BTN Regional Coverage this Saturday

Submitted by Moleskyn on September 21st, 2011 at 9:51 AM

In my attempt to determine if I would be getting the Michigan game at home, I stumbled upon the BTN GameFinder. If you don't already know about it, It seems like a great resource. Just plug in your zip code and your TV service provider, and they'll show you what's available.

Thankfully, we only have Iowa to compete with this weekend, so I would imagine that most people who have BTN as part of their cable package will get the good game. I live in Cleveland and have TWC, and will have the Michigan game on the primary BTN channel (which is good, because I'm pretty sure I don't get the other channel).

At any rate, here's the link to the BTN GameFinder, hopefully you'll get the game in your area:



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And it's very comforting knowing that you sing The Victors while you have a deadly weapon in our hand.  That is passion and dedication. (no sarcasm).

I must admit I am humbled every time I read, speak to or hear about someone who shares a passion of mine that is serving our country and helping to keep myself and my family safe. 

I cannot put into words the gratitude I have for you and your brothers/sisters at arms.

Thank you.



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Think what you want about the war (and I'm sure most on this blog have strong feelings about it) but that's not really what the above post was about. He was trying to give a compliment to another (fanatical, by the sound of it) M fan who he came across on a sports blog. He wasn't expressing his thoughts about Iraq.


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these men and women give their lives for you.  That's right...for you.  They do not get to choose where to go, they do not get who to fight.  They are given orders and must carry them out without any thought or reservations.

So why would you complain about someone who is risking their life for you?  I just dont get it.  forget what you think about the War itself.  That is left to the politicians.  But the soldiers just do as they are ordered.

I thank God every day that my daughter (UASF) is stationed states-side.  However, I could get a call any minute that she is shipping out to a hostile location.  She will not hesitate, bitch or complain.  She signed up for this and she loves it.

Mods, will someone kick this ass squarely in the balls?

Sir Guy

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Michigan is on channel 694 for me.  Which means I won't get the game. 

Last time I wanted to watch a game on a channel other than the standard 57, they all played the same game.  B1G Network has FIVE channels in my area.  EVERY ONE of those channels was playing Illinois stomping over South Dakota State instead of Toledo giving Ohio everything it could handle.