Bubble-Watching: Saturday edition

Submitted by Avant's Hands on February 27th, 2016 at 1:44 PM

Since there are no Michigan basketball or hockey games today and the board seems slow today I thought people might be watching some college hoops today. Ace already put out a primer on who we should be rooting for today. Current games:

Cinci - 61  ECU - 54      Cinci is a bubble team and we would like to see them lose

Butler - 60  G'town - 54     Same with Butler

Neither game looking great for us right now. At 2 we are looking at:

OU @ Texas

NC State @ Cuse

Rutgers @ NW        (no, seriously, this matters)

I don't know how to make those fancy graphics with TV networks and all so maybe someone can help me out there.