Buckle Up

Submitted by GoBlueInAlabama on April 16th, 2018 at 5:05 PM
It looks like a commitment is on the horizon. @thee_Matty_D posted on twitter about 10 minutes ago


Get a Grip

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Most likely referring to Karsen Barnhart, offensive lineman out of Paw Paw who reportedly had a terrific visit over the weekend. He's set to announce on Friday, and a ton of crystal balls have come Michigan's way. He was previously favoring Sparty.


April 16th, 2018 at 6:01 PM ^

No, its a 7 star OT out of the Heleus Cluster.

He's 9'!0", 1768 pounds, breathes methane, and can survive in temperatures below the freezing point of nitrogen, but they believe a special helmet will be allowed.


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From Texas to Michigan recruiting 3-stars from Michigan. Sorry but these kids from Texas just completed winter conditioning and winter 7 on 7, and start Spring football next week while Michigan high school football is six months away. This is more lazy Harbaugh recruiting.

Meyer has it figured out - recruit the elite from the area then get the hell out.

I’m so tired of Harbaugh competing with MAC schools for recruits. Grab these kids at the last minute not at the start of the cycle. Pathetic for one of the highest paid coaches in college footballl.

Lazy as hell.


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I'm all for trusting the coaches, but this kid is in Nolan Ulizio rankings territory, and we all saw how that worked out. Whether people want to admit it or not star rankings matter. Either these coaches are the greatest talent evaluators in the country or they are seriously reaching on yet another player they shouldn't be.


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Which kind of makes it worse, no? It's alarming that two of the three highest rated tackles in the country are in-state and we aren't going to get either. Maybe Harbaugh is just going to take a bunch of guys like they did in 2016 and figure out who to keep and who to let go as it gets closer to NSD, otherwise it's hard to rationalize this.


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This won't appease the star gazers but he's ranked in the 1000s because he hasn't been evaluated by ESPN. 247 has him at #616. As another poster noted, he has a Wisconsin offer, as well as an A&M offer. If you watch his film he has really good feet for a 275lb kid, he moves well.