Bridges Officially Returning Next Year

Submitted by 93Grad on April 13th, 2017 at 6:23 PM

I seriously don't know how Izzo does it, but its amazing how he convinces kids to do what is clearly not in their best interests.  Bridges is almost a lock to be a lottery pick and he didn't even submit his name for evaluation.  

This quote from Izzo, shows the level of brainwashing going on:  "But this is not about Miles, it's about the university and it's about you the fans."…

Contrast that with JB's approach of actively encouraging DJ, Mo and other players to do what's in their best interests and pursue the process "agressively:"  

John Beilein said Wednesday night, speaking with reporters prior to U-M basketball's annual team banquet. "I encouraged them to look at this aggressively and go after it if they really felt it."… 



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He is probably turning down around $4 million in guaranteed money to return to a coach whose overworking of his team has resulted in an inappropriate amount of injuries.  Stupid move on his part.  Admirable,  but stupid.

I hope he manages to stay "whole" the entire season and still cashes in during next year's draft. You don't want to see one bad decision cost a kid as much as this one could cost Bridges.  Even if he does go to school you detest, this is still a young man's future that is at stake.


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So, if he gets hurt bad enough to lose significant value then he gets a payday anyway. He shouldn't be concerned about getting hurt -- he should be concerned about being perfectly healthy but not improving much and falling in the draft. 


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Oh stop it....the kid clearly wanted to come back. He knows his worth and wants to try to win a title. That's a kids dedication and not fricking brain washing. Take off the maize and blue glasses on this one.


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Probably doesn't regret returning.

Sullinger was on the best team in basketball his freshman year, though, and they were upset too early and he felt they had unfinished business, which was understandable.  I just don't see how Bridges thinks they're that close to being title worthy, so that's how you wonder what kind of information he's getting.  If it's Izzo going, Miles, we have a championship caliber team returning, rather than encouraging him to get evaluated, that's very self-serving.   It is shocking that he's not at least declaring without an agent for that information.


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You don't see how they're close to being title worthy?  They return everyone from a Top 5 recruiting class, all of whom should be significantly improved next year.  Bridges will play more at the 3 rather than a small ball 4, where he should be a lot more deadly.  And another Top 5 class on the way, all of whom will likely be coming off the bench.  Add in Izzo and I don't see how this team next year isn't one of the better State teams in the last few years, very much capable of contending for a title.  I'm not thrilled about it but that's the reality.


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Izzo doesn't develop talent well nor does he utilize young talent, so your assumption that they will improve are significantly unsupported. This year's team was barely above .500 and only made the tournament due to weak bubble teams and the Izzo name. And it was a very talented group.


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A very talented group with zero depth, little experience, a SF playing PF, basically no big men off the bench.  And everyone craps on Izzo for his "inability to develop".  So I suppose all those times state made a run, those kids were approximately at their HS skill level?  Just because they're a rival doesn't mean we have to be unrealistic.  

By your logic here, Coach K can't develop either since their team was by all accounts one of the most talented in a long, long time, and they were up and down all season, then burned out without making a signifcant tournament run.  


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because I think they're a borderline top 10 team which is a huge improvement and assumes their freshmen make a lot of progress from their borderline top 40 team this year - not a gaurantee.  But I'm looking at 247 and they have two commits and the 40th ranked class coming in.  Jaren Jackson looks to be a stud but Xavier Tillman likely won't make much of an impact behind Jackson and Ward in his first year.

Winning it all would be a long shot (like 20/1).  It's not like he's returning to the title favorites or even a top 5 team is what I'm saying.  Maybe if they land some of these other guys they're in on, but with Bridges returning, I don't see how Bowen comes to MSU.


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he's not even doing the agent free evaluation?!

that is a big surprise...

too bad for Michigan... this was a kid that would have easily gone in the top half of the draft... that MSU squad is going to be stacked next year.


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Not sure why he'd come back.  As much as I dislike sparty, dude's got NBA talent now.  Maybe he didn't like that he was projected to be drafted somewhere between 3-9...


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Michigan will still kick State's asses in hoops next year if our 2 bigs come back...if they go pro, it's a whole nother story. We still have Beilein, Camp Sanderson, crazy fans, and some great players coming back. Will match up just fine next year even with Bridges back as long as our two guys come back


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John Beilein said Wednesday night, speaking with reporters prior to U-M basketball's annual team banquet. "I encouraged them to look at this aggressively and go after it if they really felt it."

I might very well be misreading the OP's sentiments, but I guess my question to the OP would be this then - why would you actively discourage kids from at least seeking an evaluation if you thought they had a shot at getting drafted?


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I agree. My wife and I own a business, and our philosophy is that we have no ill feelings toward anyone who wants to leave at any time, and when we are entertaining potential employees we encourage them to weigh their offers and look around. We would prefer people who want to be there and not have doubts, opposed to employees who may be talented but have regrets or wish they were somewhere else.


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Okay, 1) there are some horrible, ruthless people in the business world, some of whom I've had to do business with and wish they would just die. 2) there are some employees who, no matter how much you give them, no matter how well you treat them, will always find something to complain about, and those employees probably deserve to be shat on. ESPECIALLY because they generally ruin it for the other 75% who really care and really just want to do their job as best they can and contribute to a company and a mission. My point is, there are some employers who have "given up" caring because when they do, it comes back to bite them. Thankfully we have not reached that stage, and I hope we never do. 

George Pickett

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Not surprising.  Between the hideous brand of basketball he coaches and his aggressive efforts to convince players to stay, Izzo has never demonstrated an interest in sending guys to the NBA.


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I heard Bridges has a $10 Million insurance policy, which somehow the school is allowed to pay for.

MSU is now the Vegas co-favorite with UK to win the National Title. Not sure I agree with that.