Bruce Hooley laid it out on OSU on ESPN OTL

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I don't know how many people caught Hooley and Pat Forde on OTL today talking about what has happened at OSU and what punishment they should/will recieve. Hooley blasted OSU and their fanbase for not seeing what the big deal is about everything that has been going on in cowtown. Also he did mention that OSU is still being investaged by the NCAA for "other" infractions.



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Hooley added a great point on how this would affect all of college football.

Hooley said he believed the NCAA wants to send a message that coaches shouldn't decide to cheat because they weighed the risk and reward of cheating and the reward comes out on top. Therefore they need to send a message with a meaningful punishment.


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Well I'm just glad that the NCAA reportedly aren't done with their complete investigation into the entire program.  This news has restored a small amount of hope in the NCAA.


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OSU fans look at Hooley the way we look at Rosenberg, although in fairness Hooley has never taken to crusading against OSU and trying to get people fired. He simply seems disgusted with the hypocrisy of the fanbase.

But Forde is a hit-piece artist. I couldn't care less what he has to say.




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Hooley got fired from his radio show for reporting on the situation, but they pissed off someone who still has an outlet.  Rosenpuke abused his position, lied to 17-18 year-olds to get his story, and used a shitty MSM outlet to further his personal agenda.  

THE Ohio State University created Hooley's fervor by having his radio station fire him.  Rosenpuke created his own fervor, probably with his right hand.


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It seems the NCAA is too capricious in how penalties are handed out. Just be fair.

I also am irked that Ohio doesn't seem to take their infractions very seriously. If I read another post about how "everybody does it" or how "unfair" things were for Pryor, or how people like Pryor and Mo Clarett and others DESERVE to be treated differently (i.e., favored,) or how players should be paid, I think I'm going to scream.


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This was a great segment, Hooley and Forde were absolutely ripping into tsio, making some great points about how Tressel and the coaching staff knowingly went out and recruited, holding off on what amounted to a BS review of the allegations until the day after national signing day.

I was surprised that Forde didn't believe there would be any scholarship reductions because none of tsio's violations were related to recruiting.


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Exactly. I guess Forde kind of hedged his statement, saying something to the effect of "Based on my understanding of NCAA regulations, there won't be an scholarship losses, but my understanding of those NCAA regulations can be shaky."

I hope he is wrong on that, scholarship losses and a bowl ban should be the minimum.


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Anyone have a summary/link to what Forde and Hooley actually said?  The Farrey piece was just recycling old ESPN clips about OSU.  I'm more curious about the details around the NCAA still investigating OSU, and watching them get hammered (and not the good kind of hammered, like what I'll be doing later tonight).

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The NCAA needs to get Andy Geiger in for an extensive interview if they haven't already.  Listening "between the lines" it sounds like Geiger ran a relatively tight ship, asked questions, and was not welcome any more at TSIO.  Of course, he was then replaced by the stooge Gene Smith.   But from what Geiger has had to say, lack of institutional control and failure to monitor was exactly what was going on.  They can't lay this all on Tressel. 

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OSU takes everything lightly and doesn't act untill they are forced too. The school and fanbase still love Tress and act like he did nothing wrong. The rest of the country(including other coaches) now see what a "cheat" Tress really is/was. They should get hammered and they are still being investigated for the loaner cars and other things. Hopes this help some.

Mr. Blue

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Nowhere in this thread is there any link to Hooley and/or Forde saying anything about tSIO as the OP claims. The OTL video is not new and is done by Tom Farey. It wasn't posted today nor does it present any new info...


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I'm sure they will put the video on their site eventually.  I am encouraged that the NCAA is still investigating THE Ohio State University.  We may yet get our wish for sanctions that fit the scandal.  


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Lost 4 players for 5 games as per NCAA rules. Check.

Lost starting star QB for senior season due to selling personal items for tattoo money. Check.

Lost great coach due to stupid cover-up of said tattoo money. Check.

Seems like a pretty hard hammer to me.



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I'd say it'd be a sufficient punishment IF:

- Tressel never lied about it

- Tressel didn't have a history of NCAA violations (secondary)

- There weren't similar occurrences by other players under Tressel throughout his career (Ray Isaacs, Troy Smith)

- It wasn't obvious that OSU overlooked alot going on with the football program


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Not tough enough. People seem to think it's okay to let them off the hook just because Pryor and Tressel are gone. 

They need a penalty equivalent to that of USC. Period. There's no other explanation. Postseason ban. Just because you pretend last season doesn't happen doesn't mean you can excuse cheating like this. 

If the NCAA turns a blind eye, they're a total sham of a body. 


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If that's a hard hammer, then what do you call what USC got?

Tressel being let go was an inevitability, but it should not be a substitute for real NCAA punishment like scholarship reductions or postseason bans. OSU fricking played an entire season with ineligible players on the field! I don't care who's responsible, the football program deserves harsh punishment for that alone...even IF it's only Tressel's fault...well, he was the one employed in a position of power, his actions represent his university, and if he did something wrong not only is he punished but the university he represented should be punished. I mean, if only for the fact that there was clearly inadequate oversight on the coach and his program (backed up by the dumb "i hope he doesn't fire me!" line that Gee sputtered).


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The OSU fanbase keeps playing victim to ESPN "bad journalism". Sick and tired of it. I know ESPN is a despicable journalistic institution, but OSU really should receive more scrutiny and punishment for their actions. 



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If you go over to 11W they act like its all over.  I even saw a commment today predicting that they would win the NC.  It reminds me of this scene from Back to School:

Dr Barbay, not withstanding Mr. Melon's input. The next question for us is where to build our factory? 
Thornton Melon: how 'bout fantasyland? 


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My biggest issue with the whole case is the plain flat out lying to the NCAA to let the Tat 5 play in the bowl game and it worked (b/c the NCAA saw the $$ going down the tube if they didnt) but my god that is straight up smacking the NCAA in the face and at this point they have still are like like oh no big. 


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The head coach lied repeatedly and knowingly played ineligible players to the tune of a Big10 title and BCS game.  If that doesn't warrant something more than vacated wins and a resignation, er retirement, then the NCAA has been hoodwinked by their long-time friend Gene Smith.

It's also funny to read OSU fans take on the Stonum situation.  They honestly feel Hoke took the easy way out on Stonum and in fact did him and the program a favor.  They are criticizing Hoke for his lack of real discipline yet feel Tressel WAY overpaid for his little white lie.     

Irony can be pretty ironic.



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The decision the NCAA makes regarding this sends a message to the entire college football system. If they come down hard it sets the tone for the future. If they let Ohio State deal with it itself, then what does that say about the NCAA's willingness to deal with cheating?