Buckeyes you kind of like?

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I was on a flight this morning wearing my Michigan alumni gear sitting right next to a Buckeye, and we had a very nice conversation the entire flight. It makes me think we all might know at least one tolerable buckeye.  I remember we did this with State week, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, do you have buckeyes close to you that you enjoy their company?  

I have close family friends that treat me like their second daughter. I avoid them one week a year. 


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..But I think there are a lot more tolerable buckeyes than sparties. Maybe other people have different experiences, however. My calc teacher in my junior year of high school was one of the nicest people I've ever met, and she was a Buckeye

Mi Sooner

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until i moved up here.  In ohio, the buckeye fans are well for a lack of a better word -- nuts.  I didn't know more than one or two sparty fans,w hile i lived in Ohio, adn they were nice people -- still are.

We get a full dose of sparty nuts up here, since this where they are; it is just the opposite in Ohio.

Waters Demos

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IMHE, the distinguishing factor between MSU fans and OSU fans, and what I dislike most about my spartan brethren, is the unhealthy and loathsome preoccupation with M failure.  I root for M every day but the day they play MSU, but I can't say the same for most state people, who, as has been pointed out countless times, actually prefer M failure to MSU success.  This has always been strange to me, and also legit grounds for the "little bro" moniker. 

Contrarily, I don't think OSU people pin their Saturday hopes on an M loss to the extent that most state people do, but instead concentrate on their own team for the most part.  Perhaps I'm wrong about this. 

The Original Seth

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Jim Tressel. Elite head coach, great person, maybe the only public anti-homophobic stance in college football. Total hero.

Chris Spielman. Great player, fantastic analyst, great advocate -- even in the immediate wake of his wife's passing, where you could understand if he needed a while before getting back to work -- for cancer awareness. Another hero.

Jesse Owens. The greatest athlete of the 20th century. Maybe the only person in such a situation whose individual achievements could in and of themselves come close to overshadowing their larger social significance.


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She is an awesome person who is kind at times when she could take the opportunity to rub it in (M losses to tOSU).  We have an ongoing wager that the loser of the The Game has to wear the other's colors to work on Monday after the game.  Unfortunately, scarlet and gray has been seen a lot recently in my office.  

Some might say "you wear the enemies colors"?  Yes, part of enjoying the rivalry (and showing a little maturity) is being willing to risk a little humiliation in return for a little triumph;  she looks great in Maize and Blue!


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My Oncologist.  She spent 9 years at OSU and then did her residency at OSU Hospital then did research at the James Institute specializing in Carcinoid Cancer.  She studied her whole life basically to become one of the very people in the world who was educated enough and trained enough to treat the very rare form of Cancer I had the misfortune to get.

She saved my life.  I like her a lot.


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Dr. Shaw ? Only female Neuroendocrine cancer specialist I can recall at James. I also had a rare form of carcinoid, adenocarcinoid(goblet-cell) and consulted with her in either "01 or "03(can't recall at which point I saw her). Very nice lady. I'm an Ohio State grad and saw her first, eventually I saw mostly Dr. Warner in Manhattan as I lived in Pittsburgh at the time and had some business interests in NY and could kill 2 birds . I read the site often, only posted once under kickme (forget e-mail attached to it) as I know my place here and only answered a question I could lend insight to.


Figured this was a good time for post 2 as there aren't a lot of us with a penchant for serotonin-spewing carcinoid tumors, always glad to hear from another. I hope all is well with you.



Since I'm a Buckeye, I'll do a Wolverine. Mike Trgovac grew up about 5 houses down from me. He was my first football hero, just a giant high school kid about 10 years my senior. Incredible on the field, state champion wrestler. Broke my 7 year old heart when he went to Michigan, but he was always nice to the little guys in the neighborhood, and a gentleman to my parents. His younger brother was my paperboy and became a lawyer I believe, his younger sister was a Buckeye and practices medicine in the Columbus area. Strong, nice family. I've known quite a few UM grads, but I figured I'd throw him out there as I've heard his name thrown around in regards to your defense as of late.


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My brother is a buckeye fan. Enjoyed the Cooper era as kids, but Thanksgiving hasn't been as enjoyable since. Might be crazy but I guarenteed a win this year. Go Blue!


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To me, this is what makes Michigan fans just a little different from OSU and MSU fans. Sure, we hate both, but we are not insane with our hatred. MSU fans will say "I hate scUM, I'd be happy if someone dropped a bomb on the big hole and all 110,000 died". OSU fans say similar stupid crap.


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.....and they are pretty good about everything. They understand the rivalry and do not act as though it has always been one-sided like others I have talked to. As for players, both ex- and current, I don't know of any that I particularly like.


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was a huge Buckeye fan. He passed away before I met my wife, but I would love to sit through the game with him on Saturday. She says we would have a great time giving each other shit for 3 hours.


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EXCEPT when they insist on going on local Columbus radio and talk like OSU slappy's.

Why do they even need to do that?  They are big players on the national stage.  Save the local radio rants for the wanna-be's.



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I don't like any Buckeyes. However, there are a few that I'd tolerate if I were in their presence. Spielman's a classy guy, same with Herby, Nicklaus too. Currently, Sanzenbacher, but only b/c he's from my area.

In actuality, I've become very tolerant of opposing team's fans. I lived in a house last year with 6 guys. I was the only UM fan. 2 Buckeye fans, 2 MSU fans, and a Notre Dame fan. It was pretty unbearable. Maybe I just need better friends.


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My parents, brothers, one sister-in-law, and in-laws on my wife's side. I'm the only one in my family who escaped Ohio and went to an actual institute of higher learning, rather than attending grades 13 through 16 in Columbus.  They're all decent people except for this week.

I do miss John Cooper, though...



st barth

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The only Buckeye fan that I know is a guy who was literally hit by an RV and has suffered a bit of brain damage.  Then again, the reason that he was hit by an RV was because he was out with friends on his 21st birthday, drank way too much, got in fight with friends and then decided to walk home (on I-75 which is where he was hit by an RV)...so maybe he wasn't too bright to begin with either.  True story.  The guy is very lucky to even be alive.

Other than that, I'm sure there are plenty of nice Buckeyes out there but I don't really know any of them.  Guess I just don't spend much time around Ohio.


November 25th, 2010 at 11:34 AM ^

Just kidding. Neighbor couple who are very nice people, except for one week out of the year. And even then, it's many degrees short of what you'd expect.

As for famous people whom I can only judge by TV persona -- Chris Speilman. Good NFL player, good color analyst. Actually wanted to go to Michigan but his dad wouldn't let him.

Tim Waymen

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My dad isn't so bad.  Actually, last year after we lost (again) he told his roommate from OSU that it's hard to enjoy winning when his son (me) is hurting so much.  Yeah I take it kind of seriously.

As for players, definitely Eddie George.  I wasn't a big CFB fan when I was a kid, but I remember him a little.  Amazing player but also classy, a pretty good guy, and smart (got MBA from Northwestern.)  I also like Spielman and Herbie on ESPN.  Griffin's a class act too.