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Submitted by karpodiem on August 24th, 2014 at 4:18 PM

Didn't see about a post about this yet, but the BTN has a new service titled 'BTN Plus' -

Basically it's an Netflix like service that offers overflow programming for either $9.99 a month (if you pick a single school) or $14.99 for the whole conference.

It _does not_ replace having a TV provider - " A BTN Plus Subscription does not include access to other televised (BTN/ESPN/CBS/etc.) content on BTN2Go."

basically, it's a bunch of non-revenue sports content you may or may not be into.

Browsing BTN2Go content, it does not seem like they offer a Netflix like service to re-watch an entire season of Michigan football or basketball , which is a total fail. The BTN was probably too stupid to demand that ABC/ESPN/CBS/Fox relinquish rebroadcast rights after the season concludes in the current contract they have with those networks.

I subscribed to it for the hell of it - while it doesn't replace a certain Michigan video site, I'm glad to see they are at least making an investment in technology and video distribution. It's a step in the right direction, although its far from perfect.



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The real impact of the BTN for me is basketball season.  

In football they still don't cover very many meaningful games if you are a Michigan fan, but in basketball, they are an absolute lifeline.

They cover a lot of high-quality meaningful games that you could not see any other way.  It's worth the fee just for that.

BTW, I live in Maryland outside DC and have Comcast.  Is BTN free for me now that Maryland is in the B1G?  I don't recall seeing any kind of notice.  It only costs me $5.00 per month for the Sports Package that gives me the BTN and I also get NFL and Soccer with it, so it's no big deal.  Still curious though.




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Price seems pretty steep for the average consumer. However, this seems like a great option for families of Big Ten athletes that are not necessarily in the type of revenue sports that are usually televised. 

Wolverine Devotee

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Sounds like it's a rebrand of the subscription option you get if you're an MGoBlueTV subscriber. 

I have a $100/year MGoBlueTV subscription, but could get a $120 BTDN subscription to watch all online games for all B1G schools.

No point in that. I care about Michigan only. They really need to step up their broadcasts for certain sports. At least I can watch the games, though. 

If you want just the football stuff, there's a football season pass that goes until late January. 

The Dutchess

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I'll be down in NC for a wedding next weekend, but want to catch the game.  I doubt the hotel will have BTN. What's the best way to watch?  Can I subscribe to this for a month and get the game? Or is there a place online I can watch if I get BTN at my house? 


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so you should be fine.  In general, though, if you already get ESPN or BTN from from your cable provider, you can watch legit online via WatchESPN or BTN2go.  You just click on a game and a pop up will come up for you to log in to your cable provider to verify access.  It's cool stuff; I have a computer in my TV room and usually watch mutliple games at a time.


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I have to say that I rather agree that it is disappointing that with this you wouldn't get some sort of option to get access to past seasons of content for football and hoops, especially when something like that might very well make it worth it. I can only speak for myself, but I would be more inclined if with it I could have access to a library of past content like that. It's definitely a great idea but there could be more than there is rolled into it, I think. 


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I wonder if the difference is that the subscription monies for BTN Plus just goes to BTN rather than MGoBlueTV going to the University and CBSSports.  Hmmm.   


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I agree with this completely.

I was on Google chromecast's website today looking at new apps refreshing every five minutes. There still is no BTN.



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What's cool about the BTN Plus games is that most, if not all, are produced by students through the BTN Student U program. Students run the cameras, operate the switcher, control the on screen graphics, and even do commentary. I can't imagine how awesome the experience is for someone who wants to go into that field. Plus, they get to help out with a football game, and a few basketball/hockey games.


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I have been watching internationally for the past 5 years.  I started with Slingbox connected to my brother's 2nd cable box (dedicated to me), but the box burned out.  I now use a combinaton of BTN2GO and ESPN Player.  I get BTN2go for the year and then when I come upon a game I can't watch I get ESPN Player for 1 month (potentially for the year if I think I need to get 2-3 months in a row)..  The last 3-4 years I have seen nearly every football/Basketball game (including pre-season).  Note, I often watch the games on Sunday (as some of the games are only available at noon from BTN when it's not a BTN game.

I am open to ideas for the ND game as it doesn't look like BTN will show it (they don't show away non big ten games) and not sure I will get it on ESPN Player...