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Gotta keep the tradition alive...

Michigan will play in the West on Sunday as an 8 seed against Duke in Charlotte, NC (wtf NC is west) - after the win they will face Arizona or Texas



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The region name is not where it starts, but wher the Regional Final is held.

The regional final for this region is in Anaheim, CA.

They try to make the games close to the top seeds' hometowns, hence the games in Charlotte for Duke and UNC.


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I haven't seen them much this year, so  I tried watching the Duke game after ours, but it was tough.  They're a pretty impressive team.  It's scary to think how their season would've gone with their starting PG, instead of his back-up.  That Hampton team gave it their all.  They were just overmatched. 

As impressive as Duke looked though, I think Michigan will match up pretty well with them.  Duke's tall, which has obviously given Michigan fits sometimes this year, but I think Michigan's going to do well. 



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Yeah for sure! I mean, OSU is gonna pummel us by at least 30. We have absolutely NO shot at Kansas, I mean they are too big and too talented... Syracuse is to lengthy and their zone is unbreakable, probably gonna lose by 15+. MSU is loaded with senior experience and they have a hell of a coach who does not lose in March, we dont stand a chance. Tennessee is too athletic for us, they'll run us out of the gym.... Notice a trend? 


Now please start showing this team the respect it deserves or GET THE F*CK OF MY BLOG (credit and copyright to one Darius Morris)


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ditto that, well said, those are my words too

I hate that, 'gosh, I just don't see how we can win' attitude. It's one thing to be realistic, and another to be fatalistic. How about this...Duke is as vulnerable as OSU, Syracuse, Kansas, Villanova, UNC, MSU, etc. Michigan can play with anyone. We all hope they can finish. Go Blue. How about some positive Wolverine energy about why we we can and will win? GTFoff thisblog

no joke its hoke

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I didnt say  we will get blown out I said I dont think we will win! Damn there's too many people on here that  think they are the only  "true" fan and if you dont see things the same way your "less" of a fan. Be honest withyou  I can see why many fan bases hate our fans,I hate most of the Michigan fans on here too. I came here to talk about Michigan sports,not for grammer school or to be impressed with the "cool" kids that have so many mgoblog points. Most the fans on here are  a bunch of little bitches.


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First of all, I OBVIOUSLY know that we lost some of those games... the point I was trying to make (and I thought was pretty clear) is that we can compete with anyone in the country. I respect the fact that you are certain we are going to lose but it does not mean that I need to agree with it.  

To be honest, I REALLY REALLY dislike people who bring negative vibes and are always expecting the next loss, the next failure... I mean if thats your cup of tea then fine, so be it. However, Im not like that, and Im sure as hell this team is not like that either. If they were they would have folded a loooong time ago. Also, I never said you were less of a fan for thinking we are going to lose, I just dont like your attitude. You probably are one of those fans that already wrote off next years Game against OSU as a loss, arent you?

But hey, Im not trying to change you... If that type of attitude makes you happy then good for you. 

P.S. It's good to know that you hate most of the Michigan fans and you think they are all little bitches...Now that, my friend, really puts a dent on your "fanhood"


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I'm going to revel in this victory for awhile.  I don't want to think about Duke until about one minute before gametime.  

Duke is going to play this like a rivarly game, while Michigan is going to play it like a tournament game.  K is going to have Duke hissing and spitting at something this team had nothing to do with.  If Michigan can keep from losing by twenty, I will consider it a victory.  

The irony here: for much of the first half, Michigan looked more like BYU than the Fab Five.


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but I got a little Duke thoughts going through my head. I've said "Bring on the Dukies!" around some pals already, there's no denying it. As for the Fab Five talk, it's a different generation; the Fabs are part of Michigan lore, the '11 team is the present. While the '11's' aren't as successful or as famous as the Fabs were, their reputation continues to improve; is it possible this team keeps growing by leaps and bounds?? The names keep getting bigger; initially we had Morris and Novak and THJR and Morgan getting the pub, but now we got Smotrycz, Douglass, and Vogrich getting some name time. I would suggest some cool sounding moniker for them, such as the super seven, but Blake and Colton are coming up pretty fast as well; the never nervous nine?


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We got a chance, but well discplined teams that shoot well give us problems, especially ones that have played against our offense before. Saying that I fully expect us to shoot %60  from three-point land to win.

Boo Kyrie Irving


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My first NCAA Tournament game ever.

I assume I'll be going absolutely bonkers...after Grant Hill's insane response to the comments by the Fab Five, my pro-Michigan anti-Duke emotions are running extra high.


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Grant Hill's response wasn't insane. He articulated his point and maybe took a small jab at the end saying he never lost to the Fab Five, but I think people are making it sound worse than it actually was.


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Dave Revsin just sighted some crazy stat that Big 10 teams are something like 15-1 following large margin, first round victories such as today, INCLUDING 4-0 vs. No.1 seeds. "I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin."


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I haven't seen anything to change my mind yet.  We are peaking.  We have played good teams close all year.  We can win this game.

Before the season, I said that this team could be better than last years UM team.  Now I am thinking that they could be better than the 2008-09 team.  We will find out Sunday.


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Sitting down to watch the game after a very long, long day at work.  Can't wait to have a shot at Duke.  Another day where I fucked around and got a triple double.  These days are becoming more frequent! 

Magnum P.I.

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So Duke's front line is two Plumlees at 6'10" apiece and Singler at 6'8". How are we matching up with that? 6'8" Morgan on one Plumlee, 6'4" Novak on the other, and Stuey on Singler? Hmm...