Bulk Ticket Advice for Bowling Green game (football)

Submitted by Seth on February 22nd, 2010 at 3:27 PM

I'm usually pretty spry when it comes to obtaining Michigan football tickets at a reasonable price. But the task before me is a bit bigger than my expertise:

The day before my wedding is the Bowling Green game (Sept. 25). I'd like to get tickets for the male side of the wedding party (8 including me) plus a few more for out-of-towners. Preferably, I'd like to get the 8 together, but if I have to separate folks I can.

Where do I start? Are there ever that many individual tickets purchaseable after the season tickets go out? Should I just camp out at websites and grab everything in a section?

I didn't get my own tickets this season because between the wedding and honeymoon and work trips and fall sailing I wouldn't use most of 'em. This is good because I can be anywhere in the stadium (instead of searching for all Section 20s), but bad because that's 2 more shares of bench space I need to obtain.



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I'm not sure if you can buy that many tickets together from mgoblue.com, you may have to buy them in sets of 4. If you look to buy them at other websites, just use fansnap.com, it searches ebay, StubHub, and virtually every other source for tickets and compiles them for you


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like jam706 said, the Michigan Ticket Office should be able to hook you up. It might not be available to buy more than 4 in one block on the website, but I'm sure if you call the office they'd be able to hook you up with what you want. I'd recommend going with two rows, for what it's worth, rather than stretching everyone along in one. You actually get to talk and high five more of your own friends that way.


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This game will definitely not be sold out ahead of time. I wouldn't be surprised if you can get 8 together on mgoblue.com. That being said if you are OK going with 4 together there will be plenty of much cheaper options to scalp right before the game. For a game like this you could have a great tailgate right till about 1/2 hour before the game, walk up and have hundreds of seats to choose from at less than 1/2 of face value.

Mr. Robot

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Even if MGoBlue lets you buy 8 at once, I wouldn't risk it with a group that big. Figure out exactly how many you're going to need and then go down to the ticket office so somebody can personally find you that many seats together (if possible) and sell them to you.


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As mentioned before...

Call the ticket office. It's not the OSU game or anything, so there's probably going to be lots of tickets available. If you wanted a 12 ticket row though, you probably won't get anything in the lower half of the stadium.


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a season ticket holder? Ticket holders are offered the ability to buy tickets to some of the games against lesser opponents when they order their season tickets , which is well before they go on sale to the general public. I would think that Bowling Green will be one of those options. However, it may be such that only blocks of 4 are offered.

Better yet, do you know any Victor's Club members?


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We sail an Express 27 on St. Clair ("Blues" - 52142). I've sailed competitively on CnCs 29 and 34, and a Tartan 37 (which was a friggin tank/washtub that was later made famous for being the guys whose lit joint first detected the wind shift in the "Airless Mackinac").

We "race" on the Express on Saturdays and Wednesday night beer leagues, but "competitively" might be pushing it. Our PHRF is based on what these boats do in San Francisco, and as you pointed out, Detroit sailing isn't San Francisco Bay.

However, I learned to sail on St. Clair and except for the month-long July doldrums (which haven't been as bad lately -- thank you climate change) I find it to be quite nice. At least you never have to worry about, e.g. tides that wrecked entire Dark Ages fleets.

We also sail Lasers up north (two buddies, my brother and I have a fleet of 3 boats that are probably the most fun thing in the universe after sex and beating Ohio State in football).


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I grew up sailing on a fresh water river. Sucks for PHRF racing, but way nicer for the little boats. They say all the greatest sailors come from small bodies of water, or maybe thats what I say when I go up against the GBR's and Aussies. I sail Lasers on the ISAF World Cup circuit, I guess competitive sailing is my job. I only race PHRF when I'm home, with lots of beer, for an old boss on a CnC 99. It gets totally killed though against the wee Ultimate 20's, so the real race is who can drink more on the boat.
Youngstown this year, should check it, we used to trailor the 99 there!