Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel: Frames Janklin to USC is possible if Helton fired

Submitted by Bambi on November 20th, 2018 at 10:19 AM

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I don't want this to actually happen, because I love playing against Frames. But if it did happen, the absolute meltdown by PSU fans would be worth it.


Surveillance Doe

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There aren't a whole lot of home-run options out there this year. As much as I like the idea of a Franklin-saddled PSU going forward, I think a dose of instability in Happy Valley is probably even better, especially in terms of disrupting their recruiting momentum. 

Also, this would ensure that USC continues to be a head-shaking shit show, which is also nice.


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If you protect and employ a known child molester for 30+ years, you're a party to abuse, my guy.

That's like saying you didn't help The Green River Killer kill anybody, you just knew he was doing it and didn't tell anybody and gave him the means to continue doing it by employing him and not alerting authorities. 



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He's got Baylor one win away from bowl eligibility after one of the biggest rebuilding processes ever. And turned Temple into a ranked team that hosted Notre Dame in a prime time game and competed with them. Rhule would be a HOME RUN, and I would assume that the language in his contract has a big buyout on Baylor's end, but probably less so on Rhule's. He'd be a home run and a half. Neal Brown would be a great hire as well, I could see Charlie Strong being a name that gets brought up, Ryan Day would be an interesting name that could get some traction, and I think you'll get the obvious coaches throwing their names out to leverage more money/support, like Gundy, Holgorson, Dave Doeren, Matt Campbell if Ohio State doesn't open up, and maybe if they really want to get frisky, they go Larry Johnson.


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Holgorson seems like a target they'd want to pursue.  Culturally WV and Central PA are pretty similar, but recruiting would be much easier at PSU, it's an upgrade for Holgorson and he could get paid a lot more, he's a top notch offensive coach, proven success as a P5 HC.

Can't see Gundy leaving his alma mater and that T. Boone money but I think he has been frustrated by certain things lately.

Newton Gimmick

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They should take a look at Lance Leipold.  I know Buffalo just got blown out by Solich, and it would be a big jump to a blueblood, but having that school 9-2 is rather astonishing.  He also had a ridiculously good record in D3:

I thought maybe he inherited a power at Wisconsin-Whitewater, but I checked: though they were seemingly a decent program before him, they had never won a D3 National Championship before he won six times in eight years.


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He inheritated a growing giant at Wisconsin-Whitewater. I played D3 in the Minnesota conference from 2003-2006, they were a top 5 program during 2004-2006, for sure 2005 & 2006. 

They were national runners up in 2005 & 2006.  And from what I remember of those two years, it was basically Mount Union, Wisconsin-Whitewater and everyone else (similar to Bama & Clemson).  Whoever won our conference--St Johns, Bethel, St Thomas, Concordia Moorehead --was always ranked top 10 heading into the playoffs. St Johns & Bethel were completely blown out of the water (pun intended) by Whitewater in the playoffs my junior and senior year. 

The Wisconsin D3 league also has a tremendous advantage in D3 because all the schools in thier conference are public, which is a big advantage for recruiting when traditional scholarships arent awardeded and tuition comes in to play. 


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They were a terrific program before he took over. They made the title game the previous two years, but were never able to get over the Mount Union hump. That being said, I think taking a program from Great to Legendary is more impressive that decent to Great. He's a fantastic coach. He coached against Matt Campbell when he was at Mount Union (Both were assistants)


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As long as they don't get Morehead to come back, I would still be happy with Frames leaving. It would cause some chaos with their recruiting class this year. Also, with McSorely leaving this year, they are going to regress no matter what. If that can be associated with a new coach instead of being inevitable due to graduation, it could set them back a few years.


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Moorhead would come back, MSU is a stepping stone job. A year is pretty quick but he’s from Pittsburgh and been a Midwest/East Coast guy his whole life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was named after Paterno. If USC makes a nice offer to Franklin I could totally see this happening.  Get away from the yearly gauntlet of B1G East, sunshine and easy recruiting. I don’t think Penn State would try to hard to keep him either.