Buckeye schadenfreude - old man; he mad. (Warning: language)

Submitted by readyourguard on September 18th, 2011 at 11:00 AM

I couldn't resist the temptation to read some Bucknuts last night to help me fall soundly asleep.  Enjoy this little gem from a very salty old man:

Effective right fucking now, fire the defensive shithead coach who allows O. Johnson to go on the field one more time. Obviously, our defensive backfield coach and defensive coordinator never watch any of the plays when they are at the games, otherwise, they would have to have an IQ of less then Mark May's to not see that the poor kid is a chickenshit and hates contact. Christ, I'm 67 years old and I gauranfuckingtee you I can out tackle No. 19. He is a complete embarrassment and the other defensive players should take him behind the barn and kick the livin' shit out of him. GODDAMN IT!! What is it going to take to get these coaches to start playing the players and sit the one that can't play? This is not a union where seniority rules. PLAY THE KIDS THAT LOVE THE GAME AND HAVE THE PASSION TO BUST SOMEONE"S ASS WHEN THEY RUN AT THEM!!



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One of the very civilized things about mgoblog in particular is that it is not cool to personally insult a 19 year-old student-athlete giving everything he has for the team.  Why don't you put your money where your mouth is?  I defy you to find any post here denigrating a player that badly.  The mods here have the class to delete such shit.  

I hope Mr and Mrs Dunn read Bucknuts on a regular basis.

OMG Shirtless

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It is not cool to personally insult a 19 year-old student-athlete giving everything he has for the team.

How many times did you, personally, say that Threet sucks and should play for Adrian because he isn't good enough for D1 football? This might be the biggest load of horseshit comment you've made to date. Of course you won't respond.


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Half the fan base decided they'd rather run Roriguez out of town by the end of year one, than support the team. Then there are all the denigrating Threet/Sheridan threads, is this walk on Kovacs the best we can do, Obi, our entire freshman defensive backfield, recruit x or y who dcommitted or committed and is a 3 star ...

No, we have been whiny bitches ...


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Your first point is well off the mark.  As late as December 2010, one-third of the fanbase residing in the state of Michigan (as surveyed by a professional polling firm) wanted him fired.  A year earlier it was about 20%.  A year before that the question wasn't even asked.


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I just created an account, but I have been visiting mgoblog for several years now. For all the bickering, infighting, and complainig that sometimes goes on here, I have never seen anyone post anything with the anger, bitterness and vitriol of that quote. Not only was it angry, it was pointed at several people, some of whom were kids. I can't imagine even the most anti-RichRod fan saying they wanted Threet taken behind a shed and beat.

Honestly, if it were any other fan base I would have thought this was someone pretending to be an Ohio fan, just to make them look bad. However, I don't put anything past Ohio fans.


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This guy needs to take some Cialis and fap his frustrations away, then come and express his considerably milder opinion of Ohio State's performance. Seriously, what a sad old man...


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Sadly, this is the stereotypical OSU fan. Car burning, cursing, asking for where the QB lives, classless fan. Yet another reason I'm glad I don't live in that state.

One Inch Woody…

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 I think it's quite funny reading all of the Big 10 message boards and seeing the fans of Northwestern and OSU (teams that lost), as well as Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa (teams that won) berating their defenses in an attempt to prove that their team does have the worst defense in the Big 10.

OSU - See OP

Michigan - "We let them score 3 points and get 250 yards of offense!"

Nebraska - "Defensive line had trouble getting pressure; secondary seemed lost; linebackers had trouble against the run" http://bigrednetwork.com/story/nebraska_offense_delivers_victory_over_w…

Northwestern - "Defense couldn't stop the run game; I thought the defense would improve; How many 3rd downs did Army convert?" link: http://www.sippinonpurple.com/2011/9/17/2431969/army-black-knights-21-n…

Iowa - "not excited to see how our D looks in the Big 10" http://www.blackheartgoldpants.com/2011/9/17/2432011/were-talkin-footba…

Just some quotes from this past Saturday...




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a continuing meme for 2011-2012 I believe.

Followed clsoely by:

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Really, the way all of these teams look, I beileve we will only have trouble with Nebraska.



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I enjoy OSU schadenfreude in the moment, but in the long run it makes me want to have Urban Meyer's daughters contact info so we can beg them to beg their dad to spend time with them.


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We've beaten Urban Meyer before. For Michigan to be the Michigan it can be, we need a good coach (and an honest one) in Columbus. Then Michigan needs to outrecruit, outcoach and outplay them. As Hoke's coach speak goes, "At Michigan, the expectations are high."


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Even when I was at my worst (in my mid-20s) I don't think I'd be writing something like that.  Take a nap you old sack of crap and be thankful you still have the ability to enjoy college football at 67* years of age.

*67 is not that old.  But bad things happen, yo.


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I am 62 years old and a fan of Michigan athletics since 1959. If I ever talk or speak of a college athlete like that or heaven forbid write something that stupid on a blog come over to my house and kick me in the nads for two or three hours. There is no reason for anyone to speak or write crap like this.