Brian Wiseman New Michigan Assistant Hockey Coach

Submitted by MichiganStudent on May 24th, 2011 at 1:14 PM

I just got word that Red Berenson and Dave Brandon decided on Brian Wiseman as the next Michigan Assistant Hockey Coach. 


This is a great pickup. Red wanted a younger guy that could go on the road recruiting for 10 days without returning home and Wiseman said that he could do that. Although he has a young family, he is making sacrifices to climb the coaching ladder. 

He is the assistant coach of the Houston Aeros on the American Hockey League this year. 



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I like this hire a lot. Not that it matters at all, but when I played with these guys during summer pick up games at the Ice Cube, BW had by far the best snap and wrist shot (yes, I'm a goalie). Billy Muckalt did some real estate development deals in A2, and I was not too impressed with how he handled those. Herr needs more experience at a higher level. Also, I think BW was the video coordinator for UM Hockey a few years ago, so is probably a little more familiar with the program from an admin. stand point. Just my 2 cents...

Go Blue!


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I understand the disappointment, but isn't Brandon's whole reasoning connected to wanting a coach with HC experience?  I respect Red's tradition, stability, and the choices he has made, but the idea of a guy without serious head coaching experience taking over the most storied college hockey program leaves me a bit uncomfortable.

Mr. Robot

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Mel Pearson has been an assistant for eons, did a lot of the recruiting, and is probably a Red clone by now anyway. Not that it matters, because he's up in Houghton getting that head coaching experience right now, and although this is of course not a for-sure, I'm betting he wants to come back to Ann Arbor when he gets the chance to be the head coach.

Again, all of these things assuming those crazy Babcock rumors are as wrong as they should be.


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Right, my thought is Pearson went to Tech to get the experience Brandon wants anyway.  But I dunno, I like the idea of a home run hire with established experience and recruiting ties (not that Mel didn't have that already lined up).  Too bad Blasi is a Miami alum and always sort of rubbed me the wrong way.


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Mel Pearson has been an assistant for eons, did a lot of the recruiting, and is probably a Red clone by now anyway.

That remains to be seen.  You never know how someone will do as a head coach beforehand.  Some guys are perfect for the role of lead assistant, but can't handle all the added pressures of the head job.  It's much better for him to cut his teeth at Tech than try to do so here.  



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Very interesting you mentioned Muckalts real estate endeavors. I am in complete agreement with you regarding that. To say the least I was not too impressed with his business practices or how he dealt with people. 

Wiseman is going to be a great coach here. He brings in youthfulness and energy to the program. I think it will be huge for recruiting and performance on the ice in the next few years. 


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I'm really excited about this hire.  You mentioned that Wiseman is willing to put in the effort to make some serious strides up the coaching ladder, which should pay dividends for the program.  Two questions in that regard:

1.)  Is being an assistant at Michigan considered a big step up from a similar position in the AHL?

2.)  How long do you think he'll be at Michigan?


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but sad to see him leave the Aero's after only a year.  It's always fun to go to the games and point out the former Michigan guys to my kids... at least they still have Jed Ortmeyer.

As a kid, he was always one of my favorite Wolverines (next to Denny Felsner, of course).

Mi Sooner

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Had the inside track to the job, but I can see where Wiseman's past work with the team plus the pro experience worked in his favor in the end.

Wish him well and good luck!


May 26th, 2011 at 11:11 AM ^

Terrible decision...Muckalt is the only real option.

I have to correct some errors from earlier posts:

- Herr was the first one "out" of the came down to Muckalt and Wiseman

- Wiseman was hired for 1 reason: he will not "leap frog" Billy Powers and Muckalt would within 2 years

- Muckalt was an incredibly honorable businessman in AA with his real estate endeavors.  Anyone who says otherwise has no clue.  Muckalt never "screwed" a client or associate, he bent over backwards to please everyone and even ate quite a bit of money to please irrational clients.  It is my opinion that there is one guy out there spreading false rumors about Mucks.  That guy is currently facing court cases, is going through personal bankruptcy and may face jail time.  He has swindled several businessesmen in AA out of tens of thousands of dollars, so don't take anything he says about Muckalt seriously.

Let me break it down for all of you...why Muckalt is the guy for this position:

Much better college and professional career; 2 NCAA titles at Michigan (after showing a tremendous amount of loyalty to Red and Michigan in coming back for his senior season...and leading Michigan to another title.  Remind me, how many titles did Wiseman win at Michigan???); much more coaching experience; far greater recruiting connections in US and Canada; better at "connecting" with prospects; is single with no children; Loyal, honest, hard-working, honorable, sacrificing, do anything for his friends/family/colleagues, etc., etc.

Here is what Wiseman brings to the table:

Was out of hockey for 6 years before being "gifted" the asst job in Houston by his best buddy; almost zero NHL experience; innability to recruit (at least last of experience); almost zero coaching experience; wife, children (do you really think he will beat the recruiting trail?  If you know his wife, that won't happen for long and who wants to be away from their young children like that???); Never won a title at Michigan; is long-removed from the program (not recognized by current prospects); etc, etc.

To his credit, Wiseman brings 2 things to the table: he is "Eddy Haskel," and he will not be driven to be a head coach (will be very content with being a #2 lifer)...this pleases Billy Powers.  Ian Hume likes Wiseman and does not like Muckalt.

I am sorry to say that this decision makes me wonder whether or not Red has become NCAA hockey's Joe Paterno???!!! 

I only hope Muckalt does not end up coaching a team Michigan faces regularly as it could get quite embarrassing for Michigan.


May 26th, 2011 at 11:57 AM ^

Holy cow... either you're Billy Muckalt, or his mom.  Is there anyone associated with the Michigan hockey program you don't want to throw under the bus? 

BTW, Brian Wiseman has been an assistant coach at the college and professional level... I think that ranks a notch higher than Tier II junior hockey coaching experience.  I'm also not sure how being single with no kids makes one a better candidate... for all you know, Brian could hate his wife and kids and relish the opportunity to spend every waking moment on the road, recruiting.


May 26th, 2011 at 4:34 PM ^

Actually, you are incorrect on nearly every point you make:

- I am not Billy, Billy's mom or related to him at all (althought I know him well)

- Tell me where Wise coached (college or pro) prior to the Aeros (and Audio/Visual coordinator doesn't count)

- Who did I throw under the bus?  I mentioned Wise, Mucks, Herrsy, Red, Billy Powers (knowing them all at some level or another).  I expressed my dissapointment in Red's decision, how it could potentially help BP and how I do not feel Wise is the best fit for the program.  Remind me who I threw under the bus...

- I have fairly good knowledge of Wise...he doesn't hate his wife and adores his childrent...anyone in that situation would find it difficult to be away for long stretches.  Muckalt does not have to worry about that issue.  Regardless, becuase of Muckalt's connection in US and Canadian hockey, he is a much stronger recruiter.

- I have assocition with quite a few Michigan Hockey and athletic department faithfuls, employes and alum, but no need to name drop.

This was just a poor hire and I fail to see the logic in it.