Burke to go pro per Woj

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RT @WojYahooNBA: Michigan guard Trey Burke will enter the NBA Draft, source tells Y! Sports. He has scheduled announcement for Sunday.



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I mean he could also be the #1 tackle next year if he goes as opposed to being a pick around 15 this year barring any set back. He wouldn't go before Jockle, Fisher or maybe even Warmack. It's not like he's the guaranteed #1 pick this and is coming back. He's getting the potential to rise and collect a bigger pay day too. 


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Much less risk for career ending/altering injury as an OL than a PG in Basketball. It'd be different if Lewan was pretty much any other position than an OL.

The NBA draft is also much more futile. Just 2 rounds and only 1st rounders get guaranteed contracts. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

This is a great thing for UM basketball...Beilein on recruiting trail has so much ammo now: "We develop guys into Top 10 draft picks, play in Final 4s/Natl Championships, have a new $100M basketball facility/arena, etc"

We're back and we're not going anywhere

snarling wolverine

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Strongly disagree there.  Any football position is a hell of a lot more dangerous than any basketball position.  Linemen get involved in crazy scrums where guys are falling on their legs all the time.  Not to mention all the routine contact - getting hit in the eyes, helmet (subconcussive blows), etc.  

Basketball isn't on the same radar as football when it comes to injuries.  Kevin Ware's injury happens to football players every year (it's largely the same injury Toussaint suffered, and he didn't make national news).  In football, you basically have to assume some of your players will suffer season-ending injuries each year - it's part of the sport.  In basketball, you can legitimately expect your whole roster to stay healthy (save the occasional nagging stuff like a minor ankle sprain).  Only in the NBA, after guys  get a lot of mileage on their bodies, do the injuries really accummulate.

Also, basketball players have far more professional options than football players do.  If you're a football player, your options are basically the NFL or CFL.  If you're a basketball player, if the NBA doesn't work out you've got a ton of overseas leagues to play in.  I think the real difference is more cultural - football players just accept the idea of staying in school more than  basketball players do.  


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This is what we wanted.  We want the best for our guy and this would be the best decision.  Hearing all these names of lesser players opting out early it would be a travesty for him to not go to the next level where we all know he is going to succeed and represent our university well.

Mr. Yost

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May be the best PG in school history and a top 10 draft pick. It's your world T. Burke, we're just living in it!



...I expect THJ to go as well although lately I've started to reverse course a little bit. THJ isn't going to get better, he'll go down in the draft, but he has a chance to do something like Lewan and that's be a senior captian and change this program forever. He also just seems to LOVE where he is, I could totally see him staying. That said, we'll see.

I think GRIII and McGary are 100% coming back.


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Why? We put D-Mo in the league 2 years ago, his replacement is projected to be a high first round pick, and we have at least three other guys on the roster who are projected to be draft picks either this year or next.

Mr. Yost

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Every other year Roy Williams and Coach Cal are sitting while their entire starting lineup is drafted and you just put them in comparison to Darius Morris.

We're far from an NBA factory.

It's good to have NBA level talent is likely what you meant.

Blue and Joe

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I'd like to know who these sources are. I assume he will be leaving too, but he hasn't said a peep to the media about it. Anyone he has told is probably close friends and family. Either one of them ratted him out or the "source" is just an educated guess.


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Would have been awesome to see him come back, but there was no reason to. The reasons to leave vastly outnumber the ones to stay, and there was just no way for him to beat out Spike for the starting job.

A Lot of Milk

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Don't put much stock into this report. The guy reporting it knows there's a very slim chance Trey returns, so he just reports the probable outcome so if Trey does leave, it looks like he was the first to report it. The reporter does not have any new "insider" information, it's all speculation.


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Good luck Trey, I'll be following and rooting for you during your NBA career no matter where you land. It's time for him to take the Association by storm. 


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The only thing I'm sad about is that someone decided to both ruin Trey's announcement and destroy the last day I could have pretending there's a chance he might be back. :(