Browns to interview Tressel

Submitted by Cold War on January 3rd, 2014 at 6:38 PM

Breaking. Per SB Nation / Joe Dunn, Fox Sports 1350, Akron, OH.



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Maybe he learned and moved on? We like to talk about practicegate being blown out of proportion...was OSU's situation maybe a little less evil than we all like to believe?


He was a great coach with a perfect sense for the B1G. Tressel isn't going to coach UM, and yeah he's got a black mark on his record, but I'd like to believe he could redeem himself.


That's just my opinion, however. Sorry it angered so many of you.


January 4th, 2014 at 8:53 AM ^

I for one, don't really view what JT did as cheating (atleast at OSU), it was more of him being too loyal to his players, not knowing when to put his foot down. Maybe he learned from it, maybe he didn't. But if/when he does coach again, I wouldn't bet against him. I wish the Fords would give him a call.


The Geek

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I was on campus during the glorious John Cooper era. Cooper was a good coach, and did things the right way. The problem was, he couldn't beat Michigan.

Hire Tressel, throw the NCAA rules out the window, and WHAMMY! 

Ohio hasn't looked back.


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This. Is Completely and Factual and Accurate.  People should open their eyes. That program, under Tressel, as well as they performed on the field, was an absolute train wreck.   I hope that we haven't come to the point of selling our souls to the Devil, becuase that is the suggestion made above.  Geesshhhh!

Mmmm Hmmm

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You mean the Browns don't have a few wealthy boosters that can slip a few extra dollars to star players under the table? Very unlikely in the pros as it would be a drop in the bucket, but Dick Vermiel got in trouble for promising his kicker a case of wine if he kicked well.

Regardless, it will be the first that Tressel has heard of it, but he will look into it right away (and wish you a happy Easter !!)


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@AdamSchefter: Browns official on team's reported interview of former Ohio State HC Jim Tressel: "Totally false. A lot of BS coming out about us."

NOLA Wolverine

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Cleveland needs to get their house in order. Losing year after year is one thing, there's a whole lot of NFL franchises that do that, but this monkey rodeo going on in their front office conference room needs to conclude pretty soon here. Do they not have press relations people?  


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Only distantly related to this story but amusing all the same, the Plain-Dealer ran a story (with video) about three 10-year olds thata made their own pitch to the Browns to hire Jim Tressel. The video focuses on the record and tries to dispell the idea of "Tresselball" when it comes to playcalling, but it is interesting that even young fans are taking to the Net to express their wishes for the direction of the Browns in this way. 

Mr. Yost

January 3rd, 2014 at 8:17 PM ^

If we're being serious and ignoring the cheating...he's a college coach. Period. Just watch that 30 for 30 - Youngstown Boys.

IMO, Pitt should've hired him (if his ban was over, not sure that it was). If Dantonio ever left MSU and Narduzzi was gone, it wouldn't shock me if Tress went to MSU.