Brice Moss (recent UM grad) reported missing

Submitted by GoBlueInNYC on April 30th, 2012 at 12:27 AM

User SamGoBlue2 posted this in another thread asking for someone to post it to the board (he doesn't have the points). If anyone has any info on recent grad Brice Moss, please contact the police. He's been reported missing.

Hey folks, I rarely post but read MGoBlog every day. I am part of the Michigan Class of 2012 that just graduated this past weekend and don't have enough points to post a new topic, but there is a recently-graduated senior who has been reported missing by his parents. I am not extremely close to him, named Brice Moss, but I have met him on a few occasions and he is a very nice kid, incredibly funny and not afraid to talk to anyone. This status has been floating around Facebook:

To anybody in Ann Arbor, MI, if you or anybody you know has seen Brice A. Moss in the past 2 days (since Friday) please contact the authorities. He has been reported missing and missed graduation this weekend. He was last seen at 2:41 am walking in Kerrytown. Please re-post this status and help us find our friend. If you do not know him, please click through his pictures and keep an eye out for him.
Missing: Brice A. Moss with a beige 1999 Lincoln Towncar license plate BEF2737. Report if found (call AA Police 734-794-6900). Please repost.

I wondered if anyone with enough points to start a thread could perhaps do something about this. I know that not everyone that reads this site is from the area, but the more people that know about this, the better the chances we find Brice. Thanks.



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I hope the guy is okay but I can't expect this to end well considering he missed graduation.  Nobody just misses graduation unless something is wrong.


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Probably wont get any updates on this situation so can someone please start a thread when we hopefully find this young man? MGo thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.


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Just to update, the facebook page is spreading. I "shared" it earlier this morning and the page already has 40 more "likes" than when I "liked" it. If you're on facebook and have friends in the Ann Arbor, why not bring it to their attention? Let's take advantage of the huge student body and alumni network we always brag about! 


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Wow this is sad, I didn't know who he was until I saw the pictures. Definitely talked to him a couple times. I hope all goes well. Keep him in your prayers!


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Police don't seem to think it's foul play -

“There’s nothing to indicate he’s an endangered person,” Bush said......During an interview with his roommate, police learned he may have gone to visit friends at other universities including Tulane University, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University and Central Michigan University, Bush said.



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I missed my graduation because I would have rather slept in that Saturday. Lots of people just don't go. It's only relevant if his friends knew that he was planning on going, and even then it's not out of the question that he would decide to blow it off.


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Hopefully the kid just got a bug up his ass, shut off his phone and ipad and decided to take a road trip.  If that's the case it's pretty irresponsible, but nothing I might not have done at 21 or 22.  Hope the kid is fine and thoughts to his friends and family.


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have changed.  I remember a road trip I took in HS in early 1980s.  My mom just told me to call her in a few days to let her know I made it.

I hope this turns out well for him.  All my Mgo prayers go to him and his family.  If he did take a road trip, he better have some great stories or we will have to down vote him.



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We went to Fla for spring break senior year in HS ('85).  Some of the moms were nervous while we climbed into the caravan.  One of the kid's grandfathers was from Macedonia and living with the family.  Upon hearing of the parent's apprehension, he told them that when he was 16 he went off to fight the Turks.  Made a week of sun and beer seem pretty tame.


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I "liked" the site and posted a separate statement on FB.  I really hope this kid is found and someone close kicks is ass for being so irresponsible (although it's certainly something I would have done at his age - and should have gotten my ass kicked too).  That would be so much better than the alternative.  Prayers to his family for a safe and quick return.