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If you're bored, off work, unemployed or any other option that will allow you to veg out and watch the tv all is Michigan day on the BTN. So get a little offseason fix to cure your blues. 2009 Notre Dame game is on now 2008 capital one bowl 5est 2011 ohio game 8 est. Thank my phone for the horrible formatting and god bless



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Slightly off-topic from the original thread, but perhaps someone here knows. Currently you can watch BTN online, but only with a paid subscription through a cable or dish provider. There's also additional program-by-program content you can pay to watch online.

Me, I'd like to ditch cable. The only thing I watch using cable is football and basketball - I have a digital antenna that gets me the networks and public TV over the air, and I stream any movies and shows. I'd be happy to pay for BTN access to stream that, but without the upty dollars a month I pay for cable, and the Hallmark channel.

Anyone heard rumblings that cable-free online subscription might become a possibility? The BTN itself seems pretty consistently negative, but then they would be, up until it happened.

Hardware Sushi

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Awesome! I just set about 8 hours to record on my DVR.

I case anyone is interested, they're doing a Big Ten Icons marathon (the initial "top-20 athletes" edition) tomorrow with the following Michigan athletes featured:

  • 10 AM: Chuck Woodson
  • 4:30 PM: Tom Harmon

The top-10 are all pretty good. I'm watching the Bo one right now.


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Yeah, I saw that.

I realize this game was played in the state of Florida but looking at those crowd shots, it's just Gator fans everywhere you look.  There's just a tiny little section of Michigan fans with the band in one end zone.  They might as well have played this game in the Swamp. 

How many tickets were we sold for that game?  It looks like the smallest turnout for a bowl game we have ever had. 


June 8th, 2012 at 8:18 AM ^

The game was probably 95% Florida fans if not more. I'm not sure how many tickets we sold, but given our success against mobile qbs throughout the entire 2007 season, plenty of Michigan fans had little to no interest of watching Tebow spread it out against our D. Of course we all know what happened now.