Burke headlines Wooden All-American team

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http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/9121576/michigan-… Trey Burke, Shane Larkin from Miami FL, Doug McDermott from Creighton, Ben Mclemore from Kansas, Oladipo, Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga, Mason Plumlee, Cody Zeller, Deshaun Thomas, and Otto Porter from Georgetown. Nice B1G representation. One thing. The article states that the wooden award winner will be announced Saturday afternoon, before the final four. Will that be a distraction at all to Burke and the team?



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So I think it's validation more than anything. He is locked in to winning this weekend and nothing will change that. He knows he's headed for greatness and I think he wants to win the championship more than anything.


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Can you read minds?  Apparently not because Trey is currently deciding between Orange or Blue Gatorade in South Quad; not thinking about the tournament.


Oh, it appears he wants the Blue Gatorade.   And now a bag of cheddar popcorn!

Also: he just felt the hole in his pocket of his Adidas track pants and felt the cool air from the air conditioner blow through his jacket.  He just thought, "Man, Nike is so much better than Adidas.  I hope Dave Brandon understands this fact."




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I lived in Arizona for 5 years and then not too long ago, moved back to Ann Arbor partly because I found the heat obnoxious. So I'm one of the few people that actually is not jealous. And wouldn't the public sector say the reason they can't run the a/c when needed is because they need more money to do so and then still not run it once they get said money?


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It appears to me as though you were the first internet tough guy as you misinterpreted my obviously jovial jab at your comment as a real threat and responded in kind.  While I was attempting to give a sassy, possibly funny response to your comment, you were brooding and shaking with frustration at the thought of someone joshing you.  Additionally, I was going to make fun of that Curtis Woodhouse guy... but he appears to be one of those guys who you just can't make fun of.  Some sort of English soccer player, mobster, boxer combination.  Quite the read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_Woodhouse


Ahhhh I can't let the Brits win the manliest-man award for the night: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesty_Puller

Happy reading.


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I find it interesting that the Wooden Award draws much less attention than the Heisman.  Granted, college football is an absolute media monster (even compared to college basketball), so that factor must be taken into account.  But, in a sport where one key player can make a massive difference (granted, football has QBs and the occasional RB who can really drive a team) it is bizarre that there isn't more hype.  Perhaps the longer history of the Heisman has something to do with it or maybe it just appears skewed because of the dominance of football.  Any thoughts?

Congrats to Trey as well and Go Blue.



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I would have to think that, given the numerous honors that Try Burke has gotten over the last three weeks alone, that it would be far more shocking if he did not win the Wooden Award after being named to the Wooden All-American Team. Looking back, he has been named to the All-American 1st team for The Sporting News and the Associated Press, as well as 1st team by the US Basketball Writers' Association and the National Association Of Basketball Coaches. He's also the Big Ten Player Of The Year, and I believe he was the USBWA District 5 Player Of The Year and on the NABC 1st team as well. It's hard for me to imagine a scenario where his name is not announced on Saturday.