Buckeye-geddon: 1-year bowl ban, 9 schollies, extra probation, JT Show Cause

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One thread to rule them all;

One thread to find them (guilty of Major Violations);

One thread to bring them all (additional scholarship reductions);

And in Columbus bind them (during bowl season).


EDIT: Check, check, check, and check.  Ohio will not be eligible for post-season play next year, which includes the B1G Championship game. The NCAA added 4 scholarship cuts to Ohio's self-imposed 5, and added a year of probation. Tressel also hit with a Show-Cause.


EDIT II: There is some confusion about the lost scholarships. My understanding is that 9 scholarships over 3 years means that they have to AVERAGE a maximum of 82 scholarships per year over the next three years, as opposed to the typical maximum of 85 per year.



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“The show-cause penalty against Tressel signifies he is a serious offender and means that any NCAA school that hires him could be subject to sanctions for appointing him as football coach absent a showing it should escape penalties.”


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"The Dispatch also reported that Ohio State will lose four additional scholarships per year for the next three years. That's on top of the loss of five scholarships the school self-imposed."

Does that mean they lose a total of 17 over 3 years?


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Also, only 9 total schollies over 3 years? That's only 3 a year on average. Schollies make a slight difference, but the Bowl Ban is the only tangible punishment they can hand out now. Tressel was already gone.


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9 total, with more at the first year, I believe 3 self imposed, then 2, and 1. I'd guess itll go 4 the first year, 3 the second year, and 2 the third. Limiting scholarships lets the punished school trim off the bottom of its list, while the bowl ban inadvertantly trims recruits from the top of the list, and encourages early draft enrolling.


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I am actually a little surprised.  I thought it was going to be a slap on the wrist.  Congrats to the NCAA for finally not backing down and actually handing out something other than a wagging finger.


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I hope those arrogant, holier-than-thou mofos in C'bus are (paraphrasing Jackie Chiles), stupefied, mystified, and horrified. Apparently St. Urban and his master G. Gee can't control EVERYTHING. Let the tears of unfathomable sadness flow in buckeye-land, let the recruit-snatching begin, and let the Michigan reign of domination over tsio last 1,000 years. Huzzah!!


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This is still a total slap on the wrist.  I doubt recruits will be swayed one way or another because their favorite school can't play in a bowl game when they are true freshmen.  Having 82 scholarships instead of 85 is basically just a minor inconvenience.

As far as I know Meyer basically said "When the dust settles OSU will be fine" and that looks to be the case.


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It's the quantity that makes a difference. Oversigning makes a big impact because the schools that do it as a policy sign an extra 25+ kids every 4 years. They're oversigning an entire extra class per graduation cycle or more than double what Ohio will now lose, and not for just 3 years, but every year. Ohio is only going to lose 3 a year, so will Meyer will likely just not renew 3 5th year players that he didn't recruit and call it a day. The bowl ban wont even affect recruits unless they plan on being true freshman starters because it's only 1 year.


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It is three a year for three years.  They can sign 22 recruits in every class.  To give you some perspective, Michigan signed 22 or fewer recruits in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2011.  In 2005 we signed just 23.

OSU isn't competing directly against teams that oversign in the SEC (and who knows how long that practice will be permitted), so I don't see them being harmed in any significant manner.

If the worst of the punishment is "they might not be able to compete with an SEC team if they play for the national title", then it isn't much punishment at all.

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I may be wrong, but can't they still sign 25 if they only get to 82 total?  I don't think OSU has suffered much attrition, being short three scholarships is going to make each class smaller than it could be.  Might not matter, but think where they would have been without Troy Smith.