Buckle UP!!! Hold me Tom vh: CB Garrett Taylor

Submitted by UMichMSW07 on March 24th, 2014 at 9:38 AM
Decision coming at 12:30 this afternoon. Looks like we will have the 1st Hello post since last summer. Kid has great size for a corner (6'1"). Keep the Virginia pipeline rolling. GOBLUE!!!



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I cant see what you posted I am on my cpu at work, can you explain? The analyst said he needed to work on his hips and feet but if you say their good then I'll take your word for it lol I just want the kid to play corner lol


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Per Rivals, in addition to Michigan, his interest is "high" (so specific, right?) in Michigan State, South Carolina, Tennessee and Stanford, but he had offers from Clemson, Duke, Illinois, Iowa, Louisville , LSU, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Virginia and several other schools. When about one-third of Division I football is at least interested, you've done something well, I think. 

Brandon Brown

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I spoke with Garrett last night and while he wasn't willing to give me an outright confirmation that he'll be Blue, he did say that it was awesome that the fanbase was already buzzing about him potentially becoming a Wolverine.

He's a great kid off the field and has a loaded offer list and is yet another talented prospect from a state that produces a lot of them in Virginia.


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We might need a refresher course on what do when a "Hello" thread goes up.   I'm pretty sure the "I wish him all the best and hope he does great except when he plays Michigan" post doesnt apply here.


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I am very new to recruiting and paying attention to it for the last 4 years. Is it me or do the Virginia kids most always seem to fail to meet their potential? I hope my perception is incorrect. Thoughts MGoExperts?


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That would be hard to do for me, because most of the VA players went to schools I don't follow closely enough, so I wouldn't know if a four star OT who went to UNC is living up to his hype or not.  

The only Michigan kids are Speight and Green, and Green played as a true frosh.  His performance is hardly measurable yet, since no one ran the ball well for us last year and he was only a freshman.  The only other top VA recruit I can think of is Curtis Grant at OSU who has consistantly played, but certainly hasn't looked like the #1 LB in the nation.  He probably isn't a "bust" but he's certainly "failed to live up to hype."  

Looking through the Rivals list of VA recruits for years where guys have played a full career, 2009 had David Wilson, Tahj Boyd and Logan Thomas all in the top-10 (along with Kevin Newsome, funny enough).  Those three all did quite well.

EDIT:  The year before that had Ej Manuel and Mike Glennon in the top-3 as well.


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All of them? All of them over the last four years = exactly one: Derrick Green.


I just checked Scout, and they list Michigan's classes back to 2002. From that class all the way up to the 2013 class, Michigan has gotten a grand total of three kids from Virginia: Brandon Minor in 2006, Marell Evans in 2007, and Green in 2013.

Minor was hampered by injuries and by playing on some lousy squads, but ran effectively when he was healthy. Evans played during the transition from RR to Hoke, and Green just had his first season running behind perhaps the worst OL in the last 50 years of Michigan football.

Going further back, we got James Whitley, David Terrell, Russell Davis, and Bennie McRae out of Virginia.


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I just looked it up, and you're right.  He's from NC, but was a Fork Union kid, which is why I was thinking VA.  

So I guess it depends on how you want to rank those prep school kids.  Like is Christian Hackenberg a VA recruit?  On the recruit rankings, those guys are listed that way, even though he's techincally from PA.


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It really doesn't matter IMO.  The DC area is one of the few areas of the "south" that does not have a SEC power lurking in it.  It is a relatively high growth area in terms of population and density as D.C. and all the companies/people that want a piece of D.C. (and its money) go there.   Compare to say an Atlanta, Dallas, any part of FL, etc.  It is prime hunting ground that no one 'owns' (yes UVA and Va Tech but that's not LSU Bama UF FSU Texas Texas A&M) and as population continues to migrate to the south and coasts UM needs to be there.  Maryland coming to the B10 is going to help that as well.

That corridor between VA and NJ is going to be a prime area for the next few decades IMO.

Think about the long game.


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im sure they have their fare share of busts just like everywhere else.  but frank beamer has done pretty well in va (though moreso in tidewater/coastal cities).  theres typically first rounders from virginia.  im guessing this dude has talent if osu and lsu and the big boys pursued in addition to um offering him under new DB eval profile.  and sounds like hes a rock solid kid too.  hopefully he goes blue.  and shows rangy athleticism in secondary in few yrs


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If we miss out on him, my coping method will be to make a Frozen Appreciation Thread.  We missed it in the theaters but since picking it up on DVD about 24 hours ago, I've watched it three times.  I have to say, I totally know what the buzz is about.  Great flick.  That snowman is just adorable and I haven't gotten "Let It Go" out of my head since I first heard it (and I'm not even mad).


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That guy in that gif up there does have great hips. I had both mine replaced and I can't even try that, Although I can still throw a disc, screw, and go to Michigan games. Is there anything else? I say no.