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The school down south has 14 seniors and 2 open scholarships so they should be looking sign around 16 players for 2012.  If they are hit with scholarship reductions I'm sure they will appeal so they are not enforced until the 2013 recruiting class.

2013 is where things get interesting.  Currently they have 14 juniors and with some attrition that number will climb higher.  However if they are hit with scholarship reductions (how can they not) they are looking at a single digit recruiting class for 2013.  I am so glad right now the Big Ten has a legitimate 85 scholarship limit.



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I rarely can follow the advanced accounting principles involved with allowable class size and scholarships available, but I like the general tone of your statement . . . 

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That will help attract a big time coach.  Take a job at a program heading to the crapper with an intolerant fan base and then not be able to recruit your own players.  Where do I apply?  Sounds like a dream job to me.

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I thought Urban Meyer had family in Columbus and his whole reason for leaving Florida was to spend time with family.  A lot of people do return home upon retirement if the family thing is true.  He also said he had no interest if his kid was telling the truth.  I dont think it is fair for any of us to assume that he or his kid are dishonest at this point.  Let Tressell wear that hat.


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Yes, they're next door neighbors, like Les Miles & Jim Harbough.
<br>What does that say about the future of UM football when numerous coaches, including 2 former players turn down that job? OSU will have elite coaches wanting that job even with sanctions?


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If you want to see a really funny little article, head over to Bucknuts. (I think it is on Bucknuts - someone correct me if I am wrong) One of their Buck homers made a little slideshow with ten "potential" coaches for OSU. I don't want to spoil all the fun, but Bill Parcells was one of them. So, yeah, you heard it hear first. Bill Parcells is going to coach a college team facing the worst sanctions of the new millenium . . . 

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The penalties probably won't be public until after signing day anyways. They'll probably try to appeal so that penalties won't happen until 2014.

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The infraction hearing took place on Feb 18, 2010. Penalties were announced on June 10, 2010. The appeal was just denied on the May 25, 2011.

The original Yahoo report came out in 2006!

This isn't going to be short--even once the infractions hearing takes place. That said, the penalties could come out before signing day, but I doubt they'll have a hearing during the season.



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was just popping their cherry with U$C. That board also gave them huuuuge penalties for widespread rumor and a glimmer of proof. They've already fasttracked the buckeye beatdown, they postponed recently just to absorb all the new accusations. They know the last one made them look bad, this one will be a bit faster and more painful.


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The only reason That Sewer In Ohio is being investigated at all is because someone dumped a giant stack of proof in their lap. Proof is driving the investigation, though. I find it really funny that the administration is pleading "not guilty" even though they were caught red-handed 5 or 6 times now.


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While the final NCAA verdict may not be rendered before signing day, I got to think that recruits will remember what happened at USC. Kiffin and friends insisted that they would be fine and their class seemed genuinely shocked when the bowl ban came down.

My guess is that OSU's recruits may be a bit more cautious.


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USC also stonewalled the NCAA through the entire process.  They thought they could get out of it without penalty. 

OSU is cooperating and wants this over with as soon as possible.  They bought themselves a 8 months by naming Fickle coach for the year.  To have any shot a a legit coach the uncertainty needs to be resolved.  An appeal will buy them this years recruiting class but who cares.

Question for the smart people:  With USC's 2 year bowl ban, Jrs and Srs were allowed to transfer without sitting out a year (I think).  Is that rule still in place?  If so I would assume OSU will be able to sign as many as they can....hopefully 15 or less.


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Fickell remaining the Head Coach of the Buckeyes to recruit this class? New AD, new President, huge bowl ban, mega scholarship reductions (small class for next year anyways,) half the defense facing suspension, all of the offense (Pryor/Tressel) leaving the program. They can promise kids playing time, maybe...no, well they can win the Ohio recruiting battle....wait, Hoke will win the Ohio recruiting battle?....well....um....there are always legacy commits!


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Who cares if it drags out for 2 years-recruiting against them with the element of unknown sanctions is just as big of advantage as them actually having reduced scholarship numbers.


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I agree.  OSU would be smart (but this is highly unlikely) to see what the NCAA did to USC's appeal.... SPLAT!!!  and just accept whatever they are given an move on.  An appeal would drag out the process and only allow other teams to dangle the sanctions in the faces of recruits for an even longer time.


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I don't think that site is very up to date. It still lists Bell on the roster for one thing. He was supposedly transferring to Pitt after being suspended for all of next year. Remember we have people on this board who still think we will get up to a class of 25 by signing day meaning 7 more leave on top of the 3 that have already left. OSU will have some attrition too. They will have more than 16 available spots on signing day, probably around 20 not counting any sanctions, which as the OP mentions, may not take effect until the next signing class anyways.


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With a bowl ban, a lot of upperclassmen will be allowed to transfer and be immediately eligible -- like USC this year.  This will increase their recruiting numbers, but destroy their talent, depth and leadership.  I'm hoping for a three year bowl ban so most of their most talented Sophs, Jrs and Srs walk after this year.