Brionte Dunn (OSU Commit) Planning A Michigan Visit

Submitted by ChrisPerryCarry on March 23rd, 2011 at 10:41 PM

One of the top running backs in the country and a top player in Ohio will be visiting Michigan in the near future. This is a huge deal and one that we should be excited about. Although we may not get him in the end it shows the work this staff has done in Ohio and that they're changing the perception with the brain washed kids from Ohio.



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Huge-although its a huge longshot it wouldn't shock me with a good season if Michigan could steal a quality back from OSU since they already have Dunn and Ball in this class.


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Not all of the young citizens of Ohio are brainwashed lunatics.  Some of us were Mr. Whatevers of our state and wound up making the right choice and coming to Michigan.  You can never truly tell what will happen with a young Ohio boy or girl out in the real world.


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You must have read the writing on the wall a lot "sooner" than I did.  I only got truly fed up with the anti-intellectual streak in Ohio life in high school.  I guess it was hard to take FOOTBAW too seriously when my high school team won a grand total of four games in the four years I was a student there.  I didn't really get into M sports until after my sophomore year there.


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their stacked class and the Tressel stuff are causing doubts in some people's minds.  I mean, who would be surprised if tOSU gets some significant sanctions down the road...which would directly affect players in this year's class. 


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Most people would see the writting on the wall that something big is coming down the pipe from the NCAA. However, there are a lot of people in Ohio that still believe Tressel/OSU is above the law and that the punishment fits the crime. There is no hope for them.


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From my everyday experience I can certainly tell you Tressel & OSU are considered by many to be above the law here in Buckeye Mecca.  There's no way "practicegate" would have happened here.  If a reporter overheard kids talking about too much practice those kids would have been reported to Tressel and the reporter would be looking for a doggie treat and pat on the head.  A local sports talk show host, Bruce Hooley, was fired recently for criticizing Tressel (though the media put a nice little OSU spin on it).  It's almost blasphemy here to say unkind things about OSU.    Of course I am a sore spot with the local fandom here as I'm referred to as that "crazy Michigan guy".  But I'm loving every minute of it.  Go Blue - get bluer! 

Hardware Sushi

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I seriously feel like OSU thinks it's going to get away with this one, as if the NCAA can't do anything...reminds me of a Chappelle Show skit...

"Hey NCAA, you know what? Sanction me. Sanction me with your army. Oh, wait, you don't have an army, I guess you need to shut the f*ck up. Shut. The. F*ck. Up."


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how big of an affect the potential sanctions, coupled with the lack of room in this class for OSU, will have on the recruits and if Michigan can capitilize. He might be committed to OSU, but you can only be so "committed" when you are taking visits to another campus.

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He's a big time player and a powerful back. He pretty much is their (Glenn Oak) offense. It's pretty mediocre team around him which shows how much of an animal he's gonna be when put into a better strength program. 

Here's his video from last season:

The hit he puts on the defender coming out of a spin at the :22 mark is outstanding. Also, I apologize for not knowing how to properly embed a video.


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With such a good class in Ohio this year this Tressel stuff could really work in our favor. It looks like it has already started to. Typically, you don't visit the rival of the school your committed to if you are strongly committed and you especially don't if it's the biggest rivalry in college football.


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he's always had a wandering eye up north to Michigan.  When he received his Michigan offer he stated he would like to visit Michigan.  Ohio State already has two backs committed, both of the similar mold, and the coaching staff has switched over to a pro-style downhill running game.  I would be surprised if we somehow got him, but it would make sense in his case


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Yeah, Dunn showed interest in visiting before the Tressel shit went down. I think if OSU is sanctioned it would help Michigan recruit guys outside of Ohio that would have originally been OSU targets more so than guys in Ohio. OSU will still get most of their instate guys more than likely, because they were raised to love OSU no matter what. I think Dunn's just someone who's always had an interest in Michigan. The Tressel stuff could help sway him, but I think most Ohioans would still choose OSU (this changes if we start winning, of course).


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this was so humorous to me, maybe because the whole we'll slap tressel with two games to show we are ahead of the game, oh wait i should probably share in the same punishment as my players thing is so silly.  i say silly because i am in a silly mood with my fourth graders who are enjoying seeing thier PE teacher in a silly mood.  i suppose being silly makes the prospect of 'ohio' committs or potential committs consider M Football seem more awesome! 

Go Blue!!!

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Tressel is on the phone trying to find someone to partner with in his effort to keep Dunn committed to the Buckeyes. In the past JT has like to partner with local car dealerships. JT building coalitions 1 vehicle at a time


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I dont remember an actual OSU commit taking an unofficial to us.  There has been OSU liens but usually their kids are like Texas, you dont take a visit to anywhere but us.


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Ohio and the midwest are supposed to be exceeding well-stocked this year.  Probation or at least an atmosphere of uncertainty for TSIO would really help Michigan's recruiting efforts.  If this works out right and TSIO doesn't hire Urban Meyer, we could be looking at a four or five-year "hole" for TSIO.  


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I'm not gonna get too worked up over the prospects of this actually happening just yet, but just imagine Dunn and Stephen Hokins lined up next to each other in the backfield....