The Bubble Shrinks By 1

Submitted by M2GoBlue on March 10th, 2011 at 5:19 PM

Colorado basically just punched their ticket to the dance with a solid victory over surging Kansas State. This absolutely shrinks the bubble by one spot. Michigan must take care of business tomorrow and end all doubt about their tourney hopes.



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Damn....Is it possible for anyone who knows all the teams we need to win or lose make another post like we had at the end of the reg. season that was extremely helpful and made games I didn't care about fun to watch.


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Here. Posted this in a thread earlier but it got bumped to second page with all the Tressel discussion. It hasn't been a good day for us bubble-wise so far.

Kansas over Okie State-Helps us and doesn't let OSU bubble talk start again. Kansas won, barely.

Auburn over Georgia-Die Bulldogs Die. Georgia won.

ECU-UAB-This is a tough one. There are a lot of bubbly teams in the CUSA but none with really worthy resumes. I'd really prefer to see one of those teams take the autobid and UAB probably has the best resume of all of them. I'll go UAB to win the game and the CUSA tourney. ECU won.

Wake over BC-Not likely to happen. Cheer for it anyway. BC won

Cal over USC-This will help us and make you feel warm and fuzzy. Win-win. USC won.

KSU over Colorado-A Colorado win would be the worst thing imaginable. Colorado won.

Memphis-USM-Meteor to hit arena. Or for whoever looks worse to pull out a win and lose to UAB tomorrow.

Iowa over MSU-We've done our job against them. Now Sparty needs to go bye-bye.

New Mexico-CSU-Meteor game #2. Only concerning if the winner beats BYU tomorrow.

Cincinnati over ND-I don't like ND.

Arkansas over Tenn-The SEC version of Sparty will probably be in, 14 losses not withstanding. But can't hurt to see them lose this one.

Indiana over PSU-Too much bubble talk for a team that shouldn't be near it.

Marshall-UTEP-UTEP as long as either they or UAB win the conference tournament.

GTech over VTech-Would kill VTech's bubble hopes.

Washington over Washington State-Ditto VTech


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a Mississippi State situation where a team that has no chance to make the Tourney wins the whole thing.  The SEC is such a messed up conference a lot of the time that it freaks me out more than any other conference tourney.  Obviously we want Bama to lose, but I'm concerned that like, Ole Miss, or something could randomly win the whole thing, because it's the SEC, and that's what happens.  I want the locks to advance to minimize that chance.  


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Luinardi already had them in.  If he's right, they really didn't steal a spot.  Hopefully Michigan can win though and stay out of the play in game (I refuse to call it the first round).


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about six spots below us.  In the unfortunate event that we lose tomorrow, had Colorado lost today, we would have stayed above them.  Now if we lose, Colorado likely jumps us. 

If we win tomorrow, we're in.  If we lose, I'd say we're in "The Last Four In", watching nervously if any of "The First Four Out" or "The Next Four Out" play on.


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game would likely have them joining Missouri State in "The First Four Out".  Likely below us in Lunardi's bracket if we lose tomorrow, but still within the margin of the error of the actual decision.

Now they are done and I don't think either Memphis or UTEP will quite make to a position above us even if we lose tomorrow and one of them loses in the championshp game.  Still, it will be better if would be better if Memphis loses tomorrow to ECU an UTEP runs away with the league championship.


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As long as Michigan wins tomorrow, I think they're in. Can't deny them if they knock Illini out. Take care of business and win.

As for the above bubble watch, I hope VT wins even though it would hurt Michigan :(

Can't root against alma mater


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The MSU game is a win/win.

If Sparty wins, their RPI stays over 50, and it improves our resume without changing their statuts vis-a-vis us very much.

If Iowa wins... well, LOLSPARTYNOOOOOO


March 10th, 2011 at 6:42 PM ^

Two games tonight to keep an eye on



It's certainly a PLAY OUT game for the Hokies. And, it might be for the Vols.

Under 4 TO in Indy and the Spartans are up 4 points. This is a PLAY OUT game for them as well. Maybe Iowa hits a couple of shots and makes this real dicey down the stretch.

Webber's Pimp

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Relax dude. We're in no matter what. There's no way the committe can take MSU over us and most analysts agree MSU is in (Although opersonally I would keep them out of the tournament given how bad they've been in the second half of the season). 


March 11th, 2011 at 2:06 AM ^

If it comes down to the last spot and we're the only two teams in consideration, maybe. But they focus more on the overall resume - and MSU has the better wins, slightly less bad losses, and better strength of schedule.

I do think you'll make it even if Illinois beats you (though it will be a very nervous Sunday). But head-to-head counts for little when we're two teams among 15 fighting for those last 10 or so spots.


March 11th, 2011 at 2:02 AM ^

If there's one way to get the committee to look for excuses to leave you out, it's by having a 300+ non-conference SOS. Virginia Tech learned that to their sorrow last year, as did Penn State in 2009.

Honestly, if they don't beat Kansas I don't think they get in over Illinois, MSU, or Michigan regardless of Big Ten results tomorrow.