Guys that think they are NBA ready are not.  So do we win out or lose out.  We shall see what our coach and players are made of within 2 weeks. 


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He is already stating what the world knows now...but the problem is some of our players diappear for very long stretches, it amazes me. Yeah someone can have a bad game here or there, still though with this talent, this loss should not have happened. I have to wonder whats up with JB, I mean he brought us out of the dark ages and now it seems like he is at a coahing roadblock for some reason...


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I haven't looked at the previous threads on the PSU game, so I'm probably repeating something already said, but I think rather than "heart" or "toughness" what this team lacks is leadership. Novak would have willed the team to a victory last night, and his leadership void simply hasn't been filled.


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After the MSU debacle, people were complaining that Beilein needs to complain to the refs before UM plays a physical team. Now c/o officiating is whining. Last night, UM shut down completely after being ahead by 13. Hard to explain. This team has reached it's zenith for this year. Burke is gone for sure, GRIII could leave and next year is not looking so good.

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Penn St. definitely didnt play like they are ranked. Defense or not, that team could not miss at all. Long jump shots and threes were all going in. That said, JB is not coaching this team at all. Young team with no leadership, he better get his shit together if he wants to continue to coach at michigan.


February 28th, 2013 at 7:26 AM ^

I started not watching a couple of weeks ago. Not that I don't care but I just can't live or die with this team anymore. They have not played we'll for a month and I realized I have a life. Last night was my birthday party and I was damn sure not going to ruin it by watching that crap live. This team needs a pair of balls, immediately.


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as it was a lack of defense... We had like 3 minutes in there where we didn't score a point that saw them go on a 10-0 run, but 76 points should be enough be beat Penn State any day


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The team is playing like one that believes it won something in December and doesn't have to prove itself anymore. I guess that's a lack of heart. Maybe more of a lack of hunger, which is unconscionable considering they haven't won anything. It's all gone downhill since they were expected to be ranked number one vs. OSU in January.


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Was a neutral court. From what I understand, that seems to be death to anyone who plays Michigan. I wonder if being undefeated at home will help kill that stupid thought as Crisler is not a neutral court, either.


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Does anyone know exactly what Stauskus did or didn't do to cause Beilein to go all Brian Kelly on him?  I know he was terrible down the stretch, but missed the exact cause of the blowup.  Was it the sloppy pass into the lane that was picked off for a turnover / breakaway / dunk?


February 28th, 2013 at 8:13 AM ^

I thought it was his absolute lack of effort in closing out on the previous PSU drive to the basket for a score. On the replay it looked like he just watched the play from the middle of the key while their guy beat a double team and drove the baseline.

A better question would be why did this surprise Beilein? Not like Stauskas has played D this season at any point up to then.


February 28th, 2013 at 8:39 AM ^

His defensive liabilities have been obvious all season, and there have been more than a couple games since the start of the conference season where he was invisible offensively. Yet it was barely two weeks ago here that we were subjected to that dumbass "Blouses Stauskas" stuff.


February 28th, 2013 at 8:51 AM ^

Gotta love the traditional calling up of the antiquated self-righteous internet proscription on complaining about young adults who play for sports teams. Its very aught of you. 

By the way, what is the elusive prescriptive formula to determine the age at which one adult cannot complain about another adult on a sports team? Perhaps, 1.5[the player's age] if the player's age is less than 25, but with a decreasing multiplying ratio as the player's age increases above 25? Does the formula change if the complainer is not anonymous? Do you mind just giving us the formula?


February 28th, 2013 at 12:42 PM ^

Yeah it must be that play, but like said, the PSU Guy beat by a DOUBLE TEAM already and for Stauskas to fully come help would have given anyone else coming trough the lane a free basket, anyway. Yeah I guess get/stop the man with the ball first but the fact he beat a fuggin' double team consisting of a PG and our Big Man in the first place isn't Stauskas' fault, it's an overall bad concept of defense to begin with. Beilein was as livid as I've ever seen, but I don't get why, nothing about that particular play was any revelation about how this team plays at times.