Burbridge eligible

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EDIT Link: http://twitter.com/AceAnbender?tw_p=twt

Per Ace's twitter Aaron Burbridge is eligble and on MSU's campus. Glad to hear the young man got his grades up and is given the opportunity to play. Looking forward to the Michigan defense shutting him down every year. Sorry if this pisses anyone off because it is about state.




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That Treadwell was in Ole Miss the last couple days on a recruiting trip, Seems kind a quiet but I'm wondering what he is doing in Ole Miss anyway. Hmmmm


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He's probably visiting their campus, and possibly for free.  Why would a 17 year old want to take free trips to college campuses around the country while being pampered by athletic departments?  Sounds shady to me.  


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Dexter McCluster had been committed to his "hometown school," USF, for almost a year, and Ole Miss flipped him in one weekend.  It made me wonder exactly how good their "southern hospitality" was.  

So, I have mixed emotions.  If I was a recruit, I would milk it for every trip to a college campus, preferably one far away, that I could get.  OTOH, you never know if Ole Miss or any SEC school is going to make a kid an offer he doesn't want to refuse.


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It's abolutely relevent, and I'm glad you posted it in good taste.  I hope he gets an education, but plays terribly against us. 

But in all seriousness, MSU should have a pretty solid WR situation going forward.  Arnett, Burbridge, a couple other solid recruits, and then that Drake kid from Christian High in the 2014 class.


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Fan 1: Of course he's eligible at STAEE, hurr cow college durr

Fan 2: You do know that the NCAA clearing house clears Michigan players, and is the same standard state uses?

Fan 1: But Michigan Agricultural College!

Fan 2: Yes, we at Michigan have the superior academic institution across most if not all majors, but that doesn't apply to football players being eligible or not. It is true that he was a borderline qualifier, one that Hoke did not want to take a risk on in case he did not qualify. Dantonio took that risk, and it paid off, in that he qualified.



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Michigan fan 1: Well, this is awkward

Michigan fan 2: I know, how did he bring the couch with him all by himself? Looked heavy before it burned.

Michigan fan 1: I'm guessing he's had lots of practice. He did bring the right pizza at least.

Michigan fan 2: What do we tip in this situation?

Staee fan: Tip 300 Brah! SPARTANS!!!

Michigan fan 1: Here, take this:


Michigan Fan 2: Can he get a BUI here?

Staee fan:




 You were supposed to be a starting tackle! Well. You still will be, but come on man.

/Scene 3. Is it still funny? or did I just kill it.


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Fan 1: scUM sucks, you didn't even go there. Walmart wolverine!

Fan 2: Yes, I did.

Fan 1: Okay, you can say whatever you want then.

Fan 2: Shut up.  I asked for blue cheese on my burger, not any of this processed crap.

Fan 1: Yes, sir.


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Good for the kid. I hope he plays great except against Countess and Floyd.

Jmilan - The thread doesn't piss me off. Unlike OSU I normally root for State except against us.


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That's a bit suprising to me. Over the last 4 years State's fanbase has really pushed alot of UM fans from doing that. They constantly take jabs and things like that during their time. While yes they have beat us for 4 years it is far from the norm. Also their logic has them thinking that the football played between the two teams only started in 2008. UM won 6 straight before losing 4 straight and not to take anything away from them because they won those games it does not mean that "things have changed". The only thing that changed is that we now have a coaching staff that matches up perfectly with our program and now that OSU isn't funneling their turned down recruits just because Tressel and Dantonio were friends I would be a little concerned. Urban isn't going to recommend anyone to go to MSU that is apparent and Hoke has been on absolute fire on the recruiting trail. All of these will eventually catch up to MSU. Dantonio has proven he's a good coach, but the B1G is full of good coaches and once Narduzzi leaves it may get worse.

Sorry for my rant, I live near Midland and their fans are really annoying. Besides actually being in East Lansing, Midland may be the closest thing to Spartyland you could honestly get in Michigan. 

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I used to root for State vehemently when they weren't playing Michigan, but they've turned into such dicks during my time at school (just finished my Master's) that it makes me sick to cheer for them. The baseball team spitting on our band last year was really the last straw. It's rough because my sister goes there, but I can't do it any more.

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It was most of the team. I'm a former band member, and my friends who went last year said that the baseball team was sitting in the stands behind them spitting down for most of the game.

Generally the band doesn't complain about stuff officially unless it's pretty bad...I mean, the first time I was in Columbus, the director of football operations at OSU tried to force his way through the band, got rejected, raised some hell, and that was pretty much the end of it.