Buckeyes you kind of like?

Submitted by samber2009 on November 25th, 2010 at 9:00 AM

I was on a flight this morning wearing my Michigan alumni gear sitting right next to a Buckeye, and we had a very nice conversation the entire flight. It makes me think we all might know at least one tolerable buckeye.  I remember we did this with State week, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, do you have buckeyes close to you that you enjoy their company?  

I have close family friends that treat me like their second daughter. I avoid them one week a year. 


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One of my best friends is a Buckeye.  We commiserate about each other's teams during the season except for one week a year. 

My dad has a rare form of cancer.  One of two specialists in the U.S. who know a lot about it is at OSU (the other is at the Univ. of Texas).  He is my dad's doctor.  This makes it impossible for me hate OSU as an institution, however much its fans may annoy me at times. 


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There are some tolerable buckeyes. I have some family friends that are fans Ohio State, and they are very kind people. If you were to meet them you'd never think they were hardcore osu fans.


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I'll agree on Spielman and Nicklaus, and I will put Nicklaus' protege John Cook in there, too.  Unlike other sports, golfers call penalties on themselves and usually stay classy.  So, while Spielman is the only player in any other sport from OSU that I can even stomach, it's almost impossible to "hate" the golfers because they give one no "reason."

Incidentally, I have heard from numerous sources over the years that Nicklaus once put his second shot on 18 at the "U" course into the parking lot with a wedge.  This was with a metal shaft, a wooden head, and a ball that gets twenty to thirty yards less distance with a 115 mph swing than the current "designer equipment."  

From the differing sources, it either really happened, or is a great "urban legend."  Either way, the man could whack the crap out of a golf ball when he was young.  Somewhere on Youtube, you can probably see him drive 18 at St Andrews with old equipment, too. 


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She is a die-hard OSU fan and she rips on me everytime she see's me about how Michigan sucks and Ohio Stated has beat them 6 years and counting. But whenever she see's some cool Michigan item at a store, she buys it for me. Heck, she even made me a Michigan Wolverine rocking chair. God bless that buckeye.



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The buckeye fans that I actually know are cool, and while they give me crap, its all in good fun.  My uncle is a diehard buckeye fan, and he's been one of the nicest people I've known.  Its the ones who I don't know that I meet randomly that shout out some stupid comment that I can't stand.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Sparties I know. 


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My mom's brother went to OSU undergrad and is a great guy.  My mom always comments on how he and I are alike, to which I say "but there's one MAJOR difference..."

I'm just thankful the OSU game is after Thanksgiving.  While I expect (hope for) a Michigan win, I wouldn't be able to stand his ribbing after the past few Thanksgivings and I might react poorly...Given that he's helping me get into law school and such.  I am wearing my maize & blue today, though.

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Terrelle Pryor... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA What a douche-nozzle. F Ohio State and every single person who came out of that university. Why does this thread even exist on RIVALRY WEEK? And F Scam Newton too.


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I'm thankful for the fact that a fellow M fan had the decency to start this thread -- you'd probably rarely, if ever, see a similar one at RCMB or some "respectable" OSU fansite touting the virtues of James Earl Jones, Lucy Liu, and the dreamy Thomas Edward Brady, Jr.


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Christopher Moore. Author of weirdly absurdist novels Fool and A Dirty Job. Very funny, but I always have to temper my love for his prose with my hatred of his education. It's a fine balance.


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friends down here in Texas that are die hard OSU fans. I love all 3 of them except for on gameday once a year. One of them told me last week that he thinks after this year that the next two years D Rob will be shoving "it" up their asses! I for one, would like to see his prediction start a year earlier and last FOREVER!!!


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How can you not love the perfect Lord Vader to our own Luke Skywalker (Bo!)?  A great adversary and a man who helped make Michigan vs OSU "The Game"?

I can still see him tearing up the sideline markers in 1977 as his team moved up and down the field but lost 14-6 as we kept stuffing them inside the 20......


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A guest speaker at my church (Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI) was a Sparty graduate who claimed that he lived 8 doors down from Woody Hayes and would mow his lawn.  Because Mr. Hayes never payed him, he ended up burning his garage down.  Dude's name was Dan Allander I believe.


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I guess it's okay to like a Buckeye in this case.  See, I live in Ohio, but when anyone says "your dad has the right colors on, what happened to you?" I just reply, "I've always been smarter than my father."

Go Blue!