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Michigan will play in the West on Friday as an 8 seed against Tennessee in Charlotte, NC (wtf NC is West?)  - after their win they will likely face Duke



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UNC had success with a quick tempo and capitalizing on transitions. I can see D-Mo getting a quick outlet pass, pushing the pace, going the length of the court and either finishing at the basket, dishing to THJ or kicking it out for a three.


We gotta beat 14-loss Tennessee first, but I think we're in a good spot.

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Gotta stick with the same motto the team's had the last month or so: every game is the most important of the year.  Obviously that's especially true in the NCAA tourney, but with Duke looming in the next round people could overlook Tennesee.  They played Kentucky tough in the regular season and beat Memphis and Vandy (twice).


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They were in control for most of that game despite playing a pretty poor game.  If we would've won that game, it would have been more appropriate to say it was a game we had no business winning.

That said, I think the difference between Kansas and Duke is that Kansas has more size.  I think we match up much better with Duke.


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They've been doing this for years now. In the first 2 rounds (now rounds 2 and 3), they play at the site closest to the top seed in that pod until there are two pods in that is then closed. For Duke the closest site is Charlotte. They do it for attendance.

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wow, and in the west, texas vs oakland is pretty intriguing. texas probably deserved a higher seed, and that's a tough opening game for them


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 UAB, Clemson, Georgia, PSU all in so far... no mention of sparty yet.  Maybe the committee decided to put Izzo out of his misery ala Old Yeller.

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I totally agree that Illinois has the tougher path than State.  Like us, if they win the first round game they play Kansas and I think they have no shot at winning that game.  State on the other hand plays an up and down UCLA team with a potential second round matchup against Florida.  I think Florida is a stretch at a #2 seed, especially after being destroyed by Kentucky. If Kalin catches fire MSU can make a run.