BTN crew previews Michigan (video)

Submitted by Thorin on September 1st, 2010 at 12:48 AM

Happy September everyone. Here's your daily dose of doom and gloom.



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lol I love that his insider info was something that any one that follows college football should know.  These guys are clowns if they think the defense isn't going to get better from last year then they are assinine.  I've come to let this type of garbage not really effect me because 99 percent of college football analysts are garbage and ill informed.  3 days fellas.  GO BLUE


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Telling people what you think isn't news-it's commentary. BTN will be shooting the UCONN wrap show at my place next week and I'll be featured with my thoughts, guesses, conjecture and other shots in the dark for the outcome of the rest of the season. Be sure to tune in and get the "inside" scoop.


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I watched the whole show. I was surprised that right before this they analyzed Wisco and said their defense had a lot of Qs, but that the offense was good enough to win games and get the defense some experience. They were really high on the concept of a great offense carrying a defense. I just wonder why that didn't factor into the Michigan analysis.


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They were giving the stock analysis re the defense.  We have to prove it on the field.  Second year with GERG, talented players - it should gel as the season progresses.


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and I'll say it again. Moving Death Roh to LB will match him up against TEs and tiny RBs that won't have a chance to block him. I think we will see a great year out of him, and teams later in the season will have to gameplan specifically for him. Look for Roh to have a great first game with 2 sacks, 5 TFLs and one forced fumle.  He will be our new BG.


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Boy they really did a thorough job in that preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /S

Our defensive players like Martin, Roh, and Mouton will have great seasons. 


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I sat through the first 40 minutes or so of that preview show waiting for the Michigan piece and they basically spent less than 4 minutes on us and said absolutely nothing worthwhile.    I would have been satisfied if they had just profiled one of our young players, or maybe discussed the secondary problems in an intelligent manner, but no.  Instead, it was just a bunch of "if the defense gives up more points than the offense can score, Michigan will struggle."  It was the televised equivalent of shit on a plate.

On the other hand, at least Wayne Larrivee wasn't involved.  (Or maybe he was--I turned it off after the UM segment).


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These guys:

Michigan lost Warren and Graham and Woolfolk, the rest of the defense was in cryogenic freeze - unaffected by coaching, training, experience or practice; therefor, simple math (subtract Graham and Warren and add zero) tells us that the defense will be worse.  Yep, we reviewed the statistics from last year and that predicts the future.  Oh, and the offense  . . . we forgot to talk about the offense.

Or thoughtful analysts:

The defensive scheme has been simplified so they will react quicker, the players have more experience as a unit and the young players are talented and speedy.  If there is some drop off, it isn't over a cliff.  Meanwhile, the offensive line is studly, the quarterbacks are improved, the receivers are more experienced and faster and the running backs are numerous with average to better than average talent.  The offense will score more points and turn the ball over less.


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I'd rather everyone doubt us than not. I'm hopeful, it looks like the team is hopeful, and Rich Rod himself has sounded more hopeful than he has previously. My expectations are higher than they should be, but I still believe in this team.