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Submitted by True Blue in CO on October 19th, 2011 at 8:54 PM
In an effort to follow our enemy here in the South, I caught this interesting update on 11Warriors. http://www.elevenwarriors.com/2011/10/11w-recruiting-notebook-1#comments The author has the belief that the Buckeyes have legitimate chances with Washington, Stanford, Pittman, Kozan, and Diamond. While Washington and Stanford may be legitimate due to proximity, I see delusions of grandeur here when you do not have a head coach confirmed for 2012 and they have not even offered Kozan. It will be fun to watch what happens here but I do not see how they round out a solid top 20 class with the swirl of uncertainty with the NCAA and the lack of a coaching commitment. (Edit: My personal opinions and wishes got in the way of clear thinking. Thanks to the Board for setting me straight.)



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They're almost guaranteed to get Washington and Stanford, I've never bought that Pittman is solid to MSU, and they say they have an "outside shot" at Diamond. 

Post seems pretty accurate to me.  


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In all due respect - I do.  I live in Cleveland and I can tell you that any uncertainty over the captain of the good ship buckeye has not meant the passengers still don't want to get on board. OSU still owns vast sections of Ohio and altnough Hoke is making excellent inroads, make no mistake most kids still dream of going to Columbus and only Columbus.  I didnt see one name on the list that I think would be a shocker if they committed to OSU. 

Things are definitely getting better but don't kid yourself that OSU has somehow lost home turf advantadge down here.  


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I think the shirt meme is overblown.  Ohioans are buying more Michigan shirts and less OSU shirts.  People in the media have misinterpreted this to mean that OSU fans are being converted to Michigan fans.

This is about the margins.  Marginal OSU fans are buying less gear.  Marginal Michigan fans (yes, there are some in Ohio) finally have a reason to get excited and buy some gear after three cruel years.  However, even a marginal OSU fan would not throw his imitation red sweatervest in the trash and go to the Easton Mall to buy a "This is Michigan Fergodsakes" t-shirt.  Virtually no one is being converted...except thankfully for a couple of key recruits, and maybe the occasional 12 year-old Denard fan.

That's how I read the data.

OSUMC Wolverine

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Look at it from a recruit perspective...in spite of all of the bad press, firing a coach, and being the most dishonest program out there with the possible exception of Miami, they still are willing to pay players and look the other way.  Its a ticket to endless benefits, NCAA involvement or not.  Show me the money


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there are the ones who have grown up loving the sport, and wanting to go to their state's (or region's) leading institution for football. It helps that OSU has been perennially successful. Those kids are predisposed to commit to OSU regardless of whether money is dangled in front of them or not. The only thing that would sway them away is bench depth at OSU, versus a premier program elsewhere (i.e., likelihood of playing time).

Then there are the talented, self-centered Pryor types, who have probably been on the take for a long time, and will go where the school at least looks the other way on those things, or where their sugar daddy pays them to.

I think (would hope) most of the players for OSU are in the former category, and if they have taken benefits, it was not a reason to go to OSU, so much as an angel-devil opportunity in time.


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....to  read the things that Buckeye fans think and believe. Oddly enough, this seems like a relatively sane assessment of their recruiting, however. I think they are probably right on a few of these anyway. 

His Dudeness

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USC still seems to be doing well enough in recruiting and they have, you know, actually recieved a punishment albeit 5 years later.

I think OSU will be fine given they will get a one year bowl ban in 2016...

/NCAA where playing by the rules happens


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It's actually a very good article that does take into account that the Buckeyes are not in the greatest position.   

Washington and Stanford are good bets for OSU.   Pittman has always seemed lukewarm on MSU and given that Michigan doesn't want him, OSU is the natural place where he might turn.  If you read any article about Kozan, it clearly states that OSU is his favorite school and that if they offer, they're likely to jump into the lead.  Sticking point there seems to be whether OSU feels they need another guard.  As for Diamond, they probably do have an outside chance there.   With Wisky taking Denman, who knows if they have a spot for Diamond?   Michigan might not have a place for him either.   Which likely leaves Arkansas, MSU, OSU and Illinois with as good a shot as any other schools.

This is not in the "Kalis is wavering" crazy camp.    Like it or not, OSU is going to get some very good players and my bet is that they end up with most of the players on this list.


October 19th, 2011 at 11:40 PM ^

Bring it! Ohio State will have a good class either way. I remember a MICHIGAN team beating Urban Meyer and his Great team of his Gator's with the god of all Quarter Back's on that team and MICHIGAN WON!!




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They only ones out of that group I'd be surprised about are Diamond and Kozan. Rivals doesn't even list an OSU offer for Kozan. The others don't seem like long shots at all. For some crazy reason I feel like Diamond ends up either Iowa, Wisky, or SEC.


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Did you ever Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo 64?  Do you remember times when you were performing poorly and would hit the restart button to avoid the humiliation of losing?  I just did that for you.  Consider this a fresh start.

For future reference, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.  And I'd avoid commenting on the rating of your posts - if people didn't like it, for whatever reason, criticizing their opinions tend to alienate them futher.

Mitch Cumstein

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what is this? some younger generation BS?  I remember restarting Super Mario Bros on my original Nintendo, having it not work and having to blow the shit out of the console to get the dust out.  Kids now-a-days.  Don't know how good they have it.


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How about HD gaming? I mean growing up I had a 19in CRT TV that I bought w/ my own money that I played PS1 and PS2 on for years and was hooked up using a RF adapter that reduced the quality so bad you could barely see Crash Bandicoot. 

Now I have a glorious HD 50incher that I sit 3 feet from when I play xbox....I mean WTF? My kids (when I have them) are going to be so spoiled....


October 20th, 2011 at 12:21 PM ^

Hahahaha. Damn. I was actually talking about original Nintendo (got one as a holiday gift when I was 12, I think) but thought it was called Nintendo 64. Was the 64 the second version? I had that one too but it was clearly not as good.


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I'm not saying Urban Meyer is a BAD coach but I really think he's extremely overrated. He did well at Utah, but his success at Florida wasn't all due to superior coaching. He was at the helm at Florida when Miami (The U) and Florida State were down. And by down, I mean they were still winning, just not as much and not on a national level. He basically had his pick of recruits (from FL) because the two other major programs in the state weren't competing nationally. Not to mention, he came into a pretty good situation with a fairly loaded roster because of the Zooker before him. And the spread system he used down there, I tend to think it has caught on.

So I know a lot of people tremble in fear when they hear Urban Meyer's name with the ohio job, but fuck that. I ain't scared of him and you shouldn't be either. I mean, Michigan beat him when we played! And actually, we should have beaten them pretty handily if not for two Mike Hart derps. And I really don't think he'll take the job. He'll think about it, meet with some people and follow the prelimiary steps of the "courting" process - but he left for two reasons, family and health. Ohio State is a demanding, high pressure job with an intense, rabid fan base. Time consuming too. Not good for health or family. Penn State?  I could see that happening, but that has Al Golden bolting Miami (for lying to him) and following in Paterno's footsteps all over it.

Wolverine 73

October 20th, 2011 at 9:12 AM ^

All last year, he seemed to have Michigan at the top of his list, but he never committed.  Has he cooled on Michigan?  Doesn't he like the fact we have recruited so many other OL?  Has Michigan cooled on him?  I have never gotten a clear sense of why he wasn't one of our early commits this year, and why people now think he is likely to go elsewhere.


October 20th, 2011 at 9:39 AM ^

in part because his coach doesn't want top-flight recruits to commit early (he wants them to stay uncommitted so they draw attention to other prospects at the school). 

Depending on who you ask, he's less high on Michigan because we have threeve OL in this class already, or because Michigan isn't recruiting him that hard anymore.